List of Previous Silver Lynx Competition Selections



FEST 2023

FAIRPLAY by Zoel Aeschbacher (FRA) - FIC
Bergie by Dian Weys (ZAF) - FIC
Warsha by Dania Bdeir (FRA) - FIC
P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) by Samy SIDALI (FRA) - FIC
The Fourth Friend by Zoe Simone (USA) - FIC
Tria by Giulia Grandinetti (ITA) - FIC
The Fuse by Kevin Haefelin (CHE) - FIC
Thank you for your patience! by Simon van der Zande (BEL) - FIC
Super by Nikolas Kouloglou (GRC) - FIC
Heat Spell by Marie-Pier Dupuis (CAN) – FIC WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Live by Mara Tamkovich (POL) – FIC HONORABLE MENTION
Daughters of Witches by Faride Schroeder (MEX) – FIC
The Train of Joy by Jordi Boquet (ESP) FIC
Recordings of a Weather Camera by Bernhard Wenger (AUT) - FIC
Our Males and Females by Ahmad Alyaseer (JOR) - FIC
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Alvin Lee (SGP) - FIC
Memoir of a Veering Storm by Sofia Georgovassili (GRC) - FIC
She said No by Sondos Shabayek (EGY) - FIC

20 years, it’s just a few days by Sylvain Dufayard (BEL) - DOC
Paola by Claudia Solano Goñi (ESP) - DOC
Will You Look At Me by Shuli Huang (CHN) – DOC AUDIENCE SHORT AWARD
Anaklia by Elisa Baccolo (ITA) - DOC
Prelude of a Story by Ashley Salman Herrera (CHL) - DOC
Hardly Working by Total Refusal (AUT) – DOC WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
The (Other) 700 Club by Juan Blanco Garcia (USA) - DOC
Things That Won’t Die by Manuela Gutiérrez Arrieta (ESP) - DOC
The Swimmers by Charlie López (CRI) - DOC
AMEMORY by Victoria Joelle Hesselbach (DEU) - DOC
Squid Fleet by Ed Ou & Will N. Miller (USA) – DOC HONORABLE MENTION
Dilemma of modern sex simulation by Charlotte Bevilacqua (BEL) – DOC HONORABLE MENTION
Insight by Emma Braun (AUT) – DOC

Slow Light by Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski (POL) - ANI
Swallow Flying to the South by Mochi Lin (CAN) – ANI HONORABLE MENTION
Pentola by Leo Černic (ITA) - ANI
Searching Heleny by Esther Vital (BRA) – ANI WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
Trace by Asparuh Petrov (BGR) - ANI
Epicenter by Jinsan KIM (KOR) - ANI
This will not be a festival film by Julia Orlik (CZE) – ANI HONORABLE MENTION
All Is Lost by Carla Pereira & Juanfran Jacinto (ESP) - ANI
Backflip by NIkita Diakur (DEU) - ANI
A Bloody Graveyard Story by Vanessa Stachel (DEU) - ANI

Territory by Julian Quentin (DEU) - EXP
Imagine The Fire by Zachary YAP (SGP) - EXP
Follicular images by Ludivine Large-Bessette (FRA) – EXP HONORABLE MENTION
Online Bodies by Mischa Dols (BEL) - EXP
True Bug by Tuisku Lehto (FIN) – EXP WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
As political landscapes dissolve by Zora Ottink (NLD) - EXP
MÁSALLÁ by Alexis Gomez (MEX) - EXP
UNDER CONTROL by Amardeep Khokhar (AUS) – EXP
Rotterdam, Don't Leave Us by Guido FG Jeurissen (NLD) – EXP HONORABLE MENTION

FEST 2022

Shelled by Boris Vedensky (RUS) - FIC
I, ADONIS by Angelo Raaijmakers (NLD) - FIC
Growing by Agata Wieczorek (FRA) - FIC
Unter der Welle by Veronika Hafner (DEU) - FIC
A Swedish Defence by Simon Elvås (SWE) - FIC
7 Star Dinosor Entertainment by Vaishali Naik (IND) - FIC
Liquid Bread by Alica Bednáriková (SVK) - FIC
Mona & Parviz by Kevin Biele (DEU) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Collapse by Mathieu Rathery (FRA) - FIC
Slave by Grzegorz Piekarski (POL) - FIC
Bitch by Bertille Z. Estramon (BEL) - FIC
Holadirio by Mariel Sosa (PER) - FIC
Tibbits Hill by Edith Jorisch (CAN) - FIC
The Shift by Chiara Marotta & Loris Giuseppe Nese (ITA) - FIC
A Man Trembles by Lam Li Shuen & Mark Chua (SGP) - FIC - Honorable Mention
THE RIGHT WORDS by Adrian Moyse Dullin (FRA) - FIC
Borzaya by Simon Schneckenburger (DEU) - FIC

BLACK WAGON BY Adilet Karzhoev (KGZ) - DOC
My Period is Late by Cai Ning (EST, PRT, UK, BEL) - DOC - Honorable Mention
Some Kind of Intimacy by Toby Bull (GBR) - DOC
Even Though They Steal My Dreams by Zoé Brichau (BEL) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
Touch Me by Hendrik Ströhle (DEU) - DOC
Whispers by Léa Morelli (DEU) - DOC
Solar Voyage by Adam Zadlo (POL) - DOC
Buck Fever by Griet Goelen & Louise Van Assche - DOC
Brave by Wilmarc Val (FRA) - DOC
The Gallery by Cordula Rieger (AUT) - DOC
Expiration by Joris Cottin (CAN) - DOC

Sauna by Anna Lena Spring & Lara Perren (CHE) - ANI
Noise Film by Merlin Voss (GBR) - ANI
Fall of the Ibis King by Mikai Geronimo & Josh O'CAOIMH (IRL) - ANI - Honorable Mention
Toothless by Andrea Guizar (POL) - ANI - Honorable Mention
Granny's Sexual Life by Urška Djukić & Émilie Pigeard (SVN) - ANI
Kelasi by Fransix Tenda Lomba (BEL) - ANI
Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse by Kilian Vilim (CHE) - ANI
Sierra by Sander Joon (EST) - ANI
Leopoldo from the bar by Diego Porral (ESP) - ANI
The Seine's tears by A.L, P.S, L.V, H.P, E.M, N.M, E.B & Y.B (FRA) - ANI
Goodbye Jérôme! by Gabrielle SELNET, Adam SILLARD & Chloé FARR (FRA) - ANI
All My Mom’s Phone Calls by Iiti Yli-Harja (FIN) - ANI
Bestia by Hugo Covarrubias (CHL) - ANI
Eating in the Dark by Inari SIROLA (GBR) - ANI
Terra Incognita by Pernille Kjaer & Adrian Dexter (FRA) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film

Changing skin by Maxime Coton (BEL) - EXP
The Land of Cruciform Sun by Aleš Zůbek (CZE) - EXP
Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit by Gabriel Herrera (MEX) - EXP
ARE YOU OK by Mattis Ohana Goksøyr (NOR) - EXP
Whirlwinds by Adriana Jamisse & Sara Carneiro (MOZ) - EXP
Parade by Ines SIEULLE (FRA) - EXP
The empty sphere by Stéphanie Roland (FRA, FSM, BEL) - EXP - Honorable Mention
Epitaph by Silvia Lorenzi (EST) - EXP
Continuity of Parks by Zhenia Kazankina (RUS) - EXP 
Woman as image, man as bearer of the look by Carlos Velandia (COL) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
NO VOICE by Jiajie Yu Yan (ESP) - EXP
Apocalypse Baby, we advertise the end of the world by Camille T & Franziska U (DEU) - EXP - Honorable Mention


FEST 2021

Good luck by Mattis Ohana Goksøyr (NOR) - FIC
Good thanks, you? by Molly Manning Walker (GBR) - FIC
Shakwa by Farah Shaer (LBN) - FIC
Intercom15 by Andrei Epure (ROU) - FIC
Bleiches Glimmen by Theresa Weidmann (DEU) - FIC
In the woods by Sara Grgurić (HRV) - FIC
Eva and Jane by Irene Ganteri (GRC) - FIC
Zonder Meer by Meltse Van Coillie (BEL) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Eja Okay by Kasper Møller Rask (DNK) - FIC
Nesting by Siiri Halko (FIN) - FIC
Harmonia by Thom Lunshof (NLD) - FIC
Dummy by Laurynas Bareisa (LTU) - FIC
Mountain Cat by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (MNG) - FIC
Umbilical by Elpida Stathatou (GRC) - FIC
Closing Time by Tommaso Santambrogio (ITA) - FIC
We Won't Forget by Lucas E. Eberl & Edgar Morais (USA, PRT) - FIC
Dustin by Naïla Guiguet (FRA) - FIC - Honorable Mention
Rebel by Pier-Philippe Chevigny (CAN) - FIC
Home by Guust Mulder (NLD) - FIC
Sunrise in My Mind by Danech San (KHM) - FIC
Autoquartz by Nicolas Cambier (FRA) - FIC
Sabbatical by David David (COL) - FIC
Summer Planning by Alexandru Mironescu (ROU) - FIC
22:47 Linie 34 by Michael Karrer (CHE) - FIC

Home Constructors by Nitzan Rozen (IRS) - DOC
Men are hungry too by Francesco L, Gabriele L & Andrea S(ITA) - DOC
Mundo by Ana Edwards (CHL) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
Maalbeek by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis (FRA) - DOC
Attention all passengers by Marek Moučka (SVK) - DOC
On Hold by Laura Rantanen (FIN) - DOC
Haeberli by Moritz Mueller-Preisser (DEU) - DOC - Winner Audience Award
Still Processing by Sophy Romvari (CAN) - DOC - Honorable Mention
Under the Sky by Marta Skiba (POL) - DOC - Honorable Mention
Podesta Island by Stéphanie Roland (FSM, FRA) - DOC
Silence by Saara Hakkarainen (FIN) - DOC

Reduction by Réka Anna Szakály (HUN) - ANI
From My Desert by Veneta Androva (DEU) - ANI
Little Miss Fate by Joder von Rotz (CHE) - ANI
The night shatters my shadows by Luis Esguerra Cifuentes (COL) - ANI
Blue Fear by Marie Jacotey & Lola Halifa-Legrand (FRA) - ANI
Mud Chronicles by Vuk Palibrk (SRB) - ANI
Easter Eggs by Nicolas Keppens (BEL) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
A Barefoot Buddha by Xue Feng (CHN) - ANI
Funeral by Thịnh Nguyễn (DNK) - ANI
Salmon Men by Veronica L.M., Manuela L. & Joel H. (CHE) - ANI
Souvenir Souvenir by Bastien Dubois (FRA) - ANI - Honorable Mention
My Fat Arse and I by Yelyzaveta Pysmak (POL) - ANI
The Moon by Tomek Popakul (POL) - ANI

The Bearers of Memories by Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė (LTU) - EXP
Scum Mutation by Ov (FRA) - EXP - Honorable Mention
S p a c e s by Nora Štrbová (CZE) - EXP
Anticline by Joao Gil (PRT) - EXP
Las Hadas by Lorenzo Pallotta (ITA) - EXP
Salidas by Michael Fetter Nathansky (DEU) - EXP
Copacabana Madureira by Leonardo Martinelli (BRA) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
Tricot by Jacopo Greco d'Alceo (FRA) - EXP
lap dogs by Danila Lipatov (DEU) - EXP
Fly Away With Me by Maude M., Amina M. & Nikki S. (CAN) - EXP
Widow's End by Jil Guyon (USA) - EXP
The Black River of Herself by Patrick Hough (ISL) - EXP
One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean by Wang Yuyan (FRA) - EXP - Honorable Mention


FEST 2020

Lucia En El Limbo by Valentina Maurel (BEL) - FIC
Unnamed by Chun-yu Chang & De-Gao Hong (TWN) - FIC
Marshmallows by Duván Duque (COL) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Home Sweet Home by Agata Puszcz (POL) - FIC
Awaiting Death by Lars Vega & Isabelle Björklund (SWE) - FIC
Things like by Kálmán Nagy (AUT) - FIC
ANNA by Dekel Berenson (GBR) - FIC
Postcards from the end of the World by Konstantinos Antonopoulos (GRC) - FIC
Caranguejo Rei by Enock Carvalho & Matheus Farias (BRA) - FIC
Virago by Kerli Kirch Schneider (EST) - FIC
Involuntary Activist by Mikael Bundsen (SWE) - FIC
Gusts of wild life by Jorge Cantos (ESP) - FIC
Stay Awake, be Ready by Pham Thien An (VNM) - FIC
Silent as Murderers by Lauri-Matti Parppei (FIN) - FIC
Sticker by Georgi M. Unkov8ski (MKD) - FIC
Diagonal by Anne Thorens (CHE) - FIC
Feu Soleil by Aliha Thalien (FRA) - FIC
All the Fires the Fire by Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis (GRC) - FIC - Honorable Mention
The Rudeness of a German Lady by Silva Ćapin (HRV) - FIC
Erva Daninha by Guilherme Daniel (PRT) - FIC
Nothing to See Here by Gabrielle Vigneault-Gendron (CAN) - FIC

Mensch Maschine Or Putting Parts Together by Adina Camhy (AUT) - DOC
Then comes the evening by Maja Novaković (SRB) - DOC
Excess Will Save Us by Morgane Dziurla-Petit (SWE) - DOC
Our territory by Mathieu Volpe (BEL) - DOC
Tony Fraginals by Ben Young (GBR) - DOC
When the Light Goes Out by Tania Prates (PRT) - DOC
Howling by Parsa Bozorgani (IRN) - DOC
Ascona by Julius Dommer (DEU) - DOC
The Golden Buttons by Alex Evstigneev (RUS) - DOC
The Vibrant Village by Weronika Jurkiewicz (POL) - DOC
Black Lagoon by Felipe Esparza (PER) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
All Cats Are Grey in the Dark by Lasse Linder (CHE) - DOC
Superheroes without Superpower by Beatrice Baldacci (ITA) - DOC

SH_T HAPPENS by Michaela Mihalyi & David Štumpf (CZE) - ANI
Imbued Life by Ivana Bosnjak & Thomas Johnson (HRV) - ANI
Such A Beautiful Town by Marta Koch (POL) - ANI
Intermission Expedition by Wiep Teeuwisse (NLD) - ANI
#21xoxo by Sine Özbilge (BEL) - ANI
Riviera by Jonas Schloesing (FRA) - ANI
Story by Jolanta Bankowska (POL) - ANI
Daughter by Daria Kashcheeva (CZE) - ANI
Why Slugs Have No Legs by Aline Höchli (CHE) - ANI
(In)dividual by Beatriz Bagulho (PRT) - ANI
Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul (POL) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
The Coin by Siqi Song (CHN) - ANI

Others by Grace Rex (USA) - EXP
Thanatos by Luiza Fagá (BRA) - EXP
At the entrance of the night by Anton Bialas (FRA) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
I don‘t exist yet by Susanna Flock (AUT) - EXP
Mary, Mary So Contrary by Nelson Yeo (SGP) - EXP - Honorable Mention
I will go backwards of our path by Mattia Biondi (ITA) - EXP
Vitiligo by Soraya Milla (FRA) - EXP
Orbit by Tess Martin (NLD) - EXP
Donut Paradise by Erdem Arslan (TUR) - EXP
WALD by Floortje Pols (NLD) - EXP
Keygrip by Nasos Gatzoulis (GRC) - EXP


FEST 2019

023_GRETA_S by Annika Birgel (DEU) - FIC - Honorable Mention
Without Love by Dina Duma (MKD) - FIC
Ashmina by Dekel Berenson (NPL) - FIC
Lovebox by Ivan Turković Krnjak (HRV) - FIC
Romy by Marie Mc Court, Ilya Jacob (BEL) - FIC
I'm Sorry, My Love by Eduardo Casanova (ESP) - FIC
O Mistério Da Carne by Rafaela Camelo (BRA) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Daughter by Mara Tamkovich (POL) - FIC - WINNER Audience Award
How It Feels to Be Hungover by Viktor Hertz (SWE) - FIC
Are you listening mother? by Tuna Kaptan (DEU) - FIC
The summer of the electric lion by Diego Céspedes (CHL) - FIC
Flour by Joanna Nelson (VEN) - FIC
November by Kasper Møller Jensen (DNK) - FIC
The Handover by Leonhard Hofmann (DEU) - FIC
The Shepherd by Brwa Vahabpour (NOR) - FIC
Videotape by Sandra Concepción Reynoso Estrada (MEX) - FIC
Girlfriends by Marie Davignon (CAN) - FIC
Happiness by Maciej Buchwald (POL) - FIC
Fucking Cola by Sophie van de Pol (POL) - FIC
Mouth of Truth by Barbara Vekarić (HRV) - FIC
Bonobo by Zoel Aeschbacher (CHE) - FIC
At Dawn by Julien Trauman (FRA) - FIC

Eastward Go by Yimeng Zhang (BEL) - DOC
Entre Parentes by Tiago de Aragão (BRA) - DOC
Insectopedia by Antoine Fontaine (BEL, PRT, FRA) - DOC
Liminaali & Communitas by Laura Rantanen (FIN) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
Our Song to War by Juanita Onzaga (BEL) - DOC
A Voice above Nature by Annie Moir (USA) - DOC
The Dam by Natalia Koniarz (POL) - DOC - Honorable Mention
In a Lion by Karol Lindholm (POL) - DOC
The Traffic Separating Device by Johan Palmgren (CAN) - DOC
Operation Jane Walk by Robin Klengel & Leonhard Müllner (AUT) - DOC
Where We Are Heading by Jela Hasler (CHE) - DOC

Desire Line by Ruini Shi (USA) - ANI
Rules of Play by Merlin Flügel (DEU) - ANI
One after the other by Nicolas Pégon (FRA) - ANI
Causims by Toby Auberg (Toberg) (USA) - ANI
The Outlander by Ani Antonova (AUT) - ANI
Two for Two by Jelena Oroz (HRV) - ANI
ABEO by Brenda Lopez (CAN) - ANI
You are overreacting by Karina Paciorkowska (POL) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
Adventures of Candide - Fear Leader by Zsuzsanna Kreif & Balázs Turai (HUN) - ANI
Sweet Night by Lia Bertels (BEL) - ANI
Applesauce by Alexander Gratzer (AUT) - ANI - Honorable Mention
Colaholic by Marcin Podolec (POL) - ANI

Queen by Marianna Perianova aka Yagama, Ilina Perianova (BGR) - EXP
Humans by Calliopi Beku (GRC) - EXP
Skin Hunger by Elena Horgan (IRL) - EXP
Tropics by Mathilde Lavenne (FRA) - EXP
Emunah by Sang Hyoun Han (USA) - EXP
Bloom by Emmanuel Fraisse (FRA) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
Eve by Agathe Riedinger (FRA) - EXP
The Fear of Dying in Transit by Ian Purnell (DEU) - EXP
T.E.U vol. 1 by Lasse Næraa Smith (DNK) - EXP


FEST 2018

Thick Skin by Erlendur Sveinsson (ISL) - FIC
POLA by Edyta Rembała (POL) - FIC
Snake by Titas Laucius (LTU) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Blind Audition by Andreas Kessler (DEU) - FIC
The Beep Test by Maxime Aubert (CAN) - FIC
A DROWNING MAN by Mahdi Fleifel (DNK, GBR, GRC) - FIC
Chanel by Humberto Vallejo (DOM) - FIC
Natia by Anna Parcerisas (GBR) - FIC
A Gentle Night by QIU Yang (CHN) - FIC
Heimat by Emi Buchwald (POL) - FIC
Cavy World Cup by Maria Philips (NLD) - FIC
The Treehouse by Juan Sebastián Quebrada (COL) - FIC - Honorable Mention
A Month by Zgjim Terziqi (KOS) - FIC
HARBOUR by Stefanie Kolk (NLD) - FIC 
ARIA by Myrsini Aristidou (CYP) - FIC
EXCUSE ME, I'M LOOKING FOR THE PING-PONG ROOM AND MY GIRLFRIEND by Bernhard Wenger (AUT) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
The Last Virgin by Bàrbara Farré (ESP) - FIC
Ysée by Noémie Vanier (FRA) - FIC
Kampung Tapir by Aw See Wee (MYS) - FIC
Toni Air by Tero Peltoniemi (FIN) - FIC
FIFO by Sacha Ferbus, Jeremy Puffet (BEL) - FIC
AMOR by Isabel Lamberti (NLD) - FIC
Morning Person by Özgür Anil (AUT) - FIC

Dust by Jakub Radej (POL) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
five mermaids in the balkans by Grant Gulczynski (GBR) - DOC
El Manguito by Laurentia Genske (DEU) - DOC
Street of Death by Karam Ghossein (DEU) - DOC
Euphoria by Natalia Pietsch (POL) - DOC
Conection by Horizoe Garcia Miranda (CUB) - DOC - Honorable Mention
men with no name by Nuruzzaman Khan (BEL) - DOC
Black Dog by Tomas Faiman (ARG) - DOC

With or without sun by Jean-Guillaume Bastien (CAN) - ANI
Death of a Father by Somnath Pal (IND) - ANI
Mermaids and Rhinos by Viktoria Traub (HUN) - ANI
Oh Mother! by Paulina Ziolkowska (POL) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
Spacedogs by Sophia Schönborn (DEU) - ANI
Overrun by Pierre R., Antonin D., Diane T., Jérémie C., Matthieu D., Adrien Z. (FRA) - ANI
Incarnation by Barbara Rupik (POL) - ANI
A cat's consciousness by Andrea Guizar (MEX, POL) - ANI
SOG by Jonatan Schwenk (DEU) - ANI

Sail by Heurtier Manzanares Lysa & Perrais Agnès (FRA) - EXP
LASTING BEAST by Nagi Gianni & Raphaëlle Mueller (CHE) - EXP
Balancé by Inês Oliveira (GBR) - EXP
Everlasting MOM by Elinor Nechemya (ISR) - EXP
Comments by Jannis Alexander Kiefer (DEU) - EXP
Home Exercises by Sarah Friedland (USA) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film


FEST 2017

A Instalação do Medo by Ricardo Leite (PRT) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Molotov Man by Joris Weerts (NLD) - FIC
Maria by Jaime Habac Jr. (PHL) - FIC
Mutants by Alex Dostie (CAN) - FIC
Non Castus by Andrea Castillo (CHL) - FIC
Seven Minutes by Assaf Machnes (IRS) - FIC
Ready to Assemble by Astrid Thorvaldsen & Erik Paulsen (NOR) - FIC
A New Home by Žiga Virc (SVN) - FIC - Honorable Mention
Oh What a Wonderful Feeling by François Jaros (CAN) - FIC
Ø (nullset) by Daniel Donato (NLD) - FIC
Room for Rent by Enock Carvalho, Matheus Farias (BRA) - FIC
A Night in Tokoriki by Roxana Stroe (ROU) - FIC
Three Steps by Ioseb "Soso" Bliadze (GOU ) - FIC
Night Painting by Cristina Grosan (HUG) - FIC
Por Diabos by Carlos Amaral (PRT) - FIC
Farewell to Flesh by Julia Anquier (BRA) - FIC
Downside Up by Peter Ghesquiere (BEL) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Silence by Dejan Mrkic (AUS) - FIC
Two Opposed by Laura Van Haecke (BEL) - FIC
Millimeterle by Pascal Reinmann (CHE) - FIC
Ambi by Marija Apcevska (MKD) - FIC
Roommates by Titas Laucius  (LTU) - FIC
State of Emergency by Tarek Roehlinger (DEU) - FIC

Cargo by Marina Meijer (NLD) - DOC
Digital Immigrants by Dennis Stauffer (CHE)  - DOC
Lupulo's House by Paula Hopf (MEX) - DOC
Days of Youth by Yulia Lokshina (DEU) - DOC
Building Stories by Aline van der Linden & Marina Moura Maciel (BRA ) - DOC
About My Sister by Barbora Sliepková (SVK) - DOC
Without Sun by Paul de Ruijter (NLD) - DOC - Honorable Mention
Homeland by Sam Peeters (BEL) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
Made in Roubaix by Martin Renard & Julie Lacaze (FRA) - DOC
Voyeur by Pedro Florêncio (PRT) - DOC

Antarctica by Jeroen Ceulebrouck (BEL) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
Framed by Marco Jemolo (ITA) - ANI
In a Nutshell by Fabio Friedli (CHE) - ANI
Nutag-Homeland by Alisi Telengut (CAN) - ANI
Happy End by Jan Saska (CZE) - ANI
Lupus by Carlos Gomez Salamanca (FRA production / COL director) - ANI
Pussy by Renata Gasiorowska (POL) - ANI - Honorable Mention
Patrioska by Tiago Araújo (PRT) - ANI
Locus by Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi (POL) - ANI - Honorable Mention
Ascribed Achievements by Samaneh Shojaei (IRN) - ANI

Vensolin by Hansje Hofland (NLD) - EXP
Dois by João Pedro Barriga (PRT) - EXP
Summa summarum by Bon Bon (LTU) - EXP
It Is My Fault by Liu Sha (CHN ) - EXP
Simba in New York by Tobias Sauer (DEU) - EXP - Honorable Mention
News from the Sun by Brendan & Jeremy Smyth (USA) - EXP
As The Jet Engine Recalls by Juan Palacios (ESP) - EXP - Honorable Mention
Apocalypse by Justyna Mytnik (POL) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
Any Road by Boris Labbé (FRA) - EXP


FEST 2016

Poetry of Alphaville by Mathis Sananes (GBR) - FIC
A short films about Hats by Gabriel Foster Prior (GBR) - FIC
GETTING FAT IN A HEALTHY WAY by Kevork Aslanyan (BGR) - FIC - Winner Audience Award
Hello, goodbye by Emilie K. Beck (NOR) - FIC
Empire by Kristof Hoornaert (BEL) - FIC
14 years and one day by LUCÍA ALEMANY COMPTE (ESP) - FIC
Operator by Caroline Bartleet (GBR) - FIC
Prefiro não dizer by Pedro Almeida (PRT) - FIC
Black Friday by Roxana Stroe (ROU) - FIC
MAYDAY RELAY by Florian Tscharf (DEU) - FIC
Passenger by Andreas Kessler, Stephan Kaempf & Daniela Schramm Moura (DEU) - FIC
CRACKS by Koen van Sande (BEL) - FIC
Desirable Soil by Pourya Ezzatipour (DEU/IRN) - FIC
Asshole by Krzysztof Komander (POL) - FIC
En Parmiddag by Anton Brandt Thykier (DNK) - FIC
hold on by Charlotte Scott-Wilson (NLD) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
The Great Heist by Thomas Rodrigue (CAN) - FIC
The Girl by Rita Quelhas (PRT) - FIC
Considerations On Smoke and Moss by Artur Miranda (BRA) - FIC - Honorable Mention
Larp by Kordian Kadziela (POL) - FIC
soukoun by Clara Kossaifi (LBN) - FIC

Alphonsine by Raulic Matthieu (BEL) - DOC
Condrong by Goncalo Almeida (GBR) - DOC
Johannes Bachmann by Johannes Bachmann (CHE) - DOC
The Enclosed Space by Levan Shubashvili (GEO) - - DOC
The Meadow by Jela Hasler (CHE) - DOC
The Miracle Camera by Stefano Giacomuzzi (ITA) - DOC
When Dahlias Bend Down by Tasos Giapoutzis (GRC) - DOC
ISABELLA MORRA by Isabel Pagliai (FRA) - DOC
9 days – From my window in Aleppo by Issa T., Thomas V., Floor M. (NLD, SYR) - DOC

Beyond by Milán Kopasz (HUN) - ANI
What Happens In Your Brain If You See a German Word Like...? by Zora Rux (DEU) - ANI
That's how it was by Joana Nogueira and Patrícia Rodrigues (PRT) - ANI - Honorable Mention
pipo by Eliott Deshusses (DEU) - ANI
MANOMAN by Simon Cartwright (GBR) - ANI - Honorable Mention
FURY by Paulina Wyrt (POL) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
Fire by Pablo Penchansky (ARG) - ANI
Depart at 22 by Wiep Teeuwisse (NLD) - ANI
No Biggie by Chung-Hsuan, Fan Chiang (TWN) - ANI

Novacieries by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel, Céline Signoret (CHE) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
A Stroll Down Sunflower Lane by Mayye Zayed (EGY) - EXP
YA by Ygor Gama & Florencia Rovlich (ARG, CHL, DEU) - EXP
Eat my Dream by Jessica Dürwald (DEU) - EXP - Honorable Mention
Flowers and Bottoms by Christos Massalas (GRC) - EXP
A Short History of Decay by Shih-Chieh Lin (TWN) - EXP


FEST 2015

The Cutting Room by Marco Velez (FRA) - FIC
Oh! My Princess by Heewook SA (KOR, Republic of) - FIC
Playfellows by Ábel Visky (HUN) - FIC - Honorable Mention
COME AND PLAY by Daria Belova (DEU) - FIC
i call it Love by Elsy Hajjar (LBN) - FIC
Desintegration by Alvaro Martin (ESP) - FIC
SCRABBLE by Cristian Sulser (CHE) - FIC
Serafim by Francisco Lobo (PRT) - FIC
Mercy all the way by Hannaleena Hauru (FIN) - FIC
By Mutual Agreement by RÉMY CAYUELA (FRA) - FIC
SPECTRUM by Dimitris Gkotsis (GRC) - FIC
Hurly-Burly by Kuba Czekaj (POL) - FIC
The Collector by Dimitris Argyriou (GRC) - FIC
Os Amantes by Sara Marques Moita (PRT) - FIC
Remains by Yotam Ben-David (ISR) - FIC
A Hole In my Heart by Mees Peijnenburg (NLD) - FIC
Por aqui nada de novo by Pedro Augusto Almeida (PRT) - FIC
Fragments by Aga Woszczynska (POL) - FIC
Meantime by Christian van Duuren (NLD) - FIC
EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY by Patrick Vollrath (DEU) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
Milky by Andrée-Anne Roussel (CAN) - FIC
It's not about you anymore by Louise De Groef (BEL) - FIC
I would like to be enraptured, muzzled, and on my back tattooed by Andy Malafaia (BRA) - FIC
Pale Blue Dot by Pourya Ezzati Pour (DEU) - FIC
He Took the Bottle, but Left the Girl by Reinis Kalvins (LVA) - FIC
Orpheus by Tina Smalcelj (BIH and BIH) - FIC
Abrase by Toshadeva Palani (USA) - FIC
Get Ripped by Leonardo Van Dijl (BEL) - FIC

North East Hard West by Bart van den Aardweg (NLD) - DOC
Shadow Fighters by Josefine Gervang Heimburger (DNK) - DOC
Keeping Balance by Bernhard Wenger (AUT) - DOC
Is longing hereditary by Gitte Hellwig (DEU) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
Homeland by Nathalie Crum (NLD) - DOC
It's only a dream by Jakub Michnikowski () - DOC
Não são favas, são feijocas by Tânia Dinis & Jorge Quintela (PRT) - DOC
We can't come from nothing by Eliane Esther Bots (NLD) - DOC
Blue Light by Roman Hodel and Lena Mäder (CHE) - DOC
Free now by Pierre Liebaert (BEL) - DOC
Grandpa is a Sudeten German by Felix Elsen (DEU) - DOC
Shipwreck by Morgan Knibbe (NLD) - DOC - Winner Audience Award
LIVE, SOLDIER, LIVE by Kirsten Gaynet (RUS) - DOC
Death & the Maiden by Yael Lotem (ISR/DEU) - DOC

Gata Má (Bad Cat) by Eva Mendes, Joana de Rosa & Sara Augusto (PRT) - ANI
Home by Agnieszka Borova (POL) - ANI
Unwanted Desires by Aleksandra Szmida (POL) - ANI
Rosso Papavero by Martin Smatana (SVK) - ANI
wHole by Robert Banning/Verena Klinger (DEU) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
ROADTRIP by Xaver Xylophon  (DEU) - ANI
Force of Attraction by Eva Sekeresova  (SVK) - ANI
Mister Mirror Man by Mara Soler Guitián (MEX) - ANI
Iron Egg by Viktória Traub  (HUN) - ANI

Testification by Rajan Rayat (GBR) - EXP
A murder is not a death by Think Machine  (CHE) - exp
discount by WU Chi-Yu (TWN) - EXP
Démontable by Douwe Dijkstra (NLD) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
JANVIER by Pier Paolo Patti (ITA) - EXP
An African walk in the land of China by Pierre Larauza & Emmanuelle Vincent (BEL/CHN) - EXP
Ferdinand Knapp by Andrea Baldini (FRA) - EXP - Honorable Mention


FEST 2014

Fool's Day by Cody Blue Snider (USA) - FIC
Lothar by Luca Zuberbühler (CHE) - FIC
Shoes From Trieste by Gregor Bozic (SVN) - FIC
Deus Dará by Tiago Rosa-Rosso (PRT) - FIC
Calou-se. Saiu. Saltei. by Bruno Carnide (PRT) - FIC
Project V by Bernardo Gomes de Almeida (PRT) - FIC
Sussurro by Fernando Cabral (PRT) - FIC
Solo by Mariana Gaivão (PRT) - FIC
Lesson by Damian Kocur (POL) - FIC
Mother by Lukasz Ostalski (POL) - FIC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film and Winner Audience Award
Flora And Fauna by Piotr Litwin (POL) - FIC
Brick by Viktor van der Valk (NLD) - FIC
Days of Steel by Flynn von Kleist (NLD) - FIC
Manhole by Giovanni Aloi (ITA) - FIC
The Dinner by Dimitris Argyriou (GRC) - FIC
Thieves by Lauro Cress (DEU) - FIC
Lapsus by Karim Ouaret (FRA) - FIC
Phoney War/Drone de Guerre by Panay Simon (FRA) - FIC
The splay by Klára Sodomková (CZE) - FIC
999/1 by Felipe Martínez (COL) - FIC
Mayfly by Brandon Willetts & Jordan Willetts (CAN) - FIC
The Paintbrush by Shiona Penrake (GBR) - FIC
A Despedida by Lucas Ogasawara (BRA) - FIC
Tennis Girl by Daniel Barosa (BRA) - FIC
Name of the Fathers by Timothy Josha Wennekes (BEL) - FIC
maintenance by Dael Oates (AUS) - FIC

As you like it by Paula Onet (ROU) - DOC
O Corpo Maior by Marta Moreno (PRT) - DOC
Uma vida mais simples by Inês Alves (PRT) - DOC
The Community by Salomé Lamas (PRT) - DOC
Everything Will be Different Now by Josefien Hendriks (NLD) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Documentary Short Film
Skin feels by Daan Bunnik (NLD) - DOC
Hip-Hop, my release by Simon Rasing (NLD) - DOC
My grandfather Wolfgang by Hannes Schilling (DEU) - DOC
Born in Luanda by Cristèle Alves Meira (FRA- AGO) - DOC
Native American by Giulia Grossmann (FRA) - DOC
Boy by Julie Bezerra Madsen (DNK) - DOC - Honorable Mention
Hectometer by Matty Brown (BHS) - DOC
La Reina by Manuel Abramovich (AGR) - DOC

SHIFT by JuanCarlos Zaldivar (USA) - ANI
Nine by Wanichaya Phraejunya (THA) - ANI
Grandfather by Kathrin Hürlimann (CHE) - ANI
The little blond boy with a white sheep by Eloi Henriod (CHE) - ANI
The girl and the siren by Jacob Petersson & Cristoffer Ålund (SWE) - ANI
Zombie4kids by Pedro Santasmarinas (PRT) - ANI
Rabbit and Deer by Péter Vácz (HUN) - ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Animation Short Film
Wedding Cake by Viola Baier (DEU) - ANI
WIND by Robert Löbel (DEU) - ANI
Mythopolis by Alexandra Hetmerová (CZE) - ANI

CAMINO NEGRO by Arata Mori (GBR) - EXP
How I Lost My Wings by Ivan Tasic (SRB) - EXP
Via Dolorosa by Menno Otten (NLD, ESP) - EXP
Orpheus by Alessandro Paratore & Sara Aretino (ITA) - EXP - Honorable Mention
White Lies by Felix Schaefer (DEU) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experimental Short Film
Deja-vu by Jean-Guillaume Bastien (CAN) - EXP
The Bloody Illusion by Sergio Bonacci Lapalma (ARG) - EXP


FEST 2013

Play House by Brandon LaGanke (usa) -FIC/ANI
The Giant by David Raboy (usa) - FIC/ANI
A World for Raul by Mauro Mueller (usa) - FIC/ANI
Makarismoi by Aristotelis Maragkos (GBR) - FIC/ANI
Believe by Richard Addlesee (GBR) -FIC/ANI
Berlin by Craig Griffiths (GBR) - FIC/ANI
Commemoration by Iryna Tsilyk(UKR) - FIC/ANI
Dakha Brakha - Karpats by Oleksandr Danylen (UKR) - FIC/ANI
The highs of the storm by Eren Ulucan (TUR) - FIC/ANI
The History of Virginity by Sophie Haller (CHE) - FIC/ANI
Os Vivos também Choram by Basil da Cunha (CHE) - FIC/ANI
Afro by Ninja Thyberg (SWE) - FIC/ANI - WINNER Audience award 
The Last Crumb of a Dream by Djurdjija Radivojevic (SRB) - FIC/ANI
Chinti by Mirzoyan Natalia (RUS) - FIC/ANI
The Supper by Alexander Evseev (RUS) - FIC/ANI
Tenis by Vladimir Dembinski (ROU(Roménia) - FIC/ANI
Open Call by Jiri Volek (CZE) - FIC/ANI
Transgression by Pedro Farate (PRT) - FIC/ANI
Um Conto de Inverno by Alexandra Côrte-Real (PRT) - FIC/ANI
The sound of silence by Paulo Grade, João Loureiro (PRT) - FIC/ANI
Lázaro by Miguel Pinho (PRT) - FIC/ANI
Four Hours Barefoot by Ico Costa (PRT) - FIC/ANI
Adolfo, o Rapaz Galinha by João Carrilho (PRT) - FIC/ANI
Comic Books by Pedro Santasmarinas (PRT) - FIC/ANI
O Reino by Paulo Castilho (PRT) - FIC/ANI - WINNER National Grand Prix
Sakrament by Maciej Twardowski (POL) - FIC/ANI
Come Dine With Me by Jaime Armengol (MEX/GBR) - FIC/ANI
Column by Ujkan Hysaj (KOS) - FIC/ANI
Jennifers' Law by Alessandro Capitani (ITA) - FIC/ANI
Highway by Reza Gamini & Nasim Kiani (IRN) - FIC/ANI
Fallin' Floyd by Albert 't Houft, Pac (NLD) - FIC/ANI
The Naked Leading the Blind by Win Vanacker (FRA) - FIC/ANI
Distance by Janno Jurgens (EST) - FIC/ANI
Grieta en la Obscuridad by Xavi Rull (ESP) - FIC/ANI
Y La Muerte Lo Seguia by Angel Gomez (ESP) - FIC/ANI
Susana is dying by Jokin Urruticoechea (ESP) - FIC/ANI
The Story of David Leonard Sutton by Alfonso Díaz (ESP) - FIC/ANI
The son by Venci Kostov (ESP) - FIC/ANI
Mi ojo Derecho by Josecho de Linares (ESP) - FIC/ANI
Manhood by Jonathan Gelvan (DNK) - FIC/ANI
Foul by Ho Cheuk Tin Mr (CHN) - FIC/ANI
Thomás Tristonho by André Saito & Cesar Nery (BRA) - FIC/ANI
Ed by Gabriel Garcia (BRA) - FIC/ANI
Vie de Rêve en Promotion by Ellen Salomé, Alicia Keppenne & Kévin Dupont  (BEL) - FIC/ANI
Rae by Emmanuelle Nicot (BEL) - FIC/ANI
Novemberlichter by Jurgen Karasek (AUT) - FIC/ANI
Meyer by Sascha Quade (DEU) - FIC/ANI
Misfortune by Martin Monk (DEU) - FIC/ANI
Liquidation by Mathias Zuder (DEU) - FIC/ANI
The Hopper by Alex Bruel Flagstac (DEU) - FIC/ANI
Blackstory by Christoph & Brunner (DEU) - FIC/ANI - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Short Film
When Everybody's Here by Michael Krummenacher (DEU) - FIC/ANI

Memories from the Cross by Vitor Carvalho (PRT) - DOC
The Pig Star by Michael Angelov (GBR) - DOC - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Fiction Documentary Film
Viktorija by Silva Capin (HRV) - DOC
Ten Centimeters Closer to Heaven by Raquel Rei (ESP) - DOC
The Bird / Txoria by Mikel Gurrea (GBR) - DOC
The Verdict by Duro Gavran (HRV) - DOC
Para o Palco Quem não é do Palco by Artur Caiano, Júlio Filipe Cardoso & Tiago Lessa (PRT) - DOC
The View from Here by Demelza Kooji (GBR) - DOC
Dicte by Jesper Dalgaard (DNK) - DOC
Notes For a Film About my Town by Carlo Ghidini (ITA) - DOC
One more day of luck by Dija Krasniqi (KOS) - DOC
Last Pioneers by Daniela Rodrigues (SVN) - DOC
Ergonomics for Diana by Marcos Machado (CRI) - DOC
Mr. Stebzehnrubl by Tuna Kaptan (DEU) - DOC
Paisagens de Papel by Pedro Almeida & André Pisca (PRT) - DOC
The Wall by Nicola Polic (KOS) - DOC
Man without movement by Britt Rehkopff Hanser (DNK) - DOC
Crop by Marouan Omara & Johanna Domke (EGY) - DOC

Breu by Bruno Decc (BRA) - EXP
Unsound House by Ilona Sagar (GBR) - EXP
From womb to tomb by Giang Nguyen Hoang (VNM) - EXP
Moonlit Waterflow by Pedro Ferreira (POL) - EXP
13 by Viviana Albani, Nicola Lucchi, Mauro Frugiuele & Jacopo Sana (ITA) - EXP
danse macabre by Boris Labbé (FRA) - EXP
Beetle by Demelza Kooij (SCO) - EXP
Itse (a sort of a tale of Narcissus) by Anikó Kuikka (FIN/GBR) - EXP
Hex Suffice Cache Ten by Thorsten Fleisch (DEU) - EXP
Domicile by Maéva Ranaivojaona (DEU) - EXP - WINNER Silver Lynx Award for Best Experiemental Short Film



Earlier selections will be added soon.