Silver Lynx - Animation

21st of June

2:30 pm

Auditorium Casino Espinho

Slow Light | Kijek Katarzyna Kijek, Adamski Przemysław Adamski | POL | 11'

A boy who was born blind, suddenly at the age of seven sees a light. A medical examination reveals that his eyes are so dense that it takes seven years for the light to reach the retina and hence for the image to reach his consciousness.The consequence of the eye defect translates into the mental immaturity of the man, lack of understanding of the present and belated reflections on long-gone facts. The man is never mature enough for his age and constantly lingers on the past.


Swallow Flying to the South | Mochi Lin | CAN | 18'

Spring 1976, 5-year-old Swallow is abandoned at a public boarding preschool in central Beijing. When the persimmons are ripe, Swallow masters how to cry, but doesn't forget how to fly.


Pentola | Leo Černic | ITA | 7'

It's not so easy to be a hero. But you, Pentola, you are my superhero.


Searching Heleny | Esther Vital | BRA | 23'

Stitch by stitch, frame by frame, and memory by memory, this Stop-Motion animated documentary unburies Heleny Guariba’s life history. Heleny was a philosopher, professor and theatre director who disappeared in 1971 under the Brazilian dictatorship. It is inspired by the arpilleras, a unique form of protest emerged from the horrors of Pinochet regime in Chile. Tapestries made with leftovers of fabric and simple stitches able to denounce what could not have been told in words.


| Asparuh Petrov | BGR | 7'

А young writer dedicates his nights to hunting entangled phrases with his pen. The moment he is confronted with the pregnancy of his wife his world collapses. Lingering fears and painful memories overwhelm him, and he needs to trace the missing piece.


Epicenter | Jinsan Kim | KOR | 11'

Bukhansan Mountain grows in an earthquake in a normal daily life. Little by little, as fine cracks appear on the wall that divided the world of fantasy and reality, someone begins to notice the existence of an invisible world.


This will not be a festival film | Julia Orlik | POL | 8'

A tale of a girl who studied animation and spent four years without a day of vacation.An animated short about a film school student who is working on her graduation film.


All Is Lost | Carla Pereira, Juanfran Jacinto | ESP | 7'

The Pérez family are an almost normal family, although their behaviour is somewhat dysfunctional. The couple plans to fertilize an egg she laid last night.


backflip | NIkita Diakur | DEU | 13'

Attempting a backflip is not safe. You can break your neck, or land on your head, or land badly on your wrists. None of that is nice, so my avatar does the trick. It practices on a 6-core processor with the help of Machine Learning. The processor is not the newest but still calculates 6 jumps per iteration. One iteration takes one minute, this is 360 jumps in an hour and 8.640 jumps in a day. I wouldn’t be able to jump so much myself.


A Bloody Graveyard Story | Vanessa Stachel | DEU | 3'

Three teenagers have an unexpected encounter when they sneak into a cemetery at night to summon an exceptionally terrible ghost.