Silver Lynx: Fiction

Awaiting Death | Lars Vega, Isabelle Björklund | 12' | SWE
A son arrives at the hospital to be with his father on his deathbed. The son desires a final intimate and loving moment, but his father would rather find out what to do with two opened cans of mustard. It is in this farcically cold setting that Awaiting Death begins its comedic journey. In this film, Lars Vega disagrees with the idea that death is no laughing matter.

Home Sweet Home
| Agata Puszcz | 21' | POL

Ten-year-old Olaf lives in a world where hiring family members and friends is common practice. When the Rent A Life company holds auditions at Olaf’s school, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment. He has every intention of being cast as a friend at the birthday party of a little girl from a rich family. It quickly becomes clear that the cost of taking part in the illusion is a high one. Agata Puszcz’s new film defies classification, residing somewhere between an emotional drama and the world of science fiction, and, with its blend of creativity and social satire, it forges a space of its own.

| Duván Duque | 15' | COL

In spite of her father, a government official, being publicly accused of corruption, Melanie throws a party with her friends at her family’s luxurious country house. She pretends not to be affected by the scandal and her Colombian upper-class friends are delighted to enjoy the decadent life, despite the storm brewing outside. Duván Duque’s film is an exquisite social satire that dissects class and social relations in ways few others can.

| Chun-yu Chang, De-Gao Hong | 29' | TWN

Ya-Ting wants to change her name because it's too girly. But her father opposes it due to a traditional belief. Ya-Ting turns to A-Hao, her best friend, for help. But A-Hao has his own problems to solve. This is an unnamed story, devoted to a part of life that cannot be named. Unnamed was completed in 2019, the year when Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage.

Lucia En El Limbo
| Valentina Maurel | 20' | BEL

At the age of sixteen, Lucia is going through an uncomfortable phase of adolescence. She still wears braces, has acne and is uncomfortable in her rapidly changing body. Lucia feels she does not follow the criteria of delicacy and femininity that are expected of her, and struggles not to be limited by this. Still in metamorphosis, this young woman seeks her place in the world. Full of hormones and questions, she has two major problems to solve: how to get rid of the lice that are now nesting in her hair and how to lose her virginity.

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