Eastward Go

Director:Yimeng Zhang


Run time:12'


In Chinese culture, people believe that in the world of the dead, you still need to make a living and money is the basic necessity. Hence, each year the Chinese burn fake money, a kind of bank notes filled with borderless and untamed imagination. Burning the ghost money and calling for the names of their deceased loved ones, the money will fly with the wind and be delivered to the other side. Oncethat process is completed those who are gone from this world won’t suffer in their new dimension. The path that bonds these two worlds is not easy. Not to mention that burning your ghost money in Europe may not have the same effect. What great adventures would it encounter on its way to China? Chinese film student based in Europe, Yimeng Zhang, disserts thoroughly on these issues with a
sense of satire, humor and critique very unusual in Chinese cinema, making Eastward Go an amusing and even hilarious experience (at times), that you should not miss.