Silver Lynx - Documentary #02

23rd of June

4:00 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

The (Other) 700 Club | Juan Blanco Garcia | USA/ESP | 10'

At the intersection of Broadway and Thornton St in Brooklyn, a loose community of delivery workers gathers every day to hang out and share their experiences while waiting for their next job. “THE (OTHER) 700 CLUB” opens the door to a microcosm of street philosophers that share their ideas about beliefs, goals and motivations. A reflection on the reality of the high speed capitalist system in which we are trapped, but at the same time keeps us moving in order to survive.


Things That Won’t Die | Manuela Gutiérrez Arrieta | ESP | 15'

After finding some videos she uploaded to YouTube when she was a child, Manuela attempts to follow the trail she herself has left on the Internet. Along the way, she ends up coming across things that even she did not remember about herself and that make her understand certain aspect of her current identity. Things that won’t die is a film about childhood, consent, and the way we look at ourselves.


The Swimmers | Charlie López | CRI | 12'

Loosely based on Ed Ruscha’s photography book “Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass”, this is an essay about swimming pools: the ideas we have of them and what they can mean for the culture and collective memories. A playful exploration between class dilemmas, work, leisure, sex, and tragedy.


AMEMORY | Victoria Joelle Hesselbach | DEU | 10'

Influenced by aphantasy, the phenomenon of a lack of visual imagination, the protagonist embarks on a personal journey. It's about accepting condition where you lose your autobiographical memories and how to live a fulfilled life when you don't have any memories of your life. What it means to always live in the here and now and always forget. It is a search for answers to one's own identity and the acceptance that goes with it.


Squid Fleet | Ed Ou, Will N. Miller | USA | 11'

On any given night, tens of thousands of fishermen in China's distant-water squid fleet perform an industrial ballet thousands of miles out on the high seas. With unprecedented access to the extremely remote fishing grounds, “SQUID FLEET” is a poetic exploration of the motivations of the fishermen, the brutality of systemic labor abuses in the Chinese fishing industry, and the destruction wrought by the commodification of people and nature in our globalized world. It is based on two years of rigorous investigative journalism from the Pulitzer Prize-winning team of The Outlaw Ocean Project.


Dilemma of modern sex simulation | Charlotte Bevilacqua | BEL | 20'

A team of students takes on the challenge of filming intimacy scenes. Despite a safe and caring environment set up by an intimacy coordinator, problems arise that challenge the classic mechanisms of a movie set.


Insight | Emma Braun | AUT | 20'

A female chimney sweeper gives insight into her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated profession. The behavior she encounters is very different from that experienced by her male colleagues.