Silver Lynx - Fiction #01

20th of June

5:00 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

FAIRPLAY | Zoel Aeschbacher | FRA | 17'

A teenager in search of recognition, a worker ready to do anything to hit the jackpot, a senior executive at the end of his career who wants to prove to himself that he is still alive. Three characters who are losing speed on the competition highway... "Fairplay," a film that skillfully unmasks the extreme competitive nature of contemporary Western societies, marks the return of Zoel Aeschbacher to FEST.


| Dian Weys | ZAF | 7'

A law enforcement officer has to remove people that are homeless in order to make way for a 10km fun-run. This portrait of contemporary South African society could easily be anywhere else on the planet, and raises many interesting questions regarding how we deal with the less fortunate among us. Winner of Best Short Film at the Carthage Film Festival, "Bergie" is a film that will leave no one indifferent.


Warsha | Dania Bdeir | FRA | 15'

A Syrian migrant working as a crane operator in Beirut volunteers to cover a shift on one of the most dangerous cranes, where he is able to find his freedom. A big success at last year’s Sundance, Rotterdam and Clermont-Ferrand Film Festivals, Dania Bdeir’s “Warsha” is an eccentric and dazzling film about how we sometimes need our own secret hiding place to be ourselves.


P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) | Samy Sidali | FRA | 18'

Advised by an administration full of good intentions, Latefa and her two children Walid and Ptissam Frenchize their first names at the same time as they acquire French nationality. They face this unique ordeal with humor and lightness. Dedicated to the "logic" behind the 1972 French law which created a name change system to speed up immigrant integration in France, this hilarious short film tackles the subject through a group of amusing characters.


The Fourth Friend | Zoe Simone | USA | 10'

Sophie isn't enjoying her new apartment as much as she thought she would.


Tria | Giulia Grandinetti | ITA | 17'

In a dystopian Rome, a law is enforced which doesn’t allow immigrant families to have more than three children. If a fourth is to be expected, he or she must be born, however, one of them must then be killed, giving the females priority for sacrifice. Zoe, Iris and Clio are three sisters, but one of them will soon be killed…