Silver Lynx - Fiction #02

21st of June

5:00 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

The Fuse | Kevin Haefelin | CHE | 19'

Cassius, a worn down Mexican gladiator of modern life fights to make a living as a nighttime garbage man in the concrete arena of the Bronx. One night he’s inevitably laid off and faces his fear of becoming a homeless and pariah. On his own terms, he sets up his final farewell but a fuse unexpectedly defaults him and makes him wonder through the night in quest of his truth. Premiered at the Tallinn Black Nights Festival, Kevin Haefelin's film is a cinematic and sensory feast.


Thank you for your patience! | Simon van der Zande | BEL | 17'

From a fixed point of view, we witness a tense bus ride in Brussels, when Samuel – a Congolese immigrant – gets on to voice his discontent with Europe. "Thank you for your patience" is an intelligent and gripping view of a common urban situation that escalates with great fluidity and forces us to rethink many of our ideas regarding multiculturalism and the historical legacy of European imperialism, as well as the racism endemic with our Western cultures.


Super | Nikolas Kouloglou | GRC | 20'

On their way to the supermarket, Penny and James meet again for the first time.


Heat Spell | Marie-Pier Dupuis | CAN | 14'

As the afternoon heat sets in, Maxime feels the weight of each passing moment.


LIVE | Mara Tamkovich | POL | 13'

A peaceful demonstration in Minsk in memory of Raman Bandarenka, a young man who was beaten to death, is brutally put down by the police. The world learns about it through live coverage by two journalists who are the only ones broadcasting live on the unfolding events. When the police start shooting at the protesters and the women are spotted by a police drone, they have little time to decide whether to continue their mission despite the risk.


Daughters of Witches | Faride Schroeder | MEX | 12'

Clara, the granddaughter of the village healer, migrated to the United States. She takes her newborn daughter to meet her family in Mexico where she participates in an ancient family ritual in the middle of the forest. Despite her biggest fears, she must reconnect with the power of her female lineage. Faride Schroeder’s genre bender film provides FEST’s audiences with unique perspective on motherhood and ancient indigenous rituals, all in a substantially unpredictable format.