Silver Lynx - Experimental #01

22nd of June

2:30 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

Territory | Julian Quentin | DEU/CHE | 10'

Various bodies shed the skin they thought they needed to survive and venture into the dark and unexplored vacuum outside their territory. There, they find a place that defies all the laws and boundaries of the world into which they were born. They leave to arrive - possibly at themselves. We experience this tale as a sequence of inner images led by a collage of biographical narrations by gender-travelers.


Imagine The Fire | Zachary Yap | SGP | 9'

Along the coast at night, a birthday surprise awaits. Caught in between parallels, order and chaos, something ignites.


Follicular images | Ludivine Large-Bessette | FRA | 18'

Following an investigation into the appearance and proliferation of popular images of prehistoric women dragged by their hair by cavemen, a stereotype often wrongly presented as historical, Ludivine Large-Bessette imagines a new account of this myth. As if to undo it or to follow it up, she creates a series of chapters from hair trapped in omniscient hands. By introducing strategies of deliverance, articulating the expression of sisterhood, and choreographing bodies in resilience without tricks, she opens up the possibility of writing new horizons in common.


Online Bodies | Mischa Dols | BEL | 20'

Online Bodies seeks to explore the manifestation of the body in virtual spaces. The film consists of seven short non-causal parts, each showing a different angle on the online body. The film passes along bodies in transition: a deepfake porn actor, a 3D model that wishes to be reproduced, a group of genetically modified humans that live inside an alien, four friends discussing cyborg modifications, a body that cannot get up an escalator. Collectively, they highlight the space in between the physical and virtual.


True Bug | Tuisku Lehto | FIN | 17'

Short documentary about true bugs and humans. Short film is also a compassion practice and small journey from human perspective to other playful ways to see.


As political landscapes dissolve | Zora Ottink | NLD | 7'

In 1992 Bukowski wrote ‘Dinosauria, We’, a prophetic, socially critical poem to which I like to refer and from which I take my title; ‘As political landscapes dissolve’.‘As political landscapes dissolve’ is an associative, surrealistic film. A reflective dream in which I move towards my mirror self. What is my identity in this changing political landscape, in a landscape of melting ice caps? Under the snow, the water starts flowing. Everything slides; razors, snowplows, gender relations, identity politics and the climate. Everything will continually change, decay and manifest again.In the short film (7 min) shot on 16 mm, I place myself, Zora, in this shifting reality. A trail in the snow leads her to her mirror image in an impressive white world, where no one seems to be. When she is confronted with her own reflection, she returns to reality; the mirror in her bathroom. There, between the razor and her cheek, the last white flakes disappearThe film is a sensory journey in which the sound adds a hypnotic effect that coincides with the film grain and the snow.‘As political landscapes dissolve’ reflects a surreal world, which sometimes seems hard to believe. It’s like looking in the mirror, you never see yourself as others see you.


MÁSALLÁ | Alexis Gomez | MEX | 5'

An intense desert surrounds a man and a woman. Both seem lost in the washed-out paths of the land’s vastness. Still, they continue walking, hoping to find a sense of direction. Every step is full of doubt.One day, the images evoked by a dream bring about the sense that there is more to what is visible.With newly gained confidence in their intuition, both are willing to see the signs surrounding them. That is when a flock of birds flies above them, guiding them towards their destiny.


UNDER CONTROL | Amardeep Khokhar | AUS | 10'

A person is not allowed to go outside due to the lockdown. There is a TV to watch life from the outside world. But the news are not very pleasant either, which is presented in the playlist. The house becomes a metaphor for how the person feels, and playlist tracks become a metaphor for the outside world. Each room in the house tells its own story, there is not much movement in frames, but each frame tries to tell you something, and when the track in the playlist changes, the new track name appears on the side of the frame, like a news headline.


Rotterdam, Don't Leave Us | Guido FG Jeurissen | NLD | 12'

In 'Rotterdam, Don’t Leave Us', Rotterdam city poets Dean Bowen and Vienne Haagoort enter into a fictional conversation with their city, to talk about their broken relationship and how it can still be healed.