List of Previous NEXXT competition selections

FEST 2023

Anemone by Alicia Hernanpérez Hidalgo (ESP)
Confrontation with the subconscious by Reni Babič (SVN)
THE KIDNAPPING OF THE BRIDE by Sophia Mocorrea (DEU) - WINNER Academic competition - NEXXT
My sister and I by Theodor Ioniță (ROU)
Boy of Wood by Eva Oosterveld (NLD)
Birdland (I Am Helium Raven and This Movie is Mine) by Cecília Trincão (PRT)
Above the clouds by Vivien Hárshegyi (HUN)
Through Gloom by Arnas Balčiūnas (LIT)
A Obra by Carolina Rosendo (PRT)
Unfamiliars by Lauri Elstela (EST)
Half Full Body by Beatriz Carias & Pedro Ferreira (PRT)
Top view of my Brain as a Crime Scene by Luzia Vita Johow (AUT)
Everything for My Friend by Lulu Pomorova (POL)
Boys by André Vaara  (SWE)
BLIND SPOTS by Luis Schubert (DEU)
AND WHAT NOW? By Dominika Kováčová (PRT)
A piece of me by Vivian Bausch (AUT)
Condolence by Lior Klein Stern (DEU)
All my scars vanish in the wind by María Angélica Restrepo & Carlos Velandia (COL)
Through the Barricades by Alexandrine Benjamin (HTI;UK)
Primitive Times by Hao Yu (DEU)
5-3-0 by Danilo Stanimirović (SRB)
How to be a candid woman by Francisca Dores (PRT)
Last Winter, Bruna by Marko Bičanić (HRV)
Graveyard by Ali Daraee (IRN) - HONORABLE MENTION
Those Who Follow by Frederic Kau (DEU)
Final Forever by Tess Quatri (NOR) - HONORABLE MENTION
When the MIGs fly by Philip Găicean (ROU)
Carp Xmass by Anna Heribanová (CZE)
Dinner For 2 – Breakfast For 1 by Kristína Žilinčárová (SVK)
Rilhafoles by Diogo Palma (PRT)
Tohu va bohu by LOU LE FORBAN (FRA)
Mona by Abdulrahman Alshowaiki (BEL)
Calls by Ming-Wei Chiang (POL)
You & Me & The Milky Way by Marie Gøtzsche (DNK)
Bull by Tim Oppermann (DEU)
Zipper by Aleksandr Kim (DEU)
Nelly's Story by Jonas Steinacker (AUT)
Soulmates by Shona Kelly (IRL)

FEST 2022

The Dog Pound by Emilio López Azuaga (ESP)
Bato Nebo, Chants to the Gods by Luzia Johow (AUT)
Louis & Jeanne by Amaury Fontaine Bouma (BEL)
Roots by Ellen McCullough (IRL)
La plage aux êtres (The Beach of Beings) by Kendra McLaughlin (FRA)
Headfish by Jakub Prysak (POL) - WINNER NEXXT Award competition
Safe by Ian Barling (USA)
Oblívio by Ricardo M. Leite (PRT)
Teuner by Ondřej Veverka (CZE)
Days Without by Ívar Erik Yeoman (EST; ISL; PRT; GBR)
Tomato Hairytage by Laura Kočanová (SVK)
In the Inner Circle by Julia Reiter (AUT)
At Night We Fly by Gert-Jan Verdeyen (BEL)
Let me be myself by Sheila Correia (PRT)
Dirty Hands by ROSSELET RUIZ Hélène (FRA)
Crystal Child by Leonor Gonçalves (PRT)
Mothers’ wrath by Tuuli Sirkeinen (FIN)
Eden House by Adelina Borets (UKR; POL)
High Society by Niamh Magee (IRL)
Lurch by Jasna Nanut, Čejen Černić, Judita Gamulin (HRV)
WORDS by Ella Knorz (DEU)
Everything that stays in the surface dies by Carina Pierro Corso (PRT)
Frida by Aleksandra Odic (DEU) - Honorable Mention
The Delivery by Katarzyna Sikorska (POL)
Burning Clouds by Yentl De Baets (BEL)
Hush by Xueni Yang (CZE)
How to Properly Kill Dead Animals by Micha Muhl (DEU)
Terra Firma by Leonardo Inverno (PRT)
after a room by Naomi Pacifique (NLD)
Biting Sands by Anna Golenko (EST)
Suburb Miles by Jezuita (GBR)
Paralysis X by Francisco Santos (PRT)

FEST 2021

Fish like Us by Raphaela Schmid (AUT)
Lençol Branco by Rebecca Moreno (BRA)
Jeijay by Petra Stipetic & Maren Wiese (DEU)
Her painting by Olga Papacz (POL)
Sisters by Andrea Szelesová (CZE)
Good Feng Shui by Yurong Xu (CHN)
The Stage of Golden Beach by Tiange Xiang (CHN)
The Washing Machine by Dominik Hartl (AUT) - WINNER NEXXT Award competition
Good German Work by Jannis Alexander Kiefer (DEU) - Honorable Mention
20 Minutes Of Silence by Alireza Teimori (SWE)
One Left by Sebastian Doringer (AUT)
The Virgin, The Old Lady, The Journey by Natalia Luque (CHL)
We Were Never Really Here by Anika Salvesen (NOR)
Água e Sal by Luisa Mello (PRT, BRA)
The Lion Blanket by Sofia Afonasina (EST)
Without you, without me by Adèle Shaykhulova (FRA)
Nest by Matthee Van Holderbeke (BEL)
Janelas by Carolina Frade (PRT)
Past The Voice by Natália Antoňáková (CZE)
Nada sobre Nada by Lia Ruivo (PRT)
Pneuma by Fanny Béguély (FRA)
Love by Michał Ciechomski (POL)
Tales of the Outback by Lauri Ketonen, Konsta Verta (FIN)
Firehead by Ryoji Yamada (DEU)
The Ballet of Service by Marlies Smeenge (NLD)
Bird of Paradise by Jannik Weiße (DEU)
When the morning dawns by Karmen Obrdalj (BIH)
Matadoras by Sophia Mocorrea (DEU)
Meu Castelo, Minha Casa by José Silva (PRT)
Semear, Ouvir, Fluir by Irina Oliveira (PRT)
In shallow water by Marek Moučka (SVK)
I Don't Feel At Home Anywhere Anymore by Viv Li (BEL)
Space is Quite a Lot of Things by August Joensalo (SWE)
Pile by Toby Auberg (BGR)
Avant by Marcell Mostoha (HUN)
Ecolove by Dmitry Grigoriev (RUS)
A nossa casa em chamas by Miguel Mesquita (PRT)
Diva by Pauls Kesteris (LVA)
I'm Here by Julia Orlik (POL)
16 by Ana Lambarri Tellaeche (ESP)
Otava by Lana Bregar (SVK)
Dye Red by Vittoria Campaner (USA)
Angel by Felipe Casanova & Félix de Caluwe (BEL)
Johnny White by Gonçalo Santos (PRT)
Everything in its Right Place by Nikola Stojanovic (SRB)
The road of the weather by Afroditi Tavri (GRC)
Deliveries by Lauri Niemelä (EST)
#couplegoals by Alexander Conrads (DEU)
Adam by Pietro Pinto (ITA)
The Void Inside by Julian Dieterich (DEU)
Esfera by Vitor Gonçalves, Karla Cunha (PRT)
Strike by Olivier Côté (CAN)
We hope you won’t need to come back by Anastazja Naumenko (POL)
This is Only Getting Worse by Michael Negari & Eran Luzon (ISR)
On Emotions and The Second Law of Thermodynamics by Nika Tomažič (SVN)

FEST 2020

Xiao Xian by Jiajie Yu Yan (ESP)
No Harm Done by Raphael Dau (AUT)
The Celluloid Woman by Anantha Krishnan (BEL)
A Brand New TV by Nina Ognjanovic (SRB)
As We Are by Fruzsina Roszik (HUN)
In Case of Fire (Em Caso de Fogo) by Tomás Paula Marques (PRT)
I See in the Dark by Lana Bregar (SVN)
Two Ends of A Bridge Muhammed by Seyyid Yıldız (TUR)
Saudade by Cloe Peker (GBR)
Gineceu by Tomás Maia Pinto (PRT)
Favourites by Martin Monk (AUT)
Interstate 8 by Anne Thieme (DEU)
Sherbet by Nikola Stojanovic (SRB)
Ékdúō by Matilde Camacho & Filipa Fernandes (PRT)
In Sanity: Sadness & Joy by Francisco Dias (NOR)
O Voo do Contrário by Stephanie Rodrigues (PRT)
Embers by Adriano Palha (PRT)
His Cannibal Granny by Dessislava Nikolova-Besedin (BGR)
La Mugre by Berta Galvany & Pau Bösch (ESP)
I was still there when you left me & Marie by Mc Court (BEL)
Sleeping Messenger by Florinda Frisardi (DEU)
Antonio by Siddharth Govindan (PRT)
November 1st by Charlie Manton (GBR)
Hotaru by Marta Ribeiro (PRT)
Frontier by Damián Vondrášek (CZE)
Gravedad by Matisse Gonzalez (DEU) - WINNER NEXXT Award competition
Ouro Sobre Azul by Andreia Pereira da Silva (PRT)
No Meio da Vida by João Pedro Mateus (PRT)
Not Olives by Jayden Bailey (DEU)
At Dawn by Andrea Ruiz (ECU)
Perrot's case by Rony Tanios (FRA)
Waithood by Louisiana Mees (BEL)
SALTO. By Henrique Guerreiro (PRT)
Levanta-te e Caminha by Soraia Antunes (PRT)
What Really Goes Through Our Minds: The Times They Are A-Changin by Gonçalo Nogueiro Neves, Valentina Caetano (PRT)
Nocturnal Tale by Gianluca Granocchia (ITA)
Book of Hours by Suzan Noesen (LUX) - Honorable Mention
Nest by María Cánovas (ESP)
Bitten by Helena Oborska (POL)
Berço by Inês Luís (PRT)
Catarse by Margarida Roxo Neves & Tiago Gomes (PRT)
The checklist by Lucas Dutra (BGR)
Body by Catarina Mendes (PRT)
Fuck, It's Biology by Veronica Andersson (POL)
Loop by Ricardo M. Leite (PRT)
Opera Glasses by Mila Zhluktenko (DEU)
Int.Anouchka-Night by Louise Hansenne (BEL)
deixa-me . ouvir-te by Liliana Pereira (PRT)
You Can Walk Down from There by Kateřina Hroníková (SVK)

FEST 2019

Adjournment by Nina Marissiaux (BEL) - Honorable Mention
The Visit by Gian Suhner (DEU)
Eeny Meeny by Raphaela Schmid (AUT)
A Death In My Family by Andra Tarara (ROU)
Cristian by Luís Baldaque (PRT)
Sentir-me by Débora Rodrigues, Joana Flauzino, Vanessa Santos (PRT)
Elephantfish by Meltse Van Coillie (BEL) - WINNER NEXXT Award competition
Why So Sirius? by Karel Šindelář (CZE)
Dark Horseman by Leon Brandt, Denis Aydingül, Christian Koch (DEU)
We're not that different by Brenda Yong (DEU)
Death of the Filmmaker by Cornelius Koch (DEU)
Incomum by João Marques (PRT)
Off Piste by Jules Pourchet (CHE/FRA)
Good Intentions by Anna Mantzaris (GBR)
A fine stew by Marie Glichitch (BEL)
10x10ft by Dhruv Tripathi (GBR)
Música em mim by Marcelo Maia (PRT)
Sister by Siqi Song (CHN/USA) - Honorable Mention
Ama by Julia de Paz (ESP)
Dog days of summer by Nikola Stojanovic (SRB)
Isabella by Rohan Reddy (GBR)
Déjà Vu by Jamie Baker (GBR)
Aneta by Yuting Jiang (ARE)
Homens que inventam mulheres by Pedro Gama (PRT)
Entangled by Juho (FIN)
Babylon by Sheida Sheikhha (CZE)
BTS Day 1 by Isaac Ionescu (ROU)
Family by Patrycja Widłak (POL)
Memoriam by Andreia Pereira & Rita Manso (PRT)
Dogma by Guilherme Dessa (PRT)
Contrapposto by Íris Souto (PRT)
continue straight ahead by Emilia Sniegoska (POL)
Boy Gets Eaten by Sebastian Lagerkvist (NOR)
Burbuila by María Fontán (ESP)
Silent Treatment by Fredrik N. Andersson (SWE)
After Silence by Henning Himmelreich (DEU)
Nascente by Bia Vilela (BRA)
The Contest by Saulė Bliuvaitė (LTU)
Recruit by Igor Tsoy (RUS)
All Good by Luisa Ricar (CHE)
Calcanhar de Aljube by Marta Salazar (PRT)
Eli – A Portrait by Lumen Nguyen (DEU)

FEST 2018

INCARNATION by Ricardo Castro (MEX)
Arabian Secret by Julia Groszek (POL)
Big Sister by Michal Gassner (ISR)
Flora, pleasure by Patrícia Meinedo (PRT)
Purification by João Pidrança (PRT)
Z3R0 by Abel Gomes (PRT)
No Diving by Orla Finucane (GBR)
VERA by Natasha Wendhausen (BRA)
B.A.S.E. Jumping - a step towards freedom by Olga Abramchik (CZE)
Vinyl by Catherine Vargas and Valentina Barata (BRA)
Tartus by Leonor Abreu/ Francisco Mineiro (PRT)
From the ancients to the sons of tomorrow by Leonardo A. Gelio (BRA)
Chain Reaction by Gudrun Bjorg Sigurdardottir (ISL/DEU)
The Emigrants by Andra Salaoru (ROU)
Spring by Camila Vale (PRT)
The location scouting by Aurora Aluigi & Nicolò Taccola (ITA)
PHOBOS by Nina Hiraoka (BRA)
Lines Apart by Cláudia Nadine (PRT)
Dos Islas by Adriana F. Castellanos (POL)
Caburé by Luiz Todeschini (BRA)
Crossing by Fausto Ferreira da Silva (PRT)
Punchline by Daniel Tempel-Merzougui (GBR)
How Many Souls Do I Have? by António Magalhães, David Rodrigues e João Pereira (PRT)
Self-portrait by Ana F., Diogo S., João P. N., Leonor C., Maria B. C. (PRT)
Virgin Woods by Julia Zborowska (AUT/POL)
CARNATION, LILY, ROSE by Maju de Paiva (BRA)
The Embroidered Dress by Doğuş Algün (TUR)
Offline by Ruben Vides (PRT)
TRIGGER by Beatriz Lito, Cátia Pinto, Catarina Pereira, Ludgero Babo (PRT)
Pineapple by Miguel Partidario (PRT)
Memories of the Modern Life by Inês Soares (PRT)
THE SUMMER OF MISCHIEF by Michaela Poláková (CZE)
Take Good Care of it by Isabela Xavier (BRA)
Blood Moon by Stephen King (IRL)
The Plantation by Giovani Beloto (BRA)
Take It From Me by Meghan McArdle (GBR) - WINNER NEXXT Award competition
212 by Boaz Frankel (ISR) - Honorable Mention
Boy in Yellow by Lucas Hossoe (BRA)
Kill the Director by Greg Campbell & Ryan Beman (GBR)
Fortuna by Miguel Tavares (PRT)
Petrov by Tom Barnett (GBR)
Ducktology by Beatriz Lopes, Catarina Neves, Joana Perre and Luís Lopes (PRT)
Solo by Pedro Horta (PRT)
Children of the Dictatorship by Lucas Tavares (PRT)
FLOWERS by Vado Vergara & Henrique Bruch (BRA)
It’s Getting Darker in the Danube Delta by Andrei Tache-Codreanu (ROU)
The Twin Theory by Charlie Coopersmith (GBR)
The Road by Guilherme Festas (PRT;BRA)
Suonno by Filippo Locatelli (ITA, GBR)
THE PHANTOMS by Carlos Cepeda (MEX)
Tattoo Artists by Karen Suzane Silva (BRA)
Red Connection by André Rodrigues & João Pais da Silva (PRT)
TRIP by Nuno Póvoa (PRT)
Why we ride by Diogo Freitas (PRT)
Echo by Cláudia Chaves & Joana Santos (PRT)
Mariana by Soraia Antunes (PRT)
People's Doctors by Juliana Ramalho (PRT)
The Wanderer of Catabranca by Leonardo Rolla (BRA)
Enemies by Oliver Griffiths (GBR)
Who knocks at the door by Afonso Marmelo (PRT)
Everything is gonna be alright by Tommaso Bazzo, Tommaso Beneforti, Melissa Martelli (ITA)
SOU by Miguel Saraiva Braga (PRT)
BORE ME MORE by João Luciano (BRA)
Mimesis by Renilson Renner, Leonor Soares e Joana Flauzino (PRT)
And after Oliveira? The Portuguese Cinema Continues Ana D., Cátia C., Fábio O., Jéssica O.(PRT)
Infinite Flesh by Isadora Cavalcanti (BRA)
MATER by Anamaria Geger (ROU)
Pneuma by Cláudio Ferro (PRT)
Strange Love by João Silva Santos (PRT)
The Gates by Peter Toplis (IRL)
Julieta by Sandra Vieira, Mariana Ribeiro, Tiago Machado, Rui Fraga (PRT)
RIP 2 My Youth by Elizabeth Vieira, João Figueiredo, João Pico (PRT)
Abel by Francisca Dores (PRT)
Janet by Olivia McLaughin (IRL)
Commissioned by Llana Failla (GBR)
Omid by Masih Tajzai (DEU/AFG)
Doc by André Oliveira e Pedro Mourinha (PRT)
Ada, every Saturday by Camille Vigny (FRA)
APATHY by Henrique João Zimbrara Gomes Guerreiro (PRT)
Doppelgänger by Simon Mortensen (DNK)
Dr. Cancela by Hugo Alves (PRT)
Father's Day by Billy Mullaney (GBR)
Julienne by Romane Claus (BEL)
Latte by Mónica Carvalho & Anna Andreikanich (PRT/ UKR)
Parallaxe by Aline Magrez (BEL) - WINNER NEXXT Award competition
THE OTHER by Jacob Krzysztof Glogowski (DNK)
Too far too close by Margo Mot (BEL)
Camel Toe by Alexandra Barbosa (PRT)

FEST 2017

Prohibition by Sofia Iulia Nelega (ROU)
Harvest in New Life by Antonis Kitsikis (GRC, GBR)
Now You Don't by Lauren McNerney Quigley (IRL)
#instalove by Anna Wowra (POL)
Penalty by Aldo Iuliano (ITA)
The Launching Chain by Joe Mannning (GBR)
Spilt Milk by James Dunstan (GBR)
Esmeralda by Andrei Tache-Codreanu (ROU)
Infected by Petr Eremin (RUS)
Meia-Luz by Giuliane Maciel  (PRT)
Frere Jaques by Manuel Rodrigues (PRT)
Sex, pipe and omelete by Ana-Maria Comănescu (ROU)
The Lighthouse by Andrew Taylor (GBR)
A Boy's Luck by Pedro Gonçalves (PRT)
Pup by Jesús Rivera Soriano (ESP)
Replay by Fábio Rebelo (PRT)
Hocus Pocus by André Amaral (PRT)
Family Holidays by Gabriela Manolache (ROU)
The Third Half by Virgílio Pinto, Rodrigo Morais (PRT)
Rota do Pó by Nuno Braumann, Pedro Koch (PRT)
Next of Kin (Tempus) by Alannah Murray (IRL)
Eupnea by Deshanthan Sureshkumar (GBR)
Raised in the Mountains by Maria Inês Santos (PRT)
The Buzzer by Lucio Mancini (ITA)
O que a nós pertence by Bernardo Sanches do Carmo (PRT)
Banghölle by Aaron MacCarley (USA)
Ultima Vez by Valle Lázaro (ESP)
There Are No Cicadas In The Winter by Ângela Ramos (PRT)
Bulldoze by Jake Earwaker (GBR)
A will that never ends by João Belém (PRT)
Today we are here, tomorrow we are not by Daniel Veloso (PRT)
Irrelevant by Sian Williams & Danny Walters (GBR)
Fear in a Handful of Dust by Svante Sahle (SWE)
Moving Like Waves by Mariana Rodrigues (PRT)
Fearhood by Chia Ying Poy (IRL/MYS)
Philip Knight by Chris Hailes (GBR)
Cassette Boy by Matthew Campbell (GBR)
Volcano Island by Kata Anna Lovrity (HUN)
Where Have You Been Zepherin? By Joséphine Page (FRA)
Lisa Chriost by Claudia Hoey (IRL)
Mr. and Mrs. Müller by Dominique Klein (DEU)
Bond by Judit Wunder (HUN) - WINNER NEXXT Award competition
Lost Souls by Rania Ounaguou & Sophia Irhboula (MAR)
Rute by Ricardo Branco (PRT)
Theodore Thatcher's Encyclopedia for Birdwatching by Mike Lloyd (GBR)
Petrov: A Cold War Story by Tom Barnett (GBR)
240000 Euros by Alonso Valbuena (ESP)
The Quiet Man at the End of the Bar by Camille Poulet (GBR)
Get the Funk Out by Darragh Carey & Patrick Giguere (GBR)
The Art of My Scars by James Land (GBR)
Pyre for Hire by Daniel Tempel-Merzougui (GBR)
Till One Cries by Benjamin Leichtenstern (DEU)
First Talk by Iman Aoun (MAR)
Bodysnatchers by Orencio Carvajal (ESP)
The Race by Stanisław Cuske (POL)
The Hidden One by Tomás Cunha (PRT)
O Último Sopro by Lourenço Malcatenho (PRT)      
First Talk by Kawtar El Our (MAR)
Lost Souls by Rania Ounaguou & Sophia Irhboula (MAR)

FEST 2016

Cocote, a dog story by Pacheco Iborra (ESP)
Summer of Love by Marcin Filipowicz (POL)
14 by Amélie G., Cyril F., Charlotte Da-Ros, Roxane M., David J., Juliette C. (FRA)
Made in China by Vincent Tsui (FRA)
The End by Cédric B., Irène C., Louise L., Stéphane L., Simon M., Olivia P. (FRA)
Graveland by Nicolas A., Jérémie A., Alexandre G., Antoine G., Sandrine N., Ambre P., Marc V.(FRA)
The secret of the gold feather by Guillaume Roguier (FRA)
Vecini by Bogdan Botas & Others (ROU)
SOLDIER by Dessy Tombusheva (BGR)
With a Thousand Eyes by David Slotema (BEL)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by Anthony McDonagh (IRL)
Standing Still by Luise B. Nes (NOR)
TURP by Liliana Gonçalves AND Francisco Neves (PRT)
Calling for Oliver by Luisa Zabel (GBR)
Into the winter by Alina Olariu (ROU)
Robotherapy by Manuel F., Fabien J., Pierre P., Antoine P. (FRA)
Trama by Luisa Soares (PRT)
Hora di Bai by Bruno Leal (PRT)
MAYODI (un homme très sensuel) by Kim PURIC (HRV)
Anna by Alexia R., Antoine P., Jordann J., Alexis C., Sophie B., Yunhan Liu(FRA)
Sur Les Pointes by Diana R., Maria D., Sandra R. (PRT)
Second Look by Ana Maria Comanescu (ROU)
Loves Me Not by Jake Acton (GBR)
The Voice Of The Water by Álvaro Elias (ESP)
DEEP PAN FURY by Charlie Dennis (GBR)
Ayan and the White Balloon by Vida Dena (BEL)
Cut by David Boland (IRL)
LUX by Bernardo Lopes & Inês Malveiro (PRT)
Wanderlust by Barnaby Boulton (GBR)
Ama by Emilie A., Liang H.,  Mansoureh K.,  Julie R., Juliette P., Tony U. (FRA)
Half of a whole by Emil Wahl (NOR)
Sia - Alive Music Video by Horia Dragoi, Chris Hailes, Oren Locke, Luisa Zabel (GBR)
It Could Have Happened, It Had To Happen by Katarzyna Warzecha (POL)
The Little Shoemaker by Galaad A., Terry B., Charley C., Romain C., Pierre-Yves L., Philippe L., Benjamin M., Karen N. (FRA)
Overwhelmed by Yann Caussat (FRA)
Love by Boya Harizanova (BGR)
G’Old Fish by Cain Pickens Eryn (USA)
Because a day ends by Luís Sérgio (PRT)
The steak of Tante Margaux by Samey MORSY (EGY)
Vision of the Ordinary by Luisa Zabel (GBR)
Antropo by Marta Salazar (PRT)
Atmos by Ana Fesser (ESP)
Vanilla by Juan Beiro (ESP)
Shit Eaters by Agata Wojcierowska (POL)
Memoirs by Ricardo Guerreiro (PRT)
Delivery by Leslie Belot, Thibaut Scalesse, Sophie Blayrat, Kai Huang, Loan Torres (FRA)
The Gravedigger's Son by Jack Yard (GBR)
Taxi by Renato Fernandes (PRT)
Not much by Hugo DE F., Eva L., Caroline C., Johan R., Arthus P. (FRA)
Iron Mountain by Romain B., Sébastien F., Alexandre G., Damien K., Maxime M. (FRA)
Neïla by Audrey B., Laurene D., Amandine F., Ludivine L., Lucas L., David T., Guillaume V., Eline Z.(FRA)
The Hint by Alexandru Don (ROU)
Hippie Trail by Charlotte Ramirez (FRA)
Foggy Forest by Anelia Tarpomanova (BGR)
Vertigo by Patrícia Gomes (PRT)
Infinite Drift by Sophie Kurpershoek (BEL)
Grey Area by Jon Barton (IRL)
Behind Me by Tobias Grønvold (NOR)
The Bicycle by Henrique Guerreiro (PRT)
Putsch by Julie A., Claire C., Florent B., Camille S., Lisa B.(FRA)
Breaking Through Delusion by Rafael Almeida (PRT)
Harvest by Tiago B., Steven D., Anaïs D., Arnaud M., Tom O’B., Jean-Philippe T., Roland Z. (FRA)
The Wolf Trap by Duarte Coimbra (PRT)
The Farm by Matthew Harrison (GBR)
Stela by Ainhoa Menéndez (ESP)
Wildfire by Hugues O., Pierre P., Nicole S., Valentin S., Arnaud T., Shang Z. (FRA)
You Were Not There by Ioana Agatha Paltinel (ROU)
New Moon by Gerd de Kinderen (BEL)
Bittersweet by Michal Wawrzecki (POL)
THE LAST DARE by Maria Salazar (NOR)
Korser by Vincent D., Gillian D., Jessie H., Guillaume M., Emeric S., Tangi V. (FRA)
Vance Joy - Fire and the Flood by Alexander V., Millie T., Priya A., Mikey L.(GBR)
1975 by Pedro Eira (PRT)
The Hiding by Seán Donnellan (IRL)
Today, the silence by Vasco Reis Ruivo (PRT)
VAGABONDS '89 by Andrei Rautu (ROU)
Faces form Istanbul by Аssya Atanasova (BGR)
W/Control by Ana Luís Quintão (PRT)
What is the PinkTax? By Victor de Halleux (FRA)
Redzone by Jocelyn Charles (FRA)
Around by Helder Faria (PRT)
Sarbatori in familie by Gabriela Manolache (ROU)
Carcosa by Ilinca Straton (ROU)
Cariño mio by Ricardo Urueta (FRA)

FEST 2015

Kiss me by José Luís Castro (ESP)
Supermarket inn by Sara López (ESP)
El castigo by Nelson Nogueira Fernandes (ESP)
Menos tu vientre by Marçal Tortajada (ESP)
Fora de lloc by Sara Estebán (ESP)
Olvidados by Carlos Guil (ESP)
Chorizo de chorizos by Miguel Ángel Conradi (ESP)
Para pero sigue by Ludmilla Mônaco (ESP)
Desde la ventana by Andrea Sánchez (ESP)
El folio rojo by Mauro Tracco (ESP)
Barbara by Santiago Esperon (ESP)
Despertar by Marta Medina Cel Valle (ESP)
Tuesdays And Shadows by Sergio Diez (ESP)
Nina by Nacho A. Villar (ESP)
Oscillation by Didac Gieno (ESP)
Pueblo by Maria Pardo (ESP)
Replica by Lucien Burckel de Tell (ESP)
Le pli dans l'espace by Ann-Julie Vervaeke (BEL)
Future of the Past by Jens Burez (BEL)
L'Infini by Lukas Dhont (BEL)
Eclipse by Jacky De Groen (BEL)
Live // Love // Like & Share by Eno Swinnen (BEL)
The Fish of My Life by Julius Siciunas (LTU)
I`m Twenty Something by Marija Kavtaradze (LTU)
Tilde by Vytautas Plukas (LTU)
Floor Scarpers by Vytautas Katkus, Marija Kavtaradze (LTU)
After Rave by Kamile Milasiute (LTU)
Three by Kolm by Eva Kübar (EST)
Paradise by Paradiis by Nora Särak (EST)
Awesome by Äge by Rein Zobel (EST)
Life as in Paradise - Elu nagu paradiisis by Jaan Penjam (EST)
Is it You? - Oled see sina? By Moonika Siimets (EST)
Hearth/Otthon by Bálint Gelley (HUN)
Rabbit and Dear/Nyuszi by Péter Vácz (HUN)
Paperworld by Ringeisen Dávid & László Ruska (HUN)
Symphony No 42 by Réka Bucsi (HUN)
Tale/ Mese by Attila Bertóti (HUN)
Limbo-Limbo by Zsuzsanna Kreif, Borbála Zétényi (HUN)
The light that memory lends to things by Ana Vajdea (ROU)
Another day of mankind by Vlad Alexandru (ROU)
Clara by Vlad Precup (ROU)
ROMA by Sam Davis (GBR)
STOREY by Luke Shelley (GBR)
LAST LEG by Ella Bennett (GBR)
STRAIGHT by Josh Ayres (GBR)
NIGHT by Jay Amin (GBR)
UGLY SPIRIT by Jessica Birch (GBR)
Nunca regreses by Leonardo Díaz (MEX)
Primavera by Tania Castillo (MEX)
P_to_F_ggot by Martin Bautista (MEX)
Negro by Daniel Castro (MEX)
A Outra Vida by Joana Filipe & João Diogo Silva (PRT)
O Despertar by Filipe Neto (PRT)
OOBE by Joana Maria Sousa & Manuela Carneiro (PRT)
Puto by Fabiana Tavares & Barnardo de Carvalho (PRT)
Rastos de Pó by Rui Neto (PRT)
Aconteceu Poesia by Maria Rijo (PRT)
É consideravelmente Admirável Da Tua Parte Que Penses Em Mim Como Se Ainda Aqui Estivesse by André Mendes & Andreia Neves (PRT)
What Later by Ciarán McNamara (IRL)
The Gentle Persuader by Pierce McDonough (IRL)
On the Ropes by Anthony McDonagh (IRL)
Dig by Gerard Higgins (IRL)
Cogar by Ciara Long (IRL)
A Student Film by McDonagh (IRL)
Away by Roland Ferge (HUN)
The Last Yeti by Orbála Mészáros (HUN)
Paraphrase by Eszter Kemény (HUN)
I Regret It by Manda Hertelendi (HUN)
The Blocks by Sandór Csoma (HUN)
The Lusitania (IRL)
The Hinterland (IRL)
Pots & Pans (IRL)

FEST 2014

INCUBI by Sérgio Ribeiro (PRT)
ERMO by Rafael Calisto (PRT)
PLATEIA by Ricardo Neves (PRT)
MARIA GATA by Damir Grbanovic (PRT)
QUADRO by Óscar Faria (PRT)
A BICICLETA by Pedro Jafuno (PRT)
ETÍLICO by Francisco Fá (PRT)
Promised Bread (GBR)
Beach House (GBR)
Pantheon (GBR)
Howl (GBR)

FEST 2013

Free world by Anna Hints (EST)
Cisco by Reino Aedmae (EST)
Spring a la Carte by Doris Taaker (EST)
Last Romeo by Moonika Siimets (EST)
Back Flip (GBR)
Broken Eggs by Victor Mukete (GBR)
Final Happy Hunting by Kate Burns (GBR)
Once Upon a Time In West Surrey Web by Bill Thisdell (GBR)
The Judgement Of Paris by Bill Thisdell (GBR)
Placebo by Johanna Stentorp (SWE)
Complex by Emil Ramos (SWE)
A Piece Of Freedom by Mikkel Berlin (DNK)
Dewey by Emil Furunsi & Magnus Lysbakken (NOR)
Hurry by Jakob Jonas (SWE)
The Substitute Nikolaj by Trane Karstenberg (DNK)
What A Thing To Say by Synniva Tillson (NOR)
Tamarind Tree by Marina Frolova (RUS)
Aorta by Rebecca Figenschau (NOR)
Something about my father (NOR)
Broken strings (NOR)
Once upon a time (NOR)
In love (NOR)
Daim (NOR)
Clara by Celeste Alves (PRT)
Instrução by Manuel Rocha da Silva (PRT)
Tanto para andar até dormir by Mariana Guarda (PRT)
5040 by Inês Teixeira (PRT)
O Fim by Elvis Veiguinha e Cheila Saldanha (PRT)
O Fim do Homem by Bruno Telésforo e Luis Lobo (PRT)
Mutter by Rafael Antunes e Tony Costa (PRT)
O Rapaz Que Ouvia Pássaros by Inês Rueff e João Seguro (PRT)
Compramos e Vendemos Sentimentos by Filipe Sousa (PRT)
Sobrevivência by João Azevedo e Luís Lobo (PRT)

Earlier selections will be added soon.