21st of June

2:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

Above the clouds
| Vivien Hárshegyi | HUN | 14'

A young girl suddenly finds herself in love again. When she comes to realize this, she has to run away. A vortex takes her down to her past, where she has the opportunity to free her heart if she reinterprets the hell of her first love experience.


Through Gloom
| Arnas Balčiūnas | LIT | 17'

A talkative taxi driver roams the nightly streets. An apathetic girl enters his car. The two don't seem to connect, until she asks to make a stop with intent to cause harm. Does their shared trip even have a destination?


A Obra
| Carolina Rosendo | PRT | 14'

From inside the windows of two buildings for sale in Lisbon’s city center, we hear the music and the voices of the construction workers inside the soon to be apartments. As we step in the buildings number 11 and 13, we are welcomed by a multicultural universe: Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Brazil and Pakistan. Most of these were once colonized by Portugal, but the country is now sought as a destination for a better life and other opportunities, in which the most available one is always construction work. Emigrated here with or without any other options, they not only build homes for future residents, but also for themselves, creating a community rich in camaraderie and mutual help. While double coating in white paint the walls of those homes in construction, each one of them chooses to listen to whatever reminds them most of the comfort felt in their own home: Religion or music, listened or sung by their own voices that fill the various floors of both buildings. During lunchtime, music stops and voices overlap in conversations about colonial Portugal and colonized Africa, as well as its consequences in today’s world. We meet them one by one, each completing the other in a collective dialogue on immigration, construction work and on the ties between the past and the present, inside the family and the international context. When the work day comes to an end, each one of them bathes before going home, empties each floor and closes the doors of the buildings so that, the next morning, they can come in and start a new day of work.


| Lauri Elstela | EST | 15'

A human drama about a mother obsessed with documenting her dead son's apartment, a sister forced to inherit her dead brother's old belongings, and a son-in-law pretending to ignore a past affair with his dead lover. Together, they navigate familial tensions and secrets held from each other inside a house that is home to nobody.


Half Full Body | Beatriz Carias, Pedro Ferreira | PRT | 8'

Being born into a body that don't feel ours can be a challenge we're not prepared for. However, the willpower to feel good and complete is the key to overcoming any obstacle. Filipe, a 21-year-old transgender boy, is this force of nature that was born to inspire us all, transgender and cisgender. With an open heart, he tells us about his process, while showing us a little of his day-to-day life. Despite the harshness that exists in this whole transition, his trajectory is much more focused on the positive aspects, moving away from the traditional narrative in which the theme of Transsexuality is always a target. The purpose of this project is to give voice to someone who can be an inspiration to many people, especially young people, who are going through the same thing and don't know what to do. Only in 2019 transsexuality ceased to be considered a mental illness by the WHO and, currently, it is still a daily struggle for the Trans community to achieve the respect they deserve. It is necessary to go through a whole process of social reintegration, which can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Thus, we intend to show that, despite the possible rejections and the painful process, it is worth taking the risk because personal well-being is more important than social conformism.


Top view of my Brain as a Crime Scene
| Luzia Vita Johow | AUT | 13'

A Dream. A woman is sitting in a forest clearing. Did something horrible happen? Children are dead or gone. Anonymous authorities, allies and a professor scurry around the accused, who is treated like a witness, victim and suspect all at the same time. Slowly she realizes that she might be to blame. Even after her acquittal she remains alone with a feeling of guilt.


Everything for My Friend
| Lulu Pomorova | POL | 25'

Ania and her best friend Kasia have fallen out with each other. After Kasia destroys her diploma works in frustration, Ania decides to apologize to her friend. It turns out, however, that there is more to Kasia’s behavior than just their fight. How far can Ania go in the name of their friendship?