Subtitled in English



Tomato Hairytage | Laura Kočanová | SVK | 5’

An abstract, almost-love story of a foreigner fighting against his own habits. One particular occurence in a sauna has made him question rooted stereotypes and step out of his comfort zone. That one moment starts an insane ride through his subconsciousness with a happy ending. The narrator, whose voice over we can hear throughout the whole story, is Vlad himself.





In the Inner Circle | Julia Reiter | AUT | 29’

A young woman feels threatened when a new stable girl is hired. Charged with training the new girl, her competence feels challenged and anxiety grows. She is caught in a vicious circle of her own making.





At Night We Fly | Gert-Jan Verdeyen | BEL | 16’

“Neither man nor woman. “You can call us strangers, but do we look like danger?” Three non-binary friends create a safe space in the streets of the city. Out of reality for one night. To be themselves at last, with their head held high and shining bright. Will there be a big black sky that is waiting for them to rise in their midnight ride?





Let Me Be Myself | Sheila Correia | PRT | 28’

Far away from my home country I came across the stereotypes of Brazilian women. How to exist and find new ways of existence in a world of preconceptions? How to break a stereotype without losing myself? In Portugal, I discovered I am a tangle of things that exist within me and have little to do with my appearance. I thought it would be easy to introduce myself as I used to, but I realised that sometimes, until I prove otherwise, there are already some preconceptions influencing how others perceive me.