23rd of June

2:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

Primitive Times | Hao Yu | DEU | 5'

An interview about the survival status of primitives.


5-3-0 | Danilo Stanimirović | SRB | 16'

During the night, a teenage girl is taking a taxi ride to the neighboring town. After a disturbing ride, and an even worse night at a friend’s birthday party, she is forced to return home with a menacing taxi driver who insists on her sitting in the front seat next to him.


How to be a candid woman | Francisca Dores | PRT | 5'

Critique of the representation and education of women over the years through film and media.


Last Winter, Bruna | Marko Bičanić | CRO | 18'

Bruna can't stand the Christmas season, but her girlfriend, Lea, makes it bearable. As Lea changes her mind about Bruna's plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve together, doubt seeps in and the winter turns colder.


Graveyard | Ali Daraee | IRN | 13'

This film is about one of the common topics which has been spreading in Iran. This film represents a story of a young mother who has lost her baby due to a negligence. Furthermore, since the presence of the father is required to get a burial permission in Iran, the young mother is striving to find her missing husband and by the elapse of time, she becomes more involved in diverse serious issues.


Those Who Follow | Frederic Kau | DEU | 30'

Since joining the special forces, Mirko's life has been torn between his family and his unit. When the suspicion suddenly arises that his girlfriend Rabea might have reported a radical right-wing chat message from the unit to Internal Affairs, Mirko is in danger of losing both.