23rd of June

4:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

The Silence of the Banana Trees | Eneos Çarka | ALB | 24'

A father finds refuge in memories created together with his daughter, who has been stricken with an illness. She has decided to keep her distance from him and they have not spoken for years. The film encourages her to reconsider her decision.


Final Forever | Tess Quatri | NOR | 23'

Carmen (80) and her lifelong partner Nina (79) struggle to finish their homemade rocket, in their attempt to live forever. But when Carmen suffers from a heart attack, they realise their time is soon up. Either they leave now, or death will come for them.


When the MIGs fly | Philip Găicean | ROU | 15'

In the context of the war in Ukraine, two friends discuss the possibility of being drafted. They start challenging each other to prove that they're not capable of killing anyone.


Carp Xmass | Anna Heribanová | CZE | 8'

“Carp XMass” is a short naturalistic dramedy, a truly lovely family film. Once upon a time in a small village in a far-away land, carp are preparing for Christmas eve - peaceful and happy as required by the traditions. But Christmas has failed to meet these values a long time ago. They have become the peak of the year-round consumption and there are some who may lose their lives in the honor of these sacred days.


Dinner For 2 – Breakfast For 1 | Kristína Žilinčárová | SVK | 4'

A young woman who craves for more recounts the story of a special dinner. A film about eating and female desire that genre-wise oscillates between fashion film, horror, video clip, and drama.


Rilhafoles | Diogo Palma | PRT | 5'

The place once inhabited by alienated souls, is now given over to itself and to the nature that takes care of it. The marks of those who passed through here remain.


Tohu va bohu | Lou Le Forban | FRA | 13'

At the end of August, a village in the Alpes de hautes Provence is hit by an epidemic of dancing plague that plunges humans and animals into a trance.


Mona | Abdulrahman Alshowaiki | BEL | 11'

Mona, a Syrian mother of two children, struggles to protect her daughters from tradition and old-fashioned social issues in Belgium.