22nd of June

2:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

Boys | André Vaara | SWE | 9'

Five teenage friends prepare for a boys' night out when their masculine identities are challenged.


BLIND SPOTS | Luis Schubert | DEU | 9'

The shooting of a sex scene triggers a conflict between an intimacy coordinator and the director on a film set.


AND WHAT NOW? | Dominika Kováčová | PRT | 7'

Through abstract imaginery we are subjected to emotional experiences of love of an individual. The film captures euphoria and anxiety, happiness and misery of closeness and intimacy of two people. A roller coaster of emotions which is trying to find its way back up.


A piece of me | Vivian Bausch | AUT | 19'

When Vanessa (26) learns at her mother's 50th birthday party that her abusive ex-stepfather was also invited, she confronts her mother with the help of a videotape in front of the assembled family. In the whimsical setting of the family celebration, however, the two women find their way back to each other and ensure that the stepfather is delivered a punishment for his sins.


Condolence | Lior Klein Stern | DEU | 15'

In a personal letter addressed to her younger sibling, the filmmaker revisits her memories from her parents' divorce, in order to reconnect with her family. Along the way, she unravels her anger at her older sister, the lack of the feeling of longing, and fear of disappearing. The poetic voice-over is accompanied by gentle animation, which illustrates all the moments and places she felt a sense of home and brings her search for condolences into life.


All my scars vanish in the wind | María Angélica Restrepo, Carlos David Velandia | COL | 14'

Among intrusive and sought-after memories, a woman hears a disconcerting call from the depths of her being. A cryptic cry for help that becomes more and more intelligible guides her to the original wound, to her inner child, to whom she will give comfort to finally become her own protector.


Through the Barricades | Alexandrine Benjamin | HTI/UK | 21'

In the midst of the treacherous social protests that have paralyzed Haiti for months, a modest couple must face blocked roads and murderous gangs in the hope of finding a place to give birth safely.