NEXXT #1 | 05 OCT | 15h30

Fish Like Us, by Raphaela Schmid | Lençol Branco, by Rebecca Moreno | Jeijay, by Petra Stipetic & Maren Wiese | Her Painting, by Olga Papacz | Sisters, by Andrea Szelesová | Good Feng Shui, by Yurong Xu | The Stage of Golden Beach, by Tiange Xiang



Spatium Room

| Fish Like Us |

As part of an unusual farewell ritual, two siblings end up at a Chinese restaurant. Both feel guilty after the recent death of their mother and find it difficult to approach the subject. At another table, a father helps his daughter with her homework, at the next, a date goes wrong, and somewhere in between, the waitress’ necklace bursts. Though the tables are close together, the siblings hardly notice the little dramas taking place.


| Lençol Branco |

Rebecca Moreno was born in São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil but was raised in the city of Tremedal in Bahia. She studied cinema in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and since then, she has worked as a filmmaker and curator for festivals. Her first job as a director, screenwriter, and editor was Lençol Branco, a final project for the university, completed in 2020. That year, she also co-produced and curated the Mini Webfilm Festival with a program that brought together professionals from Brazil and Europe.


| Jeijay |

Screened in numerous festivals around the globe and a contestant in many competitions, Jeijay begins where most romantic films end. Two people try to repress the slow but inevitable decay of their relationship. Feeling isolated in their little home, the happy facade of their love life comes crumbling down moment by moment. The profound melancholia of the subject is captured in these little everyday moments that are intertwined with dreamlike sequences.


| Her Painting |

Selected for various film festivals in Europe, including the Krakow Film Festival in Poland, Her Painting explores the subject of body positivity and shows the different roles we can play in various social contexts. It portrays Alina, a girl who everyday travels between two distant worlds.


| Sisters |

The Big Sister – a person of colossal size – is trapped in the sand of a deserted landscape. With no way to take care of herself, this burden falls on her resentful little sister. But The Big Sister keeps growing and sinking into her trap. Despite The Little Sister’s attempts to stop it, she is left with one night to say goodbye and let go.


| Good Feng Shui |

Perhaps just an illusion brought by an unusual breeze, or even a dream, Good Feng Shui finds a man finally returning home in the hopes of making some profit. Then he finds that his deceased father has left him everything and sees their bond grow deeper and deeper. Where do the dead go? And what can they do?


| The Stage of Golden Beach |

In a small town in southern China, a female slaughterhouse worker has struggled in the shadow of harassment because of her youth as a dancer. Now, gathering a prey’s carnal charm and the laborer’s fierce, she will fight against the male-oriented society with everything she’s got, even if it means self-destructing. Revenge is on its way.