Subtitled in English




The Dog Pound | Emilio López Azuaga | ESP | 17'

Ale, an 18-year-old boy with no future ambition, he spends his days lost between alcohol, crime and drugs. Due to his turbulent relationship with his mother, he lives practically alone. The only comfort in his life is his Bull Terrier Sasha. One night, Ale gets ready to go out for one more bout of escapism, leaving his dog alone at home.





Bato Nebo, Chants to the Gods | Luzia Johow | AUT | 14'

Mountain mist unveils a village in Georgia: people wake up, the landscape emerges, and ancient voices take over the soft morning sounds. A series of traditional chants, performed collectively, offer us a glimpse into the oral tradition and everyday life of a rural community. A fragmentary portrait of identity and social bonds through music that evolved over generations and was preserved alongside a changing society.





Louis & Jeanne | Amaury Fontaine Bouma | BEL | 18'

Louis and Jeanne are two brother and sister with a fusional relationship but their bond is damaged when he discovers that she has a boyfriend. From then on, ambiguous feelings are emerging and revealing in the teeanager’s mind…





Roots | Ellen McCullough | IRL | 5'

A short narrated documentary of a man working in his garde, through his early life experience learning the skills he knows today navigating a violent unrest in Northern Ireland during the 60s.





The Beach of Beings (La Plage aux Êtres) | Kendra McLaughlin | FRA | 20'

As his team digitizes the remains of an as-yet-unidentified creature, a paleontologist mourns a loved one. This is a meditation on preservation, daughter of discovery, and hand of loss.