24th of June

4:30 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

| Ming-Wei Chiang | POL | 18'

The emergency call center 112 receives numerous phone calls every day. The operators take care of and connect with various outside situations as well as within the office, meanwhile setting boundaries and dealing with their own emotions.


You & Me & The Milky Way | Marie Gøtzsche | DNK | 15'

Klara is eager to celebrate her book release with her old friend Simone, but Simone turns down Klara’s festive ideas as she’s reluctant to fall into habits of the past. Longing to feel the connection they once had, Klara makes a drastic decision.


Bull | Tim Oppermann | DEU | 23'

Since Bruno and Ronja moved into their new apartment, strange things have been happening. A complete stranger attacks Bruno with a spear. A religious cult stalks Ronja and their landlord showers constantly in their shower. Unfortunately for them, their fate leads them unflinchingly to the answer of these mysteries.


Zipper | Aleksandr Kim | DEU | 7'

In the waiting room of a divorce lawyer, two almost-divorcées meet. However, their plan to end the marriage quickly and finally is upset by unforeseen circumstances and a weak bladder.


Nelly's Story | Jonas Steinacker | AUT | 19'

When an influencer mother stages her daughter for an Instagram video for her 9th birthday, she refuses to participate because she wants her father to be back. The girl "Nelly" grabs her mother's cell phone and suddenly starts filming her. The mother tries to grab Nelly. Nelly runs away and locks her out of the house. All the knocking, screaming and threatening does not help. Nelly lowers the burglar-proof shutters of the house and disappears. That's when the influencer discovers disturbing Instagram stories of her daughter. Posted on her own account.


Soulmates | Shona Kelly | IRL | 10'

A lonely woman retreats to an abandoned house where she meets a forgotten ghost, forging a connection that transcends the confines of time