20th of June

2:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

Anemone | Alicia Hernanpérez Hidalgo | ESP | 14'

Samantha and David are in the car looking out to sea. They are going to scatter their mother's ashes on the beach of their childhood, but nothing goes as planned. Sister and brother will face their respective truths about that mother figure. This is a story about a miscarried ritual. It tells the difference between what we imagine and what actually happens.


Confrontation with the subconscious | Reni Babič | SVN | 4'

The concept of the film “Confrontation with the subconscious” is based on dealing with issues that are kept inside a person. These problems are caught in a mirror's frame that can not be escaped from its space. By overcoming negative thoughts and feelings, the person progressively archives a breakthrough.


THE KIDNAPPING OF THE BRIDE | Sophia Mocorrea | DEU | 30'

Luisa from Buenos Aires and Fred from Brandenburg have a unique relationship in which they’ve created their own universe. At their wedding, the two lovers are increasingly confronted with their social roles and intercultural prejudices. In the maelstrom of the night, they lose their sovereignty and each other. The tradition of the kidnapping of the bride, still an integral part of many weddings in German-speaking countries, finally shatters the couple's equality. There is no room for love in this claustrophobic role play of marriage.


My sister and I | Theodor Ioniță | ROU | 17'

After putting her children to sleep, Luana gets a call from her sister asking for bandages. She hurries to her house where she finds Ana alongside her injured husband. Luana begins to suspect what happened and insists on calling for an ambulance, but Dan gets angrier and angrier, until things get out of hand.


Boy of Wood | Eva Oosterveld | NLD | 25'

Fourteen-year-old Stijn flew off the handle a year ago and ended up in a difficult period. A period of uncertainty in which he quit school and broke off contact with his mother out of shame. Now Stijn is in a learning program at a sheltered workshop where he learns to work with wood and metal. In the workshop he has heartfelt conversations with his counselor Duco about his life, his uncertainties, and his future. Stijn hopes to go back to school soon. He attempts to improve his life and to make make peace with his mother and himself. To achieve this he will have to resist the patterns of his past.


Birdland (I Am Helium Raven and This Movie is Mine) | Cecília Trincão | PRT | 6'

This film is a visual letter to my child-self and a reinterpretation of my childhood.