Subtitled in English



Dirty Hands | Rosselet Ruiz Hélène | FRA | 20'

Laure does housekeeping for the Saudi royals in their parisian apartment. When unknown men break into the place, she must suddenly hide with her employer in a closet. The two women must stay silent, huddled together.





Crystal Child | Leonor Gonçalves | PRT | 2'

A snake crawls on the stone floor. Becomes one with a sleeping child. The Crystal Child throws itself from the tower and flies away. A tree in the middle of nowhere. Also with her the child becomes one.





Mothers’ Wrath | Tuuli Sirkeinen | FIN | 16'

Tiina hides her anger to be an exemplary mother to her child Amanda. The atmosphere of their mother-daughter family vacation is getting tense, as pre-teenaged Amanda is growing out of the cramped caravan and childish games. In addition to her feelings, Tiina also has to suppress unexplainable fires in the campsite.




Eden House | Adelina Borets | UKR, POL | 28'

EDEN HOUSE is based on the true story of a teenager named Luka—who has landed in a religious drug-rehab center run by Antoni, a self-proclaimed priest. Living under its tyrannical regime of emotional and physical torture, Luka figures out that the only way he can survive is to escape.





High Society | Niamh Magee | IRL | 12'

''High Society'' is a Drama, coming of age film about Leah who overdoses on cocaine provided by Gary. The story deals with themes of revenge, immaturity, and love, following a young women Ruby who is in love with her girlfriend Leah. As Leah falls into a coma, through the flashbacks of her memories and her brother's death, Ruby deals with the aftermath choosing revenge to handle her grief.