NEXXT #7 | 08 OCT | 15h30

Dye Red, by Vittoria Campaner | Angel, by Felipe Casanova & Félix de Caluwe | Johnny White, by Gonçalo Santos | Everything in its Right Place, by Nikola Stojanovic | The Road of the Weather, by Afroditi Tavri | Deliveries, by Lauri Niemelä



Spatium Room

| Dye Red |

Dye Red was the Best Experimental Narrative Short Film at the 51st Nashville Film Festival. Inspired by the director’s relationships with several roommates over the years of her life, the short is a dark but graceful slice-of-life look at the lives of long-time roommates Celeste and Aurora. It explores ideas of sharing, not just a space, but also each other’s things, attention, and time. A connection that so easily extends to every intimate human relationship.


| Angel |

Angel takes a look at a disenchanted youth through two young people working in a pornographic film shooting. Angel encounters Candice and suddenly he’s questioning himself and recovering something essential to both of their very real existences.


| Johnny White |

Johnny White is a rising youtube star. But when one of his videos goes viral, it is for all the wrong reasons. Now, lost in a whirlwind of consequences, some bad, some good, Johnny needs to decide which ones matter the most. In the process, he’ll try and regain the trust of sweet and friendly Lary and prove to her that he is not the guy everyone thinks he is.


| Everything in its Right Place |


Jovana is a single mother from the working class. On her birthday she wants nothing more than to spend some time with her daughter Sara. But then Sara invites her father to join them, and Jovana's plans for a nice day are ruined.


| The Road of the Weather |

Between the mountains of Xunhua lies the beautiful Mengda Tianchil, a magical lake only accessible to those willing to cross a long and difficult path. Salar people know it well. They move back and forth to the lake all day with the help of their mules and horses. On their way, they come across other people, who they help find the way. In the end, the beautiful scenery is always worth the struggles to get there.


| Deliveries |

Selected for festivals in Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Uruguay, Tanzania, and Austria, Deliveries follows Chia, a man working as a food courier in Tallinn, away from his family and his home country. At the same time as he learns his mother’s illness is rapidly deteriorating back at home, he develops a strange connection with a deceased recipient.