List of Previous ECHOES (non-competitive) Selection

FEST 2023

Between me and you by Ilina Perianova (BGR)
The strawberry tree by Guillermo García-Ramos (ESP)
Chomp It! by Mark Chua & Li Shuen Lam (SGP)
Goodbye Words by Laura Rantanen (FIN)
All-inclusive by Duván Duque Vargas (COL)
That Divine Cadaver by Leonhard Hofmann (DEU)
Not Today by Yağmur Mısırlıoğlu (TUR)
See you tomorrow by Kevin Biele (DEU)
A Sós Ouve-se Melhor by Leonardo Miranda (PRT)
Rites by Damián Vondrášek (CZE)
Everybody leaves in the End by Simon Schneckenburger (DEU)
Only the Forgotten is New by Mona Schier (DEU, NLD)
hell is empty, all the devils are here by ÖzgürCan Uzunyaşa (TUR)
Hair by Samaneh Yadollahi (IRN)
The Absent Subject by Riccardo Pittaluga (ITA)
Gaby's Hills by Zoé Pelchat (CAN)
Foxy Girls by Maja Penčič (SVN/CZE)
H I D E by Margrét Seema Takyar (ISL)
Leave, thus love me by Sofía Muñoz (ESP)
re-record by Kyrylo Zemlyanyi (UKR)
Sweet Survival by Katharina Gerlich & Luna Herruzo (AUT)
The Fading by Rafaël Beauchamp (CAN)
O by María Monreal Otano (ESP)
Still breathing? by Emma Birkø (DNK)
Victoria by Karolina Porcari (POL)
ANA by Romana Candráková (SVK)
ARE YOU OK? by Natalka Vorozhbit (UKR)
Lady in Black by Gana Comagic (MNE)
Mystic Tiger by Marc Martínez Jordán (ESP)
L'impianto umano by Andrea Sbarbaro (ITA)
U.N. Slap Commission by Valentin Burkhardt & Stephan Kämpf (DEU)
Peace Off! by Stefan Mandachi (ROU)
Pro Pool by Alec Pronovost (CAN)
The Best Short Film of All Time by Alexander Peskador (AUT)
Cold Girl by David Sainz (ESP)
Cinquemarzo by Stefano Malchiodi (ITA)
Le Second Tour by Maxime Cappello (FRA)
Affricate by Anna Gyimesi (HUN)
Onán by Diego Toussaint Ortiz (MEX)
À LA VIE À L'AMOR by Emilie Mannering (CAN)
5 More Minutes by Alberto Niculae (ROU)
Paris, Tumba by Matti Johansson (SWE)
Snow in September by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (FRA)
Liguster by Jonas Paul Benjamin Nemela (DEU)
Sugar People by Suzana Dinevski (MKD)
Blond Night by Gabrielle Demers (CAN)
Shall we love you? by Haruna Tanaka (JPN)
E6-D7 by Eno Swinnen (BEL)
My Identity by Vojtěch Petřina (CZE)
Phase 9 by Souliman Schelfout (FRA)
Simo by Aziz Zoromba (CAN)
The Analogy of Space by Oleksandr Hoisan (UKR)

FEST 2022

I MATTER by Alina Serban (ROU)
Dystopia by Thanos Angelis (CYP)
Mothers by Birutė Kapustinskaitė (LTU)
Titan by Valéry Carnoy (BEL)
North Pole by Marija Apcevska (MKD)
Souls All Unaccompanied by Yorgos Teltzidis (GRC)
Sylvain's Hunt by Theo Cohn (USA)
My First Apocalypse by LoTA Gandra (PRT)
Pressure Drop by Andreas Elsener (CHE)
Inherent by Nicolai G.H. Johansen (DNK)
The Embrace by Gabriel Motta (HUN)
Kraken by Lucie Rico & Pauline Dalifard (FRA)
THEM by Óscar Romero Barrero & Néstor López Ferreira (ESP)
Aska by Clara Milo (CAN)
Adrift by David Sanz Lanero (ESP)
In The Soil by Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen (DNK)
Such Small Hands by Maria Martinez Bayona (ESP/GBR)
First Last Summer by Nastasja Gonera (POL)
Wimmelbook by Ali Gill (GBR)
Litoral Oeste, 9 by Susana Ramalho Marques (PRT)
When I Killed The Cat by Mansour Forouzesh (PRT/HUN)
La nostra terra by Thomas Born (ITA/NLD)
NAKAM by Andreas Kessler (DEU)
To cut a tree on a green moon by Felipe Esparza (PER)
Rivolta e malinconia by Mattia Biondi (ITA)
Sem Filmes by Várius Directors (PRT)
BJ: The Life and Times of Bosco and Jojo by Sergio Bonacci Lapalma (HKG)


FEST 2021

Becoming Animal by Ieva Šakalytė (LTU)
Da Janela Vejo o Mundo by Ana Catarina Lugarini (BRA)
Branka by Ákos K. Kovács (HUN)
Howling by Laura Van Haecke (BEL)
Stroke by Tobias Klemeyer Smith (NOR)
Perpetual Child by Stephanie Sant (MLT)
The Last Bee by Léa Triboulet (FRA)
Stephanie by Leonardo van Dijl (BEL)
Lips & Tips by Christian Koch (DEU)
Eggshells by Slava Doytcheva (BGR)
The First Few Moments of The First of January by Eneos Çarka (HUN)
The Call by Marios Psaras (CYP)
O Tapete Mágico by Henrique Prudêncio (PRT)
Vis-a-Vis by Émile V. Schlesser (LUX)
Aygol by Dimitris Argyriou (RUS)
Flicker by Nathan Fagan & Luke Daly (IRL)   
A Rainha by Lúcia Pires (PRT)
Capitães de Açucar by Ricardo Leite (PRT)
Brussels-Beirut by Thibaut Wohlfahrt & Samir Youssef (BEL)
Places by Vytaustas Katkus (LTU)
Moço by Bernardo Lopes (PRT)
A Trip to Heaven by Linh Duong (VNM)
A Simple F*cking Gesture by Jesse Shamata (CAN)
Drills by Sarah Friedland (USA)

Earlier selections will be added soon.