ECHOES - Comedy

24th of June

7:00 pm 

Auditorium Casino Espinho

Lady in Black
| Gana Comagic | MNE | 13'

A conflicted funeral director enthusiastically tackles a large influx of customers during a new pandemic, along with the scrutiny of his career and fatherhood.


Mystic Tiger | Marc Martínez Jordán | ESP | 16'

After suffering a mysterious accident, a man acquires the ability to transgress time/space. However, the unbridled use of this gift will inevitably lead him to discover the true reason behind his power.


L'impianto umano | Andrea Sbarbaro | ITA | 11'

An eccentric TV host surrounded by an incompetent crew, tells the crazy story of how four lonely tenants, left without electricity on the 15th of August, created the invention of the century.


U.N. Slap Commission | Valentin Burkhardt, Stephan Kämpf | DEU | 20'

A positive conspiracy theory about the UNs greatest secret. When diplomacy fails, the UN Slap Commission comes in. Their duty: Keeping politicians in check – by delivering a hard slap in the face.This mockumentary follows slap bureaucrat Joschka Grimm and his colleagues as they offer first-time insights into the art of slapping and the science behind it. We will witness how they slap world leaders like Trump, Merkel and Obama and change the course of history – one slap at a time.


Peace Off! | Stefan Mandachi | ROU | 15'

A few simple steps to achieve the inner peace.


Pro Pool | Alec Pronovost | CAN | 8'

Freshly graduated from his bachelor's degree in history and civilization, Charles-Olivier struggles to find a job in his field and must fall back on accepting a position as a clerk in a pool shop. Feeling down, he navigates his new profession as best he can.


The Best Short Film of All Time | Alexander Peskador | AUT | 11'

Film festival director Evelyn Bichlinger has only a few hours left until the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, the short film jury has disappeared without a trace, without telling anyone which short film will receive an award. An adventurous search begins!


Cold Girl | David Sainz | ESP | 4'

The lonely janitor of a vacation apartment complex finds the body of a girl floating in the pool.