ECHOES - Tales of Womamanhood #2

24th of June

2:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

Sweet Survival
| Katharina Gerlich, Luna Herruzo | AUT | 14'

On a cold afternoon in a dystopian future, a group of women go about their daily business at an abandoned compound when a hungry young man tries to rob them. They quickly overpower him and to his surprise invite him to join them for dinner. As they sit together at the kitchen table it slowly dawns on the loner that these women are not just after his company.


The Fading | Rafaël Beauchamp | CAN | 16'

In the heart of a foggy and rural Quebec winter, Luce, a grieving mother faced with the disappearance of her son, is taken aback when three local hunters track down the alleged killer, a seemingly harmless young man. When it is proposed to her to take revenge on the latter, the spirit of the masses slowly takes possession of her tragedy as the group sinks into the forest. Les battues blurs the line between victim and persecutor in a dreamlike and anxiety-inducing thriller.


O | María Monreal Otano | ESP | 24'

María de la O is a recently widowed woman with a pica disorder that makes her ingest raw, unpitted olives compulsively. After taking charge of her husband´s affairs in the countryside, she´ll hurry to complete the olive harvest. When a group of former laborers reject working with her, she will be forced to hire an unusual bunch.


Still breathing? | Emma Birkø | DNK | 18'

Anna’s life has stagnated. While having a casual relationship with her ex-boyfriend she is working as an intern at a public school. Nothing seems to make sense, and when Anna finds out she is pregnant she has to make a choice. Because is it morally justifiable to bring new life into a world on fire?


Victoria | Karolina Porcari | POL | 28'

Amelia, an attractive middle-aged woman, has been married to an enthusiast of medieval battle reconstructions. Their relationship is slowly slipping into routine, and Amelia’s sexual needs remain unfulfilled. The 50-year-old is not even aware of what those needs are. A lifetime of her silenced desires will slowly start awakening when she finds a mysterious package on her doorstep.


ANA | Romana Candráková | SVK | 7'

A story abstractly describing the struggle of a young girl with an eating disorder. Drowning in remorse, fragments of her past are revealed, which is intertwined with a struggle with obsessive control, helplessness and fear. The fear of the continuation of this cycle is justified because the disease takes a little bit of Ana herself with each denied bite.


ARE YOU OK? | Natalka Vorozhbit | UKR | 5'

A post-trauma experience of a young woman and her daughter who were forced to leave Ukraine for Europe after the Russian invasion.