ECHOES - Post Millenium Tension

23rd of June

7:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

E6-D7 | Eno Swinnen | BEL | 16'

“E6-D7” is a science fiction drama about a lonely machine who finds a kind of love in his advanced android successor. Can he handle loving someone who makes him obsolete?


My Identity | Vojtěch Petřina | CZE | 17'

My question in this film is: Is it possible to recieve a part of someones soul with a new kidney? And if so, is it possible to transplant the soul into the machine? Visually, the film tells the story of the transformation of silica sand into a microchip to the machines that make the machines.


Phase 9 | Souliman Schelfout | FRA | 25'

Pietro struggles at online poker so much that he gives in to the worst idea. He installs an artificial intelligence supposed to make him unbeatable.


Simo | Aziz Zoromba | CAN | 22'

The usual rivalries and jealousies that exist between the two teenage brothers Simo and Emad take a dangerous turn that may seriously impact the future of their family.


The analogy of space | Oleksandr Hoisan | UKR | 12'

Due to long-term observation of the NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) the player witnesses certain documentary events that take place in different parts of the in-game world. However, these events are permeated by common cross-cutting themes: excessive cruelty and human indifference. To some extent the constant movement (which also accompanies the player-observer throughout the in-game space) is the only salvation from arbitrariness on the streets but not always.