ECHOES - Where did all the love go #1

22nd of June

4:30 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

Cinquemarzo | Stefano Malchiodi | ITA | 15'

A boy looks at images of a story from his past, the story of an interrupted love. “Cinquemarzo” is the journey into the memories, moments, sounds and sensations of someone who has lost something and no longer knows how to go back or how to go forward.


Le Second Tour | Maxime Cappello | FRA | 26'

21 April 2002, Jean-Marie Le Pen is in the second round of the presidential election.France is in shock.Enzo, 14, is happy: although he is the son of an Italian immigrant, he will be able to spend a week with Emilie, the hottest girl in school.Week with Emilie, the hottest girl in school.Together they will distribute FN leaflets.Unfortunately, even for love, it is not always easy to betray your own.


Affricate | Anna Gyimesi | HUN | 26'

A single mother’s adventure by the seaside leads her to recognise her unnecessary martyrdom for her disabled teenage daughter.


Onán | Diego Toussaint Ortiz | MEX | 8'

Tamara, a young nun, finds herself tempted to betray everything she's ever believed in when a vibrator magically appears at her doorstep. Now, she will unconsciously subject her faith in God to a confrontation with a worthy opponent: The urge to have her first orgasm.


À LA VIE À L'AMOR | Emilie Mannering | CAN | 15'

Following a hard break up, Cesar feels nothing. On the day of his 30th birthday, he asks one thing and one thing only, from the people he meets: their testimonial on unconditional love in front of his camera. Throughout his interviews the young artist tries to understand a question that haunts him: how to love?


5 More Minutes | Alberto Niculae | ROU | 13'

A young man with commitment issues gets trapped in a rollercoaster of peculiar events during the first night he sleeps with his girlfriend.