ECHOES - Fast Forward #02

25th of June

3:00 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

Not Today
| Yağmur Mısırlıoğlu | TUR | 14'

Only at the beginning of her thirties, Meryem makes a living by babysitting for a middle-class family, while also taking care of her own children and her mother with Alzheimer’s. Getting treated like a member of the family by the household she works for leads Meryem to an illusion of belonging which is further supported by the self-help books she discovered through them. Following those new teachings that influences her and the lifestyle she partakes in, Meryem decides to reset her priorities in life, but chooses the worst day possible to take action.


See you tomorrow | Kevin Biele | DEU | 20'

Nick and Michi are inseparable friends. As they roam the streets and meadows of their neighborhood every day, they take in their surroundings, talk about school and memories, and keep silent. But when Michi surprises Nick with unexpected news, they try to suppress it in their own way.


A Sós Ouve-se Melhor | Leonardo Miranda | PRT | 16'

An experimental look at silence, filmed images, and shared solitude, focusing on a range of figures, from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra to the Laurel & Hardy, to two men looking at the river.


Rites | Damián Vondrášek | CZE | 16'

A boy with a cleft lip has one afternoon to pass the initiation ritual to a street gang.


Everybody leaves in the End | Simon Schneckenburger | DEU | 26'

Freja lives in a youth detention centre. Her little brother lives with a foster family. Her mother is gone. To reunite her family, Freja would do anything. She desperately wants to lead her loved ones out of the dark by taking them back home to the northern lights. But everybody has to let go someday.


Only the Forgotten is New | Mona Schier | DEU/NLD | 21'

80 years after experiencing the second world war, witnessing violent events from a very close range, and suffering the violence of his Nazi father at home in Germany, Klaus is now ready to confront his dead father through a written letter about trauma, abuse, and horrifying experiences that shaped the rest of his life.