ECHOES - Tales of Womamanhood #01

21st of June

4:30 pm 

Spatium - Multimeios Espinho

hell is empty, all the devils are here | Özgürcan Uzunyaşa | TUR | 18'

Aspiring actress Gülşah is preparing for the auditions of an acting school. She also volunteers for a theatre and one day she is sexually assaulted by famous actor Levent, who is also a jury member for the audition she is preparing. Daily reality and the reality of the theatre world flow into each other and Gülşah has to fight against several patriarchs in order to fulfill her dreams.


Hair| Samaneh Yadollahi | IRN | 15'

An old woman in Iran is losing her hair due to her age. But her husband doesn't let her go to the kitchen because her hairs fall inside the food. This movie is about the old woman trying to go inside her own kitchen. (It's a movie metaphorically about hijab and the problems women in Iran have because of their hair, whether the hair is on their head or inside their food.)


The Absent Subject | Riccardo Pittaluga | ITA | 10'

Or men who love too much. What is wrong with most campaigns against violence against women? Why does the depiction of wounded, vulnerable women, the showing of bruises and tears, completely misses the target of those who would like to raise awareness on this issue? What is the great absentee in these denunciations?


Gaby's Hills | Zoé Pelchat | CAN | 21'

Thirteen-year-old Gaby arrives in the Magdalen Islands to spend the summer with her father, as she does every year. She is thrilled to find the sea she loves so much, the childhood friends, the winding hills on the horizon, and the warm joy of her dad's home. But this time something is different: she hit puberty, and her life will never be the same.


Foxy Girls | Maja Penčič | SVN/CZE | 13'

A frank reportage about womanhood, love and youth. Taboo topics that are a daily part of all women's lives, through the authentic confessions of four friends.


H I D E | Margrét Seema Takyar | ISL | 15'

Sigurbjörg Káradóttir is overwhelmed with news about rising statistics of domestic abuse. She decides one evening to put an offer out on social media: "If you find yourself in need I can come." When she receives a message the next day that says: Can you come now? With an address attached. She decides to comply.


Leave, thus love me | Sofía Muñoz | ESP | 9'

Juana prepares a paella as she does every Sunday surrounded by her family. The news of her husband Pepe’s retirement turns one more celebration into a heavy burden.


re-record | Kyrylo Zemlyanyi | UKR | 7'

A family celebrates the birthday of their son. After a warm birthday greeting, their usual feast takes place.