List of Previous SPECIAL SCREENINGS (non-competitive) selection

FEST 2023

War Pony by Gina Gammell & Riley Keough (USA/GBR)
Metronom by Alexandru Belc (ROU/FRA)

FEST 2022

FESTival Village - Hiroshima mon amour by Alan Resnais (FRA)
FESTival Village - Action by Benoît Monney (CHE)
FESTival Village - LEAVE TO REMAIN by Rémy Bazerque (GBR) 
FESTival Village - Lou's Neighbour by Victoria Lafaurie & Hector Albouker (FRA)  
FESTival Village - CENSOR OF DREAMS by Leo Berne & Raphaël Rodriguez (FRA) 
FESTival Village - Have a Nice day Forever by Tatiana Delaunay (NOR)
FESTival Village - SHARK by Nash Edgerton (AUS)  
FESTival Village - An Irish Goodbye by Tom Berkley & Ross White (IRL)
FESTival Village - Autotune by Tania Gotesman (FRA) 
FESTival Village - Parking Lot by Jorė Janavičiūtė  (LTU)
FESTival Village - It's better this way :) by Diego Saniz (ESP)
FESTival Village - Radio Silence by Kerren Lumer-Klabbers (DNK)
FESTival Village - I don't even know what i'm doing here by Marco Barada (ESP)
FESTival Village - Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders (DEU/FRA/GBR)
FESTival Village - Undine by Christian Petzold (DEU/FRA) 
FESTival Village - Paloma by Hugo Bardin (FRA)  
FESTival Village - A point by Aurélie Marpeaux  (FRA)   
FESTival Village - Pompier by Yulia Aronova (FRA)
FESTival Village - Matriochkas by Bérangère McNeese (FRA/BEL)
FESTival Village - Avec la langue by Clémence Pogu (FRA) 

Opening ceremony - Lullaby by Alauda Ruiz De Azúa (ESP)
Closing ceremony - Sundown by Michel Franco (FRA/MEX/CHE)

FEST 2021

Special screenings - The Divide by Catherini Corsini (FRA)
Special screenings - The Sacred Spirit by Chema Garcia Ibarra (ESP)

FEST 2020

Drive-in midnight - The Incredible Shrinking Wknd by Jon Mikel Caballero (ESP)
Drive-in midnight - The Corpse of Anna Fritz by Hèctor Hernández Vicens (ESP)
Drive-in midnight - Revenge by Coralie Fargeat (FRA/BEL)
Drive-in midnight - Souls of Totality by Richard Raymond (GBR/USA)
Drive-in midnight - The Strange House in the Mist by Guilherme Daniel (PRT) 
Drive-in midnight - Attachment by Kasia Babicz (POL)
Drive-in midnight - Offbeat by Myrte Ouwerkerk (NLD)
Drive-in midnight - What If All Colours Were Blue? by Hannah Elbke (DNK)
Drive-in midnight - Limbo by Daniel Viqueira (ESP)
Drive-in midnight - HEN by Janna Kemperman (IRL)
Drive-in midnight - Them by Robin Lochmann (DEU)
Drive-in midnight - Bottleneck by Måns Berthas (SWE)
Drive-in midnight - Mata by Fábio Rebelo (PRT)
Drive-in midnight - Nausea by Thomas Webber (BRA)   
Drive-in midnight - Into The Night by Sergiu Zorger (ROU)
Drive-in midnight - The Travelers by Davi Mello (BRA) 

Special screenings - Babyteeth by Shannon Murphy (AUS) 
Special screenings - Games People Play by Jenni Toivoniemi (FIN)

Fast forward - Later Aphrodites by Demeter Stavropoulos (GRC)
Fast forward - Ricochets by Jakub Radej (POL)
Fast forward - Pink Pool by Milda Baginskaitė (GBR)
Fast forward - Deadbeat by Tarek Roehlinger (DEU)
Fast forward - My First Love by Beata Rappe (DNK)
Fast forward - The Fourfold by Alisi Telengut (CAN)
Fast forward - Thunder from the Sea by Yotam Ben-David (FRA) 
Fast forward - Zorbas in Verona by Dimitris Argyriou & Asteris Koutoulas (GRC)
Fast forward - Fairy fever by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu (ROU)
Fast forward - Salon by Zgjim Terziqi (KOS)

Portuguese new wave - Mistérios Negros by Pedro Lino (PRT) 
Portuguese new wave - Cenas de uma vida amorosa by Miguel Afonso (PRT) 
Portuguese new wave - Os Inúteis by Rui Esperança (PRT)
Portuguese new wave - Häuschen - a herança by Paulo A. M. Oliveira & Pedro Martins (PRT)
Portuguese new wave - Past Perfect by Jorge Jácome (PRT)
Portuguese new wave - Invisível Herói by Cristèle Alves Meira  (PRT) 
Portuguese new wave - Destiny Deluxe by Diogo Baldaia (PRT)
Portuguese new wave - WHERE THE SUMMER GOES (CHAPTERS ON YOUTH) by David Vicente (PRT)     
Portuguese new wave - Poder Fantasma by Afonso Mota (PRT)

Drive-in comedy - Force Majeure by Ruben Östlund (SWE, FRA, NOR, DNK)
Drive-in comedy - The Death of Stalin by Armando Iannucci (GBR/FRA/BEL/CAN/USA)
Drive-in comedy - Woman at War by Benedikt Erlingsson  (ISL/FRA/UKR)
Drive-in comedy - Goodbye Barbara by Mariel García Spooner (PAN) 
Drive-in comedy - Homemade by Zulma Rouge (FRA)
Drive-in comedy - I'll End Up in Jail by Alexandre Dostie (CAN)
Drive-in comedy - Idols Never Die by Jerome Yoo (CAN)
Drive-in comedy  - In the name of the strawberry, the chocolate and the holy spirit by Karla Lulic (HRV)
Drive-in comedy - Jackpot by Cristian Casado & Dennis Gleiss (ESP)
Drive-in comedy - Night Shift by David Dybeck (DEU)
Drive-in comedy - No Filter by Manu Montejo (ESP)
Drive-in comedy  - Ramen by Rubén Seca (ESP)
Drive-in comedy  -  Spandex - a tight story about masculinity by Michael Kunov (DNK) 
Drive-in comedy  - The Plunge by Simon Ryninks (GBR)
Drive-in comedy  - The Bris Of Michael Moshe Solomon by Coral Amiga (GBR)

FEST 2019

Special Screenings - The Days to Come by Carlos Marqués-Marcet (ESP)
Special Screenings - Her Smell by Alex Ross Perry (USA)
Special Screenings - Happening by Jamie Redford (USA)
Special Screenings - José e Pilar by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes (PRT) 
Special Screenings - A Rapariga Da Mão Morta by Alberto Seixas Santos (PRT)
Special Screenings - A Rapariga No Espelho by Pedro Fortes (PRT)
Special Screenings - Lugar Em Parte Nenhuma by Bárbara de Oliveira & João Rodrigues (PRT)
Special Screenings - Europa 2007 by Pedro Caldas (PRT) 
Special Screenings - A Primeira Noite by Ricardo de Almeida (PRT)
Special Screenings - La Belle Noise by William Brown (GBR) 

Lost in the Metaverse - Dynamic Earth by Mike Bruno (USA)
Lost in the Metaverse - Explore by Maciej Ligowski (POL)

FEST 2018

Special Screenings - MOBILE HOMES by Vladimir de Fontenay (CAN/FRA)
Special Screenings - Club europa by Franziska Hoenisch (DEU)
Special Screenings - Dotcom by Luis Galvão Teles (PRT) 
Special Screenings - Dementia 13 by Francis Ford Coppolla (USA/IRL)

Lost in the Metaverse - Space Opera by Matteo Gagliani (ITA)
Lost in the Metaverse  - Selecção Natural by Robin Sip (NLD)
Lost in the Metaverse  - Terra Dinâmica by Tom Lucas & Mike Bruno (USA)

Beach Cinema - Junior Pro Espinho Highlights Day 1 by Espinho Surf Destination (PRT)
Beach Cinema - Blue Road by Alena Ehrenbold (GBR)

Beach Cinema - Junior Pro Espinho Highlights Day 2 by Espinho Surf Destination (PRT) 
Beach Cinema - Le Phare by Quentin A., Damien C., Alan F., Daurélia G., Laura G., Ola I. (FRA)
Beach Cinema - Fight on a swedish beach by Simon Vahlne (SWE)
Beach Cinema - Fish Story by Charlie Lyne (GBR)
Beach Cinema - Somersault Pike by Kate Lefoe (AUS)

Beach Cinema - Junior Pro Espinho Highlights Day 3 by Espinho Surf Destination (PRT)
Beach Cinema - Deep Blue\Middle C by Bryan Little (ZAF)

Beach Cinema - Junior Pro Espinho Highlights Day 4 by Espinho Surf Destination (PRT)
Beach Cinema - Sailor's Delight by Louise A., Eloise G., Marine M., Jonas R., Loucas R., Amandine T. (FRA)
Beach Cinema - Beach Week by DAVID RABOY (USA)
Beach Cinema - Obvious by Alma W. Bär (BEL)
Beach Cinema - Coherence by Miguel De (PRT)

Beach Cinema - Longboard Pro Espinho Highlights Day 1 by Espinho Surf Destination (PRT)
Beach Cinema - Brujas by Miles Joris Peyrafitte (USA)
Beach Cinema - Pestana by David Helmut (DEU)
Beach Cinema - Or Bleu by Nicolas C., Amandine C., Eva F., Haunui M., Baptiste M., Thomas R. (FRA)        

Beach Cinema - Longboard Pro Espinho Highlights Day 2 by Espinho Surf Destination (PRT) 
Beach Cinema - WILDEBEEST by Nicolas Keppens & Matthias Phlips (BEL)
Beach Cinema - The Deep Ones by Guillaume Chevalier (FRA)
Beach Cinema - Beach Scene by Gonçalo Ribeiro (PRT) 

FEST 2017

Special Screenings - A Mãe é que Sabe by Nuno Rocha (PRT)
Special Screenings - Tom of Finland by Dome Karukoski (SWE/FIN)
Special Screenings - The One Eyed King by Marc Crehuet (ESP)
Special Screenings - Um Refúgio Azul by João Lourenço (PRT)
Special Screenings - Ivan by Bernardo Lopes (PRT)
Special Screenings - O Autor by Rui Neto (PRT)
Special Screenings - 78.4 Rádio Plutão by Tiago Amorim (PRT)
Special Screenings - Balada de um Batráquio by Leonor Teles (PRT)
Special Screenings - Ascensão by Pedro Peralta (PRT)
Special Screenings - Susana by João Eça (PRT)   
Special Screenings - Maria Sem Pecado by Mário Macedo (PRT)
Special Screenings - Zombie4kids by Pedro Santasmarinas (PRT)
Special Screenings - Unwanted Desires by Aleksandra Szmida (POL)
Special Screenings - Flowers and Bottoms by Christos Massalas (GRC)

FEST Surf - THE MAN & THE SEA by Andrew Kaineder (AUS)
FEST Surf - Las Olas by Joel Sharpe (AUS)
FEST Surf - Women and the Waves 2 by Heather Hudson (USA)
FEST Surf - The Fisherman's Surf by Chris Malloy (USA)

FILMES Autocarro - Trabalho Maria Liz by Maria Liz        
FILMES Autocarro - Ajuda-nos                 
FILMES Autocarro - Festeja a terra não a destruas by Daniel Caldas 
FILMES Autocarro - Festejas a terra                     
FILMES Autocarro - Ecrã Verde

FEST 2016

Fest Social - Borda D'Água by João Viegas e Miguel Canaverde (PRT)
Fest Social - É de Espinho Viva! by Ricardo Leite (PRT)
Fest Social - Terra by Pedro Lino (PRT)
Fest Social - Beyond Marão by José M. Fernandes (PRT)

Opening Ceremony - Tangerine by Sean Baker (USA)
Closing Ceremony - New World by E. Benkowska, M. Wawrzecki and L. Ostalski. (POL)

FEST 2015

FEST Sound - This is the Unfinished Story of the Missing Leech by Vicenç Ferreres (ESP)
FEST Sound - Europe in 8 Bits by Javier Polo Gandía (ESP)
FEST Sound-  MUDAR DE VIDA, José Mário Branco, Vida e Obra by Nelson Guerreiro & Pedro Fidalgo (PRT)
FEST Sound - Congo beat the drum by Ariel Tagar (ISR)
FEST Sound - B fachada (PRT)

Closing Ceremony - Bottle rocket by Wes Anderson (USA)

FEST 2014

Borderline - Intro Borderline
Borderline - Flights of a feather
Borderline - Visible from the Street
Borderline - O passo que falta
Borderline - Femmes de Ménage
Borderline - In transit
Borderline-  Dia 98.6

FEST Social -  ERRANCE by Éléonore Goldberg (CAN)
FEST Social -  Três Semanas em Dezembro by Laura Gonçalves  (PRT)
FEST Social - An Elephant on a Swing by Maximilien Rivolet (FRA)
FEST Social - TiBiAQ by Henrike Rothe   

FEST 2013

FEST Sound - HOW TO ACT BAD by Dima Dubson (USA)
FEST Sound - THE GHOST OF PIRAMIDA by Andreas Koefoed (DNK)
FEST Sound - EL REY by Stefan Lechner (AUT/ PRT)

Opening Ceremony - Emperor by Peter Webber (USA)
Closing Ceremony - RACING DAYLIGHT by Nicole Quinn (USA)

Earlier selections will be added soon.