The Divide

Opening Session

Catherini Corsini

Two women on the verge of a breakup, in a hospital, are further stressed on the night of a big demonstration by the overwhelmed staff and by angry, injured protestors who land up besieging the building. This is the setting for one of the year’s most provocative films.

In an age where the Covid 19 pandemic clarified the importance of our national health systems and a strong and solid social cohesion among citizens, Catherine Corsini’s latest venture is a daring and stunning work that reflects the meltdown of the French social, health and political system. With the turbulence of the Gilet Jeunes protests outside and French hospitals on the verge of collapse, the author poses many pertinent and provocative questions, always with a healthy and satirical dose of humour.

“The Divide” was one of the most talked about films competing at this year’s Cannes Official Competition, and was the eventual winner of the coveted Queer Palm Award. 


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