List of Previous BE KIND REWIND (non-competitive) Selection

FEST 2023

Madeinusa by Claudia Llosa (PER/ESP)
La teta assustada by Claudia Llosa (ESP/PER)
Aloft by Claudia Llosa (ESP/CAN/FRA)
Fever Dream by Claudia Llosa (PER/CHL/ESP/USA)
Loxoro by Claudia Llosa (ESP)

FEST 2022

Homeward by Nariman Aliev (UKR)
Blindfold by Taras Dron (UKR)
Stop-Zemlya by Kateryna Hornostay (UKR) 
Atlantis by Valentyn Vasianovych (UKR)                  
My Thoughts Are Silent by Antonio Lukich (UKR)
Dad’s Sneakers by Olga Zhurba (UKR)
Leopolis night by Nikon Romanchenko (UKR)
Two people by Vladyslav Vitriv (UKR)
The Secret, the Girl and the Boy by Oksana Kazymіna (UKR)
In Our Synagogue by Ivan Orlenko (UKR)

FEST 2021

Endless Night by Isabel Coixet (ESP/FRA/BGR)
Bookshop by Isabel Coixet (GBR/ ESP/ DEU/ FRA)
Learning to Drive by Isabel Coixet (BGR/ USA)
My Life Without Me by Isabel Coixet (ESP/CAN)
Secret Life of Words by Isabel Coixet (ESP/IRL)
Elisa Y Marcela by Isabel Coixet (ESP)
Elegy by Isabel Coixet (USA)
No es tan fría Siberia by Isabel Coixet (ESP)
Yesterday Never Ends by Isabel Coixet (ESP)

FEST 2020

Deerskin by Quentin Dupieux (FRA)
Reality by Quentin Dupieux (FRA/BEL/USA)

FEST 2019

Pale Blue Dot by Pourya Ezzati Pour (DEU)
Eu Queria Ser Arrebatada, Amordaçada e, nas minhas costas, Tatuada by Andy Malafaia (BRA)
Voyeur by Pedro Florêncio (PRT)
Manoman by Simon Cartwright (GBR)
Papá Wrestling by Fernando Alle (PRT)
Blind Audition by Andreas Kessler (DEU)
Pussy by Renata Gasiorowska (POL)
Silence by Dejan Mrkic (GBR/AUS)
The Treehouse by Juan Sebastián Quebrada (COL)
The Last Virgin by Bàrbara Farre (ESP)
Playfellows by Ábel Visky (HUN)
March 9th by Irena Skoric (HRV)
Ready to Assemble by Astrid Thorvaldsen & Erik Paulsen (NOR)
Snake by Titas Laucius (LTU)
Herman the German by Michael Binz (DEU)
Larp by Kordian Kadziela (POL)
Cracks by Koen van Sande (BEL)
Cavy World Cup by Maria Philips (NLD)
SOG by Jonatan Schwenk (DEU)
A cat's consciousness by Andrea Guizar (MEX/POL)
Apocalypse by Justyna Mytnik (POL)
Lux by Bernardo Lopes & Inês Malveiro (PRT)
Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-pong Room and My Girlfriend by Bernhard Wenger (AUT)
The Beep Test by Maxime Aubert (CAN)
Amor by Isabel Lamberti (NLD)
To all my friends by Behrouz Bigdeli (DNK)
#YA by Ygor Gama & Florencia Rovlich (ARG/CHL/DEU)
Dust by Jakub Radej (POL)
Homeland by Sam Peeters (BEL)
9 days – From my window in Aleppo by Floor Meulen, Issa Touma, Thomas Vroege (NLD/SYR)
The Meadow by Jela Hasler (CHE)
Conection by Horizoe Garcia Miranda (CUB)
Adeus à Carne by Julia Anquier (BRA)
Quarto para alugar by Enock Carvalho & Matheus Farias (BRA)
Palhaços by Pedro Crispim (PRT)
A Instalação do Medo by Ricardo Leite (PRT)
The Giant by David Raboy (USA)
Crannog by Isa Rao (GBR)
Work In Progress by Cristina Grosan (HUN)
Zero by David Macián (ESP)
After Party by Pedro Santasmarinas (PRT)
Family Unit by Titas Laucius (LTU)
Fascinatrix by Justyna Mytnik (POL)
Guy proposes to his girlfriend on a mountain by Bernhard Wenger (AUT)
Self by Pourya E. Pour (DEU)

FEST 2018

Soul's Protest by Kim Chun-Song (PRK)
Hong Kil Dong by Kil-in Kim, Sang-ok Shin (PRK)
Centre Forward by Pak Chang Song, Kim Kil In (PRK)

FEST 2017

Caina by Stefano Amatucci (ITA)
Long Live Stefaan by Kwok Kuen Chow (BEL)
Dreams on Sale by Vlad Buzaianu (ROU)
Batmobile by Deyan Bararev (BGR)
Zero Sun by Jimmy Hay (GBR)
WE by David Tomlin (GBR)
Heading South by David Eilander (NLD)
The Author by Rui Neto (PRT)
Magnétisme Animal by Ksenia Ratushnaya (RUS)
Domesticated Wolf by Elad Joseph, Primo (ISR)
Crazylove by Guillaume Laurin (CAN)
Salt by Diego Freitas (BRA)   
Bon Appetit by Erenik Beqiri  (ALB)
Daughter of the Bride by Tamar Rudoy (ISR)
LOVE by Boya Harizanova (BGR)
Time for Tea by Bob Yang (BRA)
Elegy by Alba Tejero (ESP)
A Little Help by Daniel Halsall (NLD)
Genek by Raushaniya Rakhimov (RUS)
Bird by Charlotte Lybaert (BEL)
Motown by Alex Wu (AUS)
Ana is Coming Back by Ruxandra Ghitescu (ROU)
Rest in Peace by Måns Berthas (SWE)

FEST 2016

Saturday Night Chills by Ian Loreños (PHL)
Monica by Dimitris Argyriou (GRC/DEU)
Wolfs' Skin by Louise de Greof (BEL)
Long distance by Yotam Ben-David (ISR/FRA)
A Tristeza Durará para Sempre by José Pedro Lopes (PRT)
237 years by Ioana Mischie (ROU)

FEST 2015

David Holzman's Dairy (USA)
The American Dreame (USA)

FEST 2014

VOLCANO by Rúnar Rúnarsson (ISL)
Classe (EST)
Cargo (AUT)
BALCONY BOY by Pilar Palomero (ESP)
AFRO by Ninja Thyberg (SWE)
LAVAN by Guilhad Emilio Schenker (ISR)
DOWN HERE by Diogo Costa Amarante (PRT/USA)
ORDER by Sing J Lee (GBR)
UNITED WE STAND by Alejandro Pedregal (FIN)
The Giant by David Raboy (USA)
To all my friends by Behrouz Bigdeli (DNK)
Hypocrates by Joana Costa (PRT)

FEST 2013

Snowcanon by Mati Diop (FRA)
La Playa by Elisa Capedal (ESP)
Are You Feeling Lonely by Rosario Montero (PRI)
Mother Father Child by Ninja Thyberg (SWE)
Farewell by Irena Skoric (CRO)
The Boy And The Officer by Monica Sender (USA)
Guimp by Kate Shenton (GBR)
The House of Peace by Petra Georgieva (BGR)
Las Meninas by Eva Maria Cools (BEL)
The Bed by Petra Georgieva (BGR)
Christmas is Dead by Alissa Swimmer (DEU)
De Puta Madre by Eva Maria Cools (BEL)
You Kill Me by Monica Sender (USA)
On Tender Hooks by Kate Shenton (GBR)
March 9th by Irena Skoric (CRO)
Tula Leemes by Alissa Swimmer (DEU)
MIDNIGHT SON by Adam Davenport (USA)
PATCH Christopher by Romero (USA)
DEAR LEMON LIMA by Suzi Yoonessi (USA)
NO SHOULDER by Suzi Yoonessi (USA)

Earlier selections will be added soon.