Be Kind Rewind - Fever Dream + Loxoro

25th of June

10:00 pm 

Auditorium Centro Multimeios

Fever Dream | Claudia Llosa | PER, CHL, ESP, USA | 93'

A young woman lies in pain, while a boy is questioning her about what happened to her; she is not his mother nor he her son. Together they will unravel a haunting story of broken souls, toxins, looming environmental and spiritual catastrophes, and the ties that bind a parent to a child.


Loxoro | Claudia Llosa | ESP | 20'

In Lima, Makuti, a middle-aged single mother is desperately searching for her nineteen-year-old daughter Mía who left home to work on the streets. Makuti and her daughter are no ordinary women: they are transsexuals and their language is known as Loxoro.