FESTinha Sub16



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in Portuguese



Spotless | Emma Branderhorst | NLD | 15'

Spotless tells the story of 15 year old Ruby, who lives in a small flat with her mother and her younger sister. Her mother works overtime to make ends meet and Ruby feels responsible for her sister. When Ruby realizes she is having her period, she notices they are out of period products. She doesn’t want to bother her mother with asking for them, because she is aware of their money problems. To make sure she doesn’t trouble anyone with her problem, she tries to solve it herself.





Fruits and Vegetables | Maciej Jankowsk | POL | 26'

Obese boy Wojtek is not only lacking self-confidence, but is also ashamed of his mother Dorothy, who is in charge of a run-down grocery store. One day, in order to make her change, Wojtek rebels against his mom.





Lupita From Now On | Miguel Guindos | ESP | 12'

Lupita has to go to the dance battle, and that's why Estrella has signed her up. Although she's afraid to go, she dances so incredibly well. She has to be seen by everybody, Estrella thinks. Besides, Huo, that chinese dancer that Lupita adores, is coming today to the battle. They are going to face each other, for sure. And Lupita is going to prove them all that she's no longer afraid to show herself dancing.





Bug | Abel Bos | BEL | 15'

On the outskirts of the city, two youngsters discover the power of the camera. BOBBY (14), a cheeky city girl allows SAM (12), a frail boy who's passionate about film, to follow her with his camera for a day. In order to make his film more spectacular, Sam starts to add storylines, conflicts, characters and voice-overs. Reality and imagination intertwine until Sam can't tell the difference anymore.





Flight to earth | Ignacio Rodó | ESP | 6'

In the 23rd century the Earth has been uninhabitable for generations. Now children of the colonies must take a mandatory flight to visit the planet and commemorate the past.





Amy & May | Catherina Iosifidis | NLD | 10'

The friendship between two best friends is tested when they meet two French boys at a cave party.