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Tubarão Atómico | Francisco Lopes | PRT | 1'

A new shark has emerged. Has science finally gone too far? 





To The Stars | Gemma McGivern | IRL | 2'

'To The Stars' is the story of real life heroine Dr Norah Patten, who aims to be the first Irish person in space. Inspired by Norah’s journey, our eleven-year-old narrator takes us on a voyage through the astronaut in training’s life as she pursues her dreams and shoots for the stars. 




Spoon | Arthur Chays | FRA | 3'

To escape from everyday life, it's very simple: you need a ladder and a spoon.





Life expectancy | L. Pfeiffer, S. Desert, M. Liquard, E. Durand, O. Radola, M. Poulet, C. Estrade, Q. Wallaert | FRA | 7'

Living in a cramped apartment, a young couple is looking for a charming house to improve their daily lives. The ideal solution appears to be the house of Colette, an old lady in fragile health. It's a Viager sale, meaning that in exchange for a monthly annuity, they will obtain the house upon her death. But is Colette as fragile as she looks?





Cliché | S. Chefai, M. Clerc, C. Crusot, M. Rodriguez, M. Linotte, P. A. Seris | FRA | 5'

A guy with a very commun life becomes the witness of murder. To survive he will go through a lot of adventures that gather clichés from cinema.





Modo De Vida - A Goan Sketchbook | Rohit Karandadi | IND | 4'

A quaint Goan life hides underneath its touristy facade. A Goa of sleepy balcaos, pushy fish-mongers and of pilot bikes flitting on boiling afternoons; of the blend of traditions and a penchant for slow life. The animated sketchbook film explores this erstwhile Portuguese colony.





Viqueens | P. Christol, A. Guichard, M. Herrera, M. Leroux, C. Patois, P. Pretre, L. Pyra, C. Simoné | FRA | 4'

After their husbands’ defeat, a group of viking women decides to fight the Scottish ennemis to provide for the need of the clan.





My Name is Fear | Eliza Płocieniak-Alvarez | DEU | 5'

The charming emotion "Fear" that lives in your head wants to give an interview. Maybe you can become friends! Or is there a reason to be afraid of being afraid?





Merry Big Mess | S. Gosselin, A. Bohin, T. Ballan, A. Emond, H. Joron, A. Morle, A. Tomasi, C. V.  Gout | FRA | 6'

On christmas night, Santa claus makes his round as usual. But this night, he has to face an unusual household ; one that does not seem to be waiting for any gifts.





Bibi | J. Carlo, C. Charbonneau, Y. Festaud, N. Fimbel, E. Gérin, S. Prévert, J. Rodriguez | FRA | 5'

During a tournament for Viking warriors, the Chef of the Candy Clan, Ulrik, prepares Bibi, 8 y.o.
Under the eye of the Champion Arfur, the challenges come one after another. For each difficulty, Bibi eats a lollipop and the arena transforms as candy. She uses it to win the challenges.
Furious, Arfur steals Ulrik’s candy bag before the duel. Ulrik tries to step in, but in vain, Arfur destroys the candies in front of Bibi. She grabs a piece then faces him.
He kills her.





The Projectionist | B. Benedetti, M. Busnel, Q. Destais, P. Lanson, H. Sauvageot, M. Zweideck | FRA | 7'

In 1930, Suzanne, a 7 year old girl, has the gift of projecting her memories through her eyes. Helped by her grandfather Lucien, she tries to master her gift.





Creep it secret | N. Cauchois, M. Chaillot, G. Francfort, F. Jiaming, J. Lebastard, F. Plu, N. Rocher | FRA | 6'

Two twins go to a party on Halloween to offer their host a cake, but they unwillingly get carried away into the party.





Hold Up | A. Bauer, E. Juge, L. Tedeschi, L. Costa, F. Lanzalotta, P. Phelizon, L. Thomas, A. L. Darcis | FRA | 6'

Determined to hit the road for their vacation, two gangster brothers engage in a state-of-the-art holdup unaware that their opponent, a bitter gas station salesman, will be harder to take down than anticipated.