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The Future of Film — A FEST PRO Online Conference

FEST presents “THE FUTURE OF FILM”, an online conference dedicated to the immediate future of film production, which will take place between 19th – 23rd of July, attendance is free of charge.

Adaptation and change have been the name of the game for film these last couple of years – from the rise of streamers to the pandemic, both have forced producers, distributors and theaters to reinvent themselves and their business model to keep up with the times.

In the meantime, as old ways are on the verge of dying out, a number of new technologies have risen to the forefront – some are already expanding to the mainstream, such as Virtual Production technologies; others are still honing their potential applications for cinema, like Blockchain technology.

On this basis, FEST’s “THE FUTURE OF FILM” online conference proposes to shine a light on these systemic changes that are happening to the cinema industry.

They will happen throughout 4 days, divided into two categories:


  1. The “FUTURE” conferences will be held 19th and 20th of July, and will cover topics such as “The future of theatrical and independent cinema”, “Artificial Intelligence in Film”, “Virtual Production” and “Blockchain technology”. Some of the confirmed speakers are EPIC GAMES Virtual Production Producer Jamie Mossahebi, Variety reporter Martin Dale, and the founders of FILMCHAIN.

  2. The “PRESENT” conferences will take place, between the 22nd and 23rd of July. They will relate to more immediate topics, like the New Creative Europe Programme 2021–2027, and the collapse of the distribution windows and their effect on theaters. Some of the confirmed speakers are Jon Croker, "Paddington 2" screenwriter, film editor Melody London, ("Mystery Train", "Down by Law"), and Nuno Fonseca, from the Portuguese Film Institute (ICA).


You can find out more about the conferences, and the registration process, here.

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