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Winners of the 19th edition of the FEST New Directors New Films Festival in the film category.

With the conclusion of the 19th edition of FEST, all the winners of the festival’s various competitions have been revealed.

In the Silver and Golden Lynx competitions, in the fiction category, the jury panel consisted of the author Mónica Santos, Georg Georgi and the director Tiago Guedes.

In the documentary category, FEST asked journalist and director Luisa Marinho, Rita Capucho and professor of Sociology and Cultural Processes Vittorio Ieverse to judge the films. 

Luisa, Rita e Vittorio were also part of the jury of the National Grand Prix.

Paulo Peralta, the director, actor and composer Lucas Elliot Eberl and the producer, director and writer Lucy Brown were tasked to judge the films of the student film competition, NEXXT, and the animation and experimental categories of the Silver Lynx Competition.

The winners of the competitions Silver Lynx and Golden Lynx will be screened this Monday, June 26th, in the Auditorium of Centro Multimeios de Espinho.

Golden Lynx – Fiction: "Tótem" - Lila Avilés
Honorable Mention - "When it melts" - Veerle Baetens

Golden Lynx - Documentary: "Paradise" - Alexander Abaturov
Menção Honrosa -  "Man Caves" - Céline Pernet 

Silver Lynx – Fiction: "Heat Spell" - Marie-Pier Dupuis
Honorable Mention – "Live" - Mara Tamkovich

Silver Lynx - Documentary: "Hardly Working" - Total Refusal
Honorable Mention - "Squid Fleet" - Ed Ou, Will N. Miller
Honorable Mention - "Dilemma of modern sex simulation" - Charlotte Bevilacqua

Silver Lynx – Animation: "Searching Heleny" - Esther Vital
Honorable Mention - "Swallow Flying to the South" - Mochi Lin
Honorable Mention - "This will not be a festival film" - Julia Orlik 

Silver Lynx – Experimental: "True Bug" - Tuisku Lehto
Honorable Mention - "Follicular images" - Ludivine Large-Bessette
Honorable Mention - "Rotterdam, Don't Leave Us" - Guido FG Jeurissen 

National Grand Prix: "Monte Clérigo" - Luis Campos
Honorable Mention - "Cura #1" - Joana Peralta
Honorable Mention - "Aplauso" - Guilherme Daniel

NEXXT – Academic Competition: "The kidnapping of the bride" - Sophia Mocorrea 
Honorable Mention – "Final forever" - Tess Quatri
Honorable Mention –  "Graveyard" - Ali Daraee

FESTinha #Sub10: Swing to the Moon: "Swing to the Moon" - Marie BORDESSOULE, Adriana BOUISSIE, Nadine DE BOER, Elisa DRIQUE, Chloé LAUZU, Vincent LEVRERO, Solenne MOREAU
FESTinha #Sub12:  "A Cookie's Adventure" - AMICONE Jérémie, BLEUSEZ Alexis, BORZAN Iléana, LECOMTE Myriam, LEMASÇON Margot, RIVERA Zoé, TERSIGNI Romain, TRIPONNEY Camille 
FESTinha #Sub16: "Last Chance" - Eszter Angyalosy, Dániel Szőke

Audience Award
Golden Lynx - "Crows are white" - Ahsen Nadeem
Silver Lynx - "Will you look at me?" - Shuli Huang