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Why attend FEST?

FEST is a new generation of festivals, featuring film screenings, music concerts & showcases, Conference sessions, projects in development competitions, TV showcases, Awards ceremonies, and much more.

FEST PRO section is a leading platform for filmmakers to network, enhance their film knowledge and develop new projects, as well as personally interact with the world’s leading film industry professionals. The event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that gives participants a fast track to the film industry and creates meaningful connections with like-minded peers from all over the world.

Our FEST PRO activities are the go-to place for professionals that are looking for business opportunities and who wish to enhance their knowledge and networking.

We organise a 6-day lineup featuring:
Film Program: more than 200 film screenings;
TG: more than 30 masterclasses and workshops by the top film industry professionals;
Industry Meetings: one-on-one meetings between attending industry professionals;
Directors’ Hub: case studies and roundtables focusing on the director’s role;
Sound and Music Hub: training activities focusing solely on Sound and Music for Film;
Pitching Forum: film project competition with development support and co-production opportunities;
Filmmakers’ Corner: an open stage for professionals to showcase and promote their work;
Networking Dinners: informal gathering around the dinner table with an ocean sunset view;
Music Walk With Me: it’s a festival within the festival, 6 days with concerts, showcases and DJ performances, always with a strong connection with the cinema world.

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Meet filmmakers from all over the world

From rising stars to Oscar winners, more than 800 filmmakers, film professionals and students from over 45 countries gather at FEST to establish connections with our Speed Meetings, Networking Dinners and Filmmakers Corner. With a no VIP section policy, FEST encourages a networking environment amongst peers. Every participant is granted the unique opportunity to initiate a conversation and receive feedback from some of the most important names in the film scene.


Make your own agenda

FEST includes experts who present masterclasses on topics that cover a wide variety of subjects, from film directing to producing, scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, sound design, acting and much more. Each participant can feel free to compose their individual program tailored to their interests and priorities.


Present your work to the festival audience

A stage to showcase and promote your work: book a slot at Filmmakers Corner for a special presentation; screen your film or even organize a small reception with some wine and snacks. Filmmakers can showcase their work in any way that fits their goals - whether those are feedback, promotion, or seeking collaborations.


Earn support for your project with Pitching Forum

This is a unique opportunity for filmmakers to develop and pitch their latest projects to top industry producers, distributors, fund managers, and investors. Through the past ten editions, we've had over 250 projects being pitched.


Taste the Portuguese Gastronomy at Networking Dinners

This is a unique opportunity to gather around the dinner table with filmmakers, industry experts, partners and the FEST team for a delicious meal of Portuguese food & wine. Set in the ocean-front landmark of Piscina Solário Atlântico, with an incredible sunset view, connect and engage in a meaningful conversation with some of the biggest names in the world of filmmaking, in a laidback and friendly atmosphere.


Meet other creators

Music Walk With Me is a festival within a festival, with Concerts, Showcases, and DJs. During 6 days we will present a unique program, with all-night-long filmic and musical entertainment, as well as networking opportunities. The musical program is unique due to its cinematic identity, presenting artists who connect to the two arts, film and music. The showcases will present music creators who are looking for collaborations in the film industry, either by looking for music video directors, making their music available to filmmakers, or other possibilities.


Meet Espinho, a City by the Sea

Alongside its quaint charm, you will be hosted by a beautiful seaside town, with beautiful beaches. With a coastline of 8 km, Espinho is one of the best surfing spots in Europe, but you will also find quiet spots to relax and sunbathe. For an energy refill, you can enjoy freshly caught fish and seafood in one of the many restaurants along the beach.

Espinho is affordable. Freshly brewed coffee costs as little as 60 cents in most places and for around one Euro you can enjoy a freshly baked fluffy Portuguese croissant. A good lunch or dinner, including freshly grilled fish with rice or potatoes, a drink, and dessert is easy to find for under €10. As for drinks, beer costs as little as €1.

Don’t waste more time and get your badge. We guarantee an unforgettable week.