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Week #1 - We bring film to you

This past week, to honor the spirit of solidarity and offer our support to everyone quarantining at home, FEST started a campaign on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram) where we will be sharing film suggestions, bringing film to you.

Here were our suggestions for the past week, so you can watch and re-watch as many times as you wish:


Monday - The Committee

The first short-film we present to you is “The Committee”, a 14-minute short-film, by Jenni Toivoniemi and Gunhild Enger, that competed in FEST back in 2018, in our theme section of Flavours of the World, honoring Sweden that year.

This comedy investigates the nature of compromises, and mirrors political processes that often have great ambitions, but end up with little to show.

So you can see and enjoy it, just follow the link:


Tuesday - State of emergency 

A movie about a society in fear. It is the story of two soldiers in the everyday life of Paris guarding an official building. An abandoned bag, curious passants, and a crazy tramp move the situation into its climax. The lines between normality and real danger disappear.

“State of Emergency” is a work by Tarek Roehlinger that competed at FEST in 2017 and it seems real to us now more than ever.

Watch it here:


Wednesday - Mayday Relay

A German sailing boat on the Mediterranean picks up a distress call. Max and his daughter Emily relay the mayday call and set course for the ship in distress, but as they learn more about the situation, it presents them with a tough dilemma. A chamber play on the open sea.

This German short fiction film, directed by Florian Tscharf, competed at FEST back in 2016.

So make sure you watch it at:


Thursday - Wolf 

From Brasil we present to you “Wolf”, a work by Thiago Busse that will occupy 23 well-spent minutes of your day. The film competed in FEST back in 2016.

A Portuguese visual artist, actor, musician and poet raised in Brazil decides to "flee" from society. He decides to live as a hermit among the woods upon a tree for one year without any human contact in this island paradise on the Brazilian shore.

Don’t forget to watch it:


Friday - The Sound of Unexpected Death

"The Sound of Unexpected Death" comes from Denmark, as a multi-awarded work directed by Alexander Sagmo, having competed in FEST in 2019.

It is a completely normal night, full of petty fights and everyday happenings – until it isn’t. Six seemingly innocuous scenarios serve as the prelude to a horrific, unexpected terror. Within the same short span of time, we peek into the lives of various individuals. 

A thriller that you will not want to lose!

Watch it here at: