New Directors | New Films
The image of the 20th edition of FEST has been released!

As the 20th edition of FEST - New Directors | New Film Festival approaches, we are proud to unveil the festival's new official image, marking a significant milestone in its history. With FEST celebrating its 20th anniversary, this edition promises to be the most special yet.

The official identity for this year's festival was crafted by graphic designer Ricardo Riscas. In an informal interview with FEST, the designer shared insights into his creative process, revealing that he aimed not only to capture the essence of FEST but also to imbue the design with his personal artistic vision.

"After a creative process that lasted some time, I managed to achieve something that not only represents what FEST is but also what represents me as a graphic designer," Riscas explained. He further elaborated on the narrative behind the design, highlighting the importance of honoring the individuals whose creativity and dedication have shaped FEST over the past two decades.

Discussing his approach to the project, Riscas revealed his initial experimentation with various creative elements before settling on paints and textures to create a distinct visual pattern. The resulting dynamic poster, characterized by its textures and shapes, serves as a testament to both Riscas' artistry and the human aspect of FEST.

In conclusion, the new official image for the 20th edition of FEST embodies the festival's spirit of creativity and community. It pays homage to the individuals who have contributed to FEST's success year after year, both behind the scenes and as enthusiastic participants.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as FEST gears up to celebrate its 20th anniversary in style!

Join us at FEST between the 24th of June and the 1st of July, in Espinho!