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Oficial Selection FEST 2020 - Silver Lynx and National Grand Prix

The films competing for the Silver Lynx and the National Grand Prix are revealed today, with 70 shirt-films coming to your screens!

The fiction, the documentary, the animation, and the non-narrative experimental cinema are back to take over the international short film competition of FEST.

To highlight the Portugal premieres, the multi-awarded Postcards From The End of The World, Virago, Excess Will Save Us, and Acid Rain, films that promise to stir up a lot of debate in this year’s edition.

Konstantinos Antonopoulos was far from imagining that his short about the apocalypse would be described as current or familiar. Postcards From The End of The World won the award for Best Comedy at the Aspen Festival at the beginning of the pandemic and, since then, has been attracting the attention and praise of spectators from all over the world. The short film, that will premiere at FEST tells the story of a couple that is on vacation in a greek island with their children when the human civilization collapses.

Based on a true story and shot in rural areas in Estonia, Virago, from Kirli Kirch Schneider, crosses reality with myth, taking us through the history of a village where none of the men can make it past the 40-year barrier.

In the limit between humor and tragedy, we also find Excess Will Save Us, a documentary from Morgane Dziurla-Petit about Villereau, her small hometown that, one day, was the target of a terrorist attack. A tragicomedy about the paranoia and judgment we do to each other.

Acid Rain, by Tomek Popakul, is unarguably one of the most discussed short films of 2019. Premiered online during a very limited time frame, this animated fiction gives us a very particular vision into the rave culture. With the retina wide open, the spectator is invited to follow the protagonist’s journey to nowhere, in one of the most distinctive coming-of-age stories in the last few months

In the list of selected films, we also highlight The Golden Buttons, a look into the militarization of young Russians, premiered at this year’s Vision du Réel; La Laguna Negra, a journey through the Peruvian spirituality, premiered in Rotterdam; or The Vibrant Village, that accompanies the day-to-day life of men and women in a small Hungarian village, questioning our perception about the sex industry, premiered at the Sheffield Documentary Festival.

Portuguese cinema holds its spotlight position in FEST’s program with a series of works from new filmmakers in the national scene.

In the main competition dedicated to the Portuguese cinema, we highlight the return of António Sequeira, winner of last year’s NGP, with As Cartas da Minha Mãe; Miguel De with The Kiss; João Monteiro with Príncipe. Special note to a set of works that are also competing for the international competition, Erva Daninha from Guilherme Daniel, (In)dividual from Beatriz Bagulho, and When the Light Goes Out from Tânia Prates.

Committed to the support of the creation of opportunities for new directors, FEST holds once more the competition NEXXT, a section dedicated to the showcase of some of the best works produced in film schools from all over the planet, offering a rare chance to get to know the new trends in cinema worldwide. This year’s program includes works from prestigious schools like FAMU, Wien Film Akademie, DFFB, amongst others.





All Cats Are Grey in the Dark, Lasse Linder'
Ascona, Julius Dommer
Black Lagoon, Felipe Esparza
Excess Will Save Us, Morgane Dziurla-Petit
Howling, Parsa Bozorgani
Mensch Maschine or Putting Parts Together, Adina Camhy
Our Territory, Mathieu Volpe
Superheroes Without Superpower, Beatrice Baldacci
The Golden Buttons, Alex Evstigneev
The Vibrant Village, Weronika Jurkiewicz
Then Comes the Evening, Maja Novaković
Tony Fraginals, Ben Young
When the Light Goes Out, Tânia Prates

All the Fires the Fire, Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis
ANNA, Dekel Berenson
Awaiting Death, Lars Vega, Isabelle Björklund
Caranguejo Rei, Enock Carvalho, Matheus Farias
Diagonal, Anne Thorens 
Erva Daninha, Guilherme Daniel 
Feu Soleil, Aliha Thalien
Gusts of Wild Life, Jorge Cantos
Home Sweet Home, Agata Puszcz
Involuntary Activist, Mikael Bundsen
Lucia En El Limbo, Valentina Maurel
Marshmallows, Duván Duque
Nothing to See Here, Gabrielle Vigneault-Gendron
Postcards from the End of the World, Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Silent as Murderers, Lauri-Matti Parppei
Stay Awake, Be Ready, Pham Thien An
Sticker, Georgi M. Unkovski
The Rudeness of a German Lady, Silva Ćapin
Things Like, Kálmán Nagy
Unnamed, Chun-yu Chang, De-Gao Hong
Virago, Kerli Kirch Schneider

(In)dividual, Beatriz Bagulho
#21xoxo, Sine Özbilge, Imge Özbilge
Acid Rain, Tomek Popakul
Daughter, Daria Kashcheeva
Imbued Life, Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson
Intermission Expedition, Wiep Teeuwisse
Riviera, Jonas Schloesing
SH_T HAPPENS, Michaela Mihalyi, David Štumpf
Story, Jolanta Bankowska
Such a Beautiful Town, Marta Koch
The Coin, Siqi Song
Why Slugs Have no Legs, Aline Höchli

At the Entrance of the Night, Anton Bialas
Donut Paradise, Erdem Arslan
I Don‘t Exist Yet, Susanna Flock
I Will Go Backwards of Our Path, Mattia Biondi
Keygrip, Nasos Gatzoulis
Mary, Mary So Contrary, Nelson Yeo
Orbit, Tess Martin
Others, Grace Rex
Thanatos, Luiza Fagá
Vitiligo, Soraya Milla
WALD, Floortje Pols


(In)dividual, Beatriz Bagulho
A Mãe de Sangue, Vier Nev
Alvorada, Carolina Neves
Ara, Susana Ramalho Marques
As Cartas da Minha Mãe, António Sequeira
Banho Santo, Bruno Saraiva
Em Junho, Henrique Brazão
Erva Daninha, Guilherme Daniel
No, in my Room, Luís Azevedo
Os Monstros só Saem à Noite, João Pedro Ferreira
Príncipe, João Monteiro
Sofia, Filipe Ruffato, Gonçalo Viana
Um Retrato de Borboletas, Henrique Prudêncio
When The Light Goes Out, Tânia Prates