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Selection NEXXT and FESTinha 2020

On the final sprint of revealing our film program, we present today the selected films for NEXXT and FESTinha!

As has been the case, at NEXXT we discover film in its fresh form, where new creative voices live in a constant incubation. This is a section that shows, day in and day out, that talent has no age.

In this section, we highlight Favourites, which traces the steps of a girl in the search for her father. The film is from the Film Academy Vienna and was selected at the 72nd Festival of Cannes Film Festival. Highlight still for the film I Was Still There When You Left Me by Marie McCourt, that tells the tale of a girl, saved by neighbors from a small fire, and that seeks shelter among the chaos. This is a multi-awarded short film, from the Institut Des Arts de Diffusion that was selected for San Sebastian Film Festival.

FESTinha, the festival's sessions dedicated to our younger audience, and one of the rapidly growing sections of FEST, returns this year with great works, reinforcing the notion that any age is a good age to become a cinephile.

In the Under-10 subsection, we highlight o28 a film about a hallucinating trip onboard the 28 cable car in Lisbon, with a baby on board. The work has already an impressive film festival circuit, standing out in Festivals like Cartoon Club International Festival of Animation Cinema, Ufa Youth Short Film Festival, and at Neum Animated Film Festival.

For the Under-12 audience, we highlight Shoom's Odyssey the story of a baby owl that hatched when a storm destroys his house, and his nest falls. This work by Julien Bisaro produced by Picolo Pictures was at festivals like Annecy Festival, Festival of Animation Berlin, and ANIMAFEST Zagreb.

In our Under-16, the focus goes to My Father the Mover a work by Julia Jansch. The director, scriptwriter, and producer, that divides her life between New York and Cape Town, tells the story of "The Mover", which takes advantage of his electronic African dance skills to help children in the neighborhood. The film won the award for Best Short Documentary at Tribeca Film Festival.




No Harm Done, Raphael Dau
The Celluloid Woman
, Anantha Krishnan
A Brand New TV
, Nina Ognjanovic
As We Are
, Fruzsina Roszik
In Case of Fire (Em Caso de Fogo)
, Tomás Paula Marques
I See in the Dark
, Lana Bregar
Two Ends of A Bridge
, Muhammed Seyyid Yıldız
, Cloe Peker
, Tomás Maia Pinto
, Martin Monk
Interstate 8
, Anne Thieme
, Nikola Stojanovic
, Matilde Camacho, Filipa Fernandes
In Sanity: Sadness & Joy
, Francisco Dias
O Voo do Contrário
, Stephanie Rodrigues
, Adriano Palha
His Cannibal Granny
, Dessislava Nikolova-Besedin
La Mugre Berta Galvany
, Pau Bösch
I was still there when you left me
, Marie Mc Court
Sleeping Messenger
, Florinda Frisardi
Antonio Siddharth
, Govindan
November 1st
, Charlie Manton
, Marta Ribeiro
Xiao Xian
, Jiajie Yu Yan
, Damián Vondrášek
, Matisse Gonzalez
Ouro Sobre Azul
, Andreia Pereira da Silva
No Meio da Vida
, João Pedro Mateus
Not Olives
, Jayden Bailey
At Dawn
, Andrea Ruiz
Perrot's case
, Rony Tanios
, Louisiana Mees
, Henrique Guerreiro
Levanta-te e Caminha
, Soraia Antunes
What Really Goes Through Our Minds: The Times They Are A-Changin
, Gonçalo Nogueiro Neves, Valentina Caetano
Nocturnal Tale
, Gianluca Granocchia
Book of Hours
, Suzan Noesen
, María Cánovas
, Helena Oborska
, Inês Luís
, Margarida Roxo Neves, Tiago Gomes
The checklist
, Lucas Dutra
, Catarina Mendes
Fuck, It's Biology
, Veronica Andersson
, Ricardo M. Leite
Opera Glasses
, Mila Zhluktenko
, Louise Hansenne
deixa-me . ouvir-te
, Liliana Pereira
You Can Walk Down from There
, Kateřina Hroníková




Asteroid Season, Earthstar Smith
Butterfly, Noel Clarke
Tobi and the Turbobus, Verena Fels
The Kite, Martin Smatana
Apple Tree Man, Alla Vartanyan
Good Heart, Evgeniya Jirkova
Familiars, Oscar Langevin, Alexandre Aroul, Jonathan Lamie, Maxence Chotard, Adrien Corneille, Alexia Stocky
Blind Date, Camiel Schouwenaar
Cazando Gamusinos, Silvia Mañes Velasco
The Little Bang, Jihyeon Bae
I'm Pro, JHANG, Yun-Chih
Gunpowder, Romane Faure, Nathanael Perron, Lea Detrain, Benoit De Geyer D'Orth, Pei-Hsuan Lin, Anne-Lise Kubiak
o28, Otalia Causse, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran
Oeil pour Oeil, Thomas Boileau, Alan Guimont, Robin Courtoise, Mathieu Lecroq, Malcom Hunt, François Briantais
Maré, Joana Rosa Bragança
The Witch & the Baby, Evgenia Golubeva
The night fairytale, Maria Stepanova
The HealthMakers, Sara Juric
Onsen, Carlotta Bourdonnais, Thibaud Garrigos, Carla Gharbi, Bastien Hamidi, Linda Neang, Lucas Planchon
Pour une poignée de Caramels, Nghia Bui Trung, Clara Dulaut, Martin Fettuciari, Nikita Gavard Noyer, Bérenger Guilbault, Timothée Maron, Ugo Masutti
Avec le Do de la Cuillère, Laurent Wassouf, Clément Crosnier, Edgard Cros, Theoline Chapas, Nolwenn Pétereau, Nedellec Anouk, Lucas Ancel
Blanket, Marina Moshkova
Warm star, Anna Kuzina
Splyushka, Ruslan Sinkevich
Overboard!, Filip Pošivač, Barbora Valecká
The Last Day of Autumn, Marjolaine Perreten
Firmament, Adrien Fraysse, Anthony Feuillet, Johanne Baron, Laura Lévêque, Philip Gouillon, Thomas Delariviere
Polaris, Madalena Capucho



Alter Ego, Fanny Clause, Terence Farlot, Mateo Nicolas, Mahalia Ratabouil, Zoé Saumade, Paméla Theil
A lantern in the night, Fantine Chareyre, Victorien De Cozar, Clara Gacoin, Laura Javel, Emma Malric, Déborah Morali, Maxime Ponsart
Comme un Ours Hamid Ayad, Louis Radanne, Vianney Palierne, Maxime Lemane, Florian Petiteau
Behind the Beast Cédric Chauzy, Steve Dato, Linda Dussine, Christophe Labrousse, Thibaud Lafond, Fabrice Vecchini
Love is in the Hair Clorinde Fesentieu, Jonathan Beaudry, Jordan Francfort, Mathias Borie, Manon Fournié, Isaure Thouvenot
À Deriva, Miguel Henriques, Catarina Abrantes
Sea Shepherd, Débora Mendes
Florian, Keshav Abrol, Lucas Londoño-Clayton, Pavel Loparev, Alicia Velasco
Mister Monster, Guo Site
My Little Boys - Couch, Jack Shih
Shooom's Odyssey, Julien Bisaro



400 MPH, Paul-Eugene Dannaud, Julia Chaix, Lorraine Desserre, Alice Lefort, Natacha Pianeti, Quentin Tireloque
O Véu de Amani, Renata Diniz
En Route, Marit Weerheijm
The Hedgehog's Dilemma, Francesca Scalisi
The Music Video, Camille Poirier
The summer and all the rest, Sven Bresser
Disrepute, Stephane Mounkassa, Stefan Sundin
My Father the Mover, Julia Jansch
Whales don't swim, Matthieu Ruyssen