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Echoes disclosures movies for 2023 selection!

In 2023 the Ecos section will bring a spotlight at some key themes of our age. We have a series of Short Film programs on the impact of technology; the odd nature of love in the XXIst century; a series of tales on womanhood; as well as a screening focused on new comedy and a look at new work by filmmakers selected in the past.   



"Between me and you" Ilina Perianova
"The strawberry tree" - Guillermo García-Ramos;
"Chomp It!" - Mark Chua, Li Shuen Lam
"Goodbye Words" - Laura Rantanen
"All-inclusive" - Duván Duque Vargas
"That Divine Cadaver" - Leonhard Hofmann


"Not Today" - Yağmur Mısırlıoğlu
"See you tomorrow" - Kevin Biele
"A Sós Ouve-se Melhor" - Leonardo Miranda
"Rites" - Damián Vondrášek
"Everybody leaves in the End" - Simon Schneckenburger
"Only the Forgotten is New" - Mona Schier

#3 Tales of Womanhood

"hell is empty, all the devils are here" - Özgürcan Uzunyaşa
"Hair" - Samaneh Yadollahi
"The Absent Subject" - Riccardo Pittaluga
"Gaby's Hills" - Zoé Pelchat
"Foxy Girls" - Maja Penčič
"H I D E" - Margrét Seema Takyar
"Leave, thus love me" - Sofía Muñoz
"re-record" - Kyrylo Zemlyanyi

#4 Tales of Womanhood

"Sweet Survival" - Katharina Gerlich, Luna Herruzo
"The Fading" - Rafaël Beauchamp
"O" - María Monreal Otano
"Still breathing?" - Emma Birkø
"Victoria" - Karolina Porcari
"ANA" - Romana Candráková
"ARE YOU OK?" - Natalka Vorozhbit


"Lady in Black" - Gana Comagic
"Mystic Tiger" - Marc Martínez Jordán
"L'impianto umano" - Andrea Sbarbaro
"U.N. Slap Commission" - Valentin Burkhardt, Stephan Kämpf
"Peace Off!" - Stefan Mandachi
"Pro" - Pool Alec Pronovost
"The Best Short Film of All Time" - Alexander Peskador
"Cold Girl" - David Sainz

#6 Where did all the love go?

"Cinquemarzo" - Stefano Malchiodi
"Le Second Tour" - Maxime Cappello
"Affricate" - Anna Gyimesi
"Onán" - Diego Toussaint Ortiz
"À LA VIE À L'AMOR" - Emilie Mannering
"5 More Minutes" - Alberto Niculae

#7 Where did all the love go?

"Paris, Tumba" - Matti Johansson
"Snow in September" - Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir
"Liguster" - Jonas Paul Benjamin Nemela
"Sugar People" - Suzana Dinevski
"Blond Night" - Gabrielle Demers
"Shall we love you?" - Haruna Tanaka

#8 Post Millenium Tension - Visions of a technology driven new world

"E6-D7" - Eno Swinnen
"My Identity" - Vojtěch Petřina
"Phase 9" - Souliman Schelfout
"Simo" - Aziz Zoromba
"the analogy of space" - Oleksandr Hoisan