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First films confirmed for FEST 2020

FEST starts to unravel today its Film Program for the 2020 edition.

A series of programs focused on genre and comedy cinema in a drive-in format and a highlight in the cinematography of Quentin Dupieux and Aik Karapetian are the first big news.

Largely known for his musical career as Mr.Oizo (a fundamental french touch name), Quentin Dupieux has become, through his role as a filmmaker, a singular voice in French cinema.

Dupieux is nowadays a highly regarded filmmaker, with a series of surreal comedies and one of a kind characters. Using as his fundamental weapon, dark humor, his filmography opens up space where the absurd meets a unique aesthetics, resulting in a truly original experience and an essential one, that is quickly becoming a film genre on its own.

This year, the Be Kind Rewind section will be shedding a light on the filmmakers' works, with the screening of Reality, a story about an actor the incessantly looks for the latest and truest trend in the history of cinema, and his most recent work, Deerskin. 

In this 2020 edition, the Flavours of The World section will turn it's attention to one of the most unknown countries in the European film scene: Latvia. Although it presents a long tradition regarding the silver screen, Latvian cinema has not yet been able to capture as much interest and devotion as other Baltic countries. A shifting fact, as a new generation of filmmakers, arise and threatens to become a serious case of success. Heading the list featured Latvian directors is Aik Karapetian, whose mix between social realism and genre cinema has proven to be irresistible for the international film festival circuit. FEST will be screening his first feature film People Out There, and what is considered to be his masterpiece to this day, Man With the Orange Jacket. This series dedicated to new Latvian cinema will also be showcasing recent works from emerging artists such as Signe Birkova, Kristiāna Šuksta, and Kārlis Vītols.

The big news of this year's edition is the drive-in cinema in Espinho. Divided between comedy and genre cinema, in the humorous field we highlight Force Majeure, by the multi-award-winning Swedish filmmaker Ruben Ostlund, and Woman at War, from Icelandic Benedict Erlingsoon.

But there is more! If you are a terror affectionate, embrace yourselves for our Midnight Screenings, with highlight to the national debut of Increadably Shrinking Weekend by Jon Mikel Caballero and also the notable Revenge, by Coralie Fargeat.

Besides the feature films, two sessions screening short-films will also take place, with highlight to the multi-award-winning Souls of Totality by Richard Raymond and A Estranha Casa da Bruma by Portuguese filmmaker Guilherme Daniel.




Feature Films
Force Majeure, Ruben Östlund
Revenge, Coralie Fargeat
The Corpse of Anna Fritz, Hèctor Hernández Vicens
The Incredible Shrinking Wknd, Jon Mikel Caballero
Woman at War, Benedikt Erlingsson

Short Films
Attachment, Kasia Babicz
A Estranha Casa na Bruma, Guilherme Daniel
Bottleneck, Måns Berthas
Goodbye Barbara, Mariel García Spooner
HEN, Janna Kemperman
Homemade, Zulma Rouge
I'll End Up in Jail, Alexandre Dostie
Idols Never Die, Jerome Yoo
Into The Night, Sergiu Zorger
Jackpot, Cristian Casado, Dennis Gleiss
Limbo, Daniel Viqueira
Mata, Fábio Rebelo
Nausea, Thomas Webber
Night Shift, David Dybeck
No Filter, Manu Montejo
Offbeat, Myrte Ouwerkerk
Ramen, Rubén Seca
Souls of Totality, Richard Raymond
Spandex - a tight story about masculinity, Michael Kunov
The Bris Of Michael Moshe Solomon, Coral Amiga
The Plunge, Simon Ryninks
The Travelers, Davi Mello
Them, Robin Lochmann

Feature Films
People Out There, Aik Karapetian
The Man in the Orange Jacket, Aik Karapetian

Short Films
Discreet, Žulijennuhums Amadu Kuļibaļi
Enlightenment, Kristiāna Šuksta
He Was Called Chaos Bērziņš, Signe Birkova
Still Life, Anna Ansone
The End, Kārlis Vītols

Deerskin, Quentin Dupieux
Reality, Quentin Dupieux