Manuel Alberto Claro

Film Industry Role: Director Of Photography

Nationality: Chilean-Danish

Major Works: Melancholia (2011) and The House That Jack Built (2018) 

Major Awards and Nominations: Nominee for the Golden Frog Award at Camerimage for Melancholia (2011) and winner of the Carlo di Palma Award for Melancholia at the European Film Awards (2011)

Manuel Alberto Claro is a Chilean-Danish Director of Photography and an indisputable industry name.

Born on the April 3rd, 1970 in Santiago de Chile, his family moved to Copenhagen when Manuel was only 7. Originally starting out his professional life as a photographer, but feeling this was not his deep passion, Manuel Alberto Claro decided to enroll in the National Film School of Denmark in 1997.

Strongly influenced by the Danish ‘Dogma 95’ movement, Claro rapidly found his voice and his way in the industry. The second feature film he worked on was Reconstruction (2003) from director Christoffer Boe, that went on to win the Camera d’Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2003. In 2012, Claro was pointed out as one of the “10 Cinematographers to Watch” by Variety Magazine.

Manuel Alberto Claro is known for his long-term collaboration with director Lars Von Trier, and for being the director’s go-to cinematographer. Having worked with Von Trier in almost all his major film since the 2011 psychological drama Melancholia the pair’s collaboration resists to the day, with Claro having worked on the director’s Ninfomaníaca - Part I (2013) and Ninfomaníaca - Vol. 2 (2013) and, most recently on The House That Jack Built (2018). His career credits include 10 awards and more than 30 nominations, over an eleven year period.

Finding time in his busy schedule, the DOP also works on pop music videos for various artists and commercials for companies like IKEA, Nokia, and Volkswagen. He is a member of the Danish Society of Cinematographers.