Depending on personal and professional interests, it is possible to choose between various types of FEST Badges.

Tailor your personal experience at the festival by selecting the type of badge that gives you access to the activities that best suit your profile:



The Festival Accreditations will be available for purchase online until the 16th of June 2023, between the following date:


Early Bird Discount — 23rd of January to 1sf of March

Regular Fee — 2nd of March to 9th of June

Late Fee — 10th of June to 16th of June


Below, you can check the prices of each badge:

Regular Fee:  30 EUR

Regular Fee: 35 EUR

Regular Fee: 60 EUR


Early Bird: 70 EUR

Regular Fee:  100 EUR

Late Fee: 120 EUR

Early Bird: 100 EUR

Regular Fee: 130 EUR

Late Fee: 150 EUR



1. The participant must fill out the form with the required information.

2. If you want to book a stay at one of our FEST Partners Accommodations or get Networking Dinners entrance, you should select these options in the form. Remember that both options have additional costs.

3. Upon making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase. If you book accommodation or Networking Dinners, you will receive a separate confirmation email regarding each purchase.


If you choose FEST PRO, you will be required to complete the form with a proof of your current professional activity. It can be done by using one of the following examples: a professional website; a company website where your name appears as a member of the team; an up-to-date CV and/or filmography; intention or recommendation letter or another supporting document ( if none of the above are applicable).




If you have a FilmFreeway account, you can also acquire your accreditation through the platform.


Terms and conditions

Before purchasing your accreditation, we recommend that you check our Terms and Conditions.