Sustainability in Film with Dörte Schneider

09 OCT // 10h00 // Auditorium

Industry Role: Assistant Director & Certified Green Consultant

Major Works: Alice (2005) and São Jorge (2016)

Dorte Schneider’s masterclass will focus on the process of greenshooting and sustainability in film, in all the stages of production. From as early as the scriptwriting process all the way through to post-production, a lot of adjustments can be made. Using resources in a more efficient and conscient can even bring financial savings. The attendees will also receive an introduction to climate literacy.



Dörte Schneider is of German origin, but has been living in Portugal for over 2 decades.

With 20 years of experience as an assistant director in films and tv commercials, Dörte discovered that she could combine her passion for film with her environmental concerns. This is how she decided to become a Green Consultant. At the end of 2020 she obtained the Green Consultant certificate at the German “Hochschule der Medien” (HdM Stuttgart), and since then she has been committed to making productions in Portugal greener. To achieve this goal, Dörte believes that educating and raising people's awareness of this issue are fundamental. Dörte is probably the first person in Portugal fully dedicating herself to sustainability in the film industry.

She is an active member of Filmmakers for Future and of the German green consultant association (BVGCD), besides being an ambassador for The Pact and Green The Bid.