Marian Sanchez Carniglia

Film Industry Role: Pitching and Storytelling Instructor

Nationality: Argentinian

Audiovisual producer, pitching and storytelling instructor. Having trained in Los Angeles with the biggest pitching masters, Marian had the opportunity to work with studios like FOX, Warner Bros, Sony, and Universal. When she returned to Buenos Aires, Marian was incorporated as a content manager at Resonant TV, responsible for the Latin-American and European market.

Since 2014, she has gone back to teaching and she lectures seminars regarding pitching and storytelling. She is an international consultant for Israel, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Spain, for producers and major networks.

After expanding her educational specter regarding entrepreneurship, cultural and career management by implementing advanced storytelling techniques, Marian started to take her method to Europe, giving workshops in Portugal and Spain. She is a recurrent guest at the Vigo Film Comission, Uruguay's ECU, Paraguay's OPRAP, and at the festivals, Festivais de Cinema Fantástico, in Porto and Brussels

Marian was also called upon to be a part of the faculty board at Good Pitch, sponsored by the Sundance Institute, BRITDOC, and TEDx Rio de la Plata.