Guillermo García-Ramos

Film Industry Role: Director & Scriptwriter

Nationality: Spanish

Major Works: From Kuleshov to Berlanga (2004) and Tukki. The environmental footprint (2010) 

Major Awards and Nominations: Best Documentary at Pamplona Film Festival for Tukki. The environmental footprint (2010) 

After studying Law at Complutense University, Guillermo decided to devote myself to my real vocation, film making. He started by studying script in his hometown and continued my preparation at New York Film Academy, where he lost the fear of saying: “action!”.

Since then Guillermo has investigated and experimented with the cinematographic narrative in all its different formats.

In the world of fiction, he has created, written and/or produced five shorts (Doctor from hell, Hi-8, 1997. Final film, 16mm. 1998. The extra, 35mm. 2000. This Demon's Room, Animation, 35mm. 2001. From Kuleshov to Berlanga, 35mm. 2004) and produced a fiction feature film Nowhere, Betacam Digital, 2004. 

Lately, his career has basically been centered on the world of documentary films with the completion of numerous works for channel TVE, MULTICANAL, New Atlantis, and different Associations and Institutions and NGO'S.