Carey Duffy

Film Industry Role: Director of Sales Europe Cooke Optics

Nationality: British


Carey Duffy is Cooke Optic’s Director of Sales in Europe.

He began his career in 1981 as a general assistant at Lewin & Matthews, where he met leading cinematographers like Peter Biziou BSC, Adrian Biddle BSC, and Alex Thompson BSC.

Carey's knowledge and insight brought him to the attention of Cooke Optics nearly four years ago and since, he has brought to the company more than 38 years of expertise in the industry. Having previously worked at Tiffen International, where he was MPTV Filter Group Consultant, Carey developed and promoted camera filter products, in direct contact between Tiffen International and Tiffen US.

Today, as the face of Cooke Optics in Europe, his daily activities combine sales, marketing and educating. In conjunction with these activities, Cooke recently launched a new web site resource Carey designed and curates:

The site is aimed at enlightening Cinematographers, Directors, and Producers about Cooke’s various lens series. Navigation tools allow independent Genre and Lens series searches or a combination of both to explore the available material. By inviting Cinematographers to post material backed up with relevant camera and production data alongside social and contact details finished off with insightful testimonial. The site delivers a unique motion reference gallery.