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Be Kind Rewind 2019 Selection

As we walk steadily in the direction of FEST’s 15th birthday party celebrations, we start to unravel the cinema program, with Be Kind Rewind, that promises a program dedicated to FEST’s last 15 years, remembering the past while having our eyes set to the future.

Having started em 2004, FEST does not forget the work and the artist it has helped to arise, including names like Sean Baker, Ruben Ostlund, Manuel Abramovich, Jonathan Glazer, Pedro Pinho and many more. The Be Kind Rewind 2019 section presents a retrospective composes by many films that have been displayed in Espinho, throughout the festival’s history.

The BKR (Be Kind Rewind) sessions this year will be organized by themes, with movies that will cover a broad range of subjects. Some films will challenge common perceptions about what a documentary is; others will dare to redefine the borders of love and sex; others are meant to provoke even the most experienced of audiences; and many more.

We open up your appetite for the Be Kind Rewind section, with some confirmed films that we want to point out.

The program includes the return of the unforgettable Manoman (2015), by Simon Cartwright, an animated short that tells the story of a man going through a middle life crisis, tormented by a little demon that turns his life upside down.
Cracks (2016), from Koen van Sande, presents us a different perspective regarding immigration in Belgium, forcing us to reflect on the reality of a cultural clash.
Bernhard Wenger stands out again after winning the Silver Fiction Lynx in 2018 by bringing back the movie Excuse me, I’m looking for the ping pong room and my girlfriend (2018). The work of the Austrian director will be present in other parts of the festival.
For a different vision about the Sirian conflict, Be Kind Rewind remembers one of the most internationally acclaimed documentaries: 9 days - From my window in Aleppo (2016).
Lastly, we highlight the short-film A Instalação do Medo (2016) by Ricardo Leite. A film produced in Espinho and winner of the Audience Award back in 2017, this is an example of a Portuguese name that Be Kind Rewind will honor and remember this year.

This non-competitive section is a great opportunity to get to know some of the most revolutionary pieces of work that have attended the festival.

But we will not stop here. Be Kind Rewind still has many surprises in store, to be revealed soon enough.

Join us in celebrating 15 years of FEST, all together.




Pale Blue Dot (2015)
Pourya Ezzati Pour - Germany


I would like to be enraptured, muzzled, and on my back tattooed (2015)
Andy Malafaia - Brazil


Voyeur (2016)
Pedro Florêncio - Portugal


Manoman (2015)
Simon Cartwright - UK


Papa Wrestling (2009)
Fernando Alle - Portugal


Blind Audition (2017)
Andreas Kessler - Germany


Pussy (2016)
Renata Gasiorowska - Poland


Silence (2016)
Dejan Mrkic - Australia


The Treehouse (2017)
Juan Sebastián Quebrada - Colombia


The Last Virgin (2017)
Bàrbara Farre - Spain


Playfellows (2014)
Ábel Visky - Hungary


March 9th (2010)
Irena Skoric - Croatia


Ready to Assemble (2017)
Astrid Thorvaldsen & Erik Paulsen - Norway


Snake (2017)
Titas Laucius - Lithuania


Herman the German (2015)
Michael Binz - Germany


Larp (2014)
Kordian Kadziela - Poland

Cracks (2016)
Koen van Sande - Belgium


Cavy World Cup (2017)
Maria Philips - Netherlands


SOG (2017)
Jonatan Schwenk - Germany


A Cat's Consciousness (2017)
Andrea Guizar - México, Poland


Apocalypse (2016)
Justyna Mytnik - Poland


Lux (2015)
Bernardo Lopes & Inês Malveiro - Portugal


Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-pong Room and My Girlfriend (2018)
Bernhard Wenger - Austria


The Beep Test (2017)
Maxime Aubert - Canada


Amor (2017)
Isabel Lamberti - Netherlands


To All My Friends (2010)
Behrouz Bigdeli - Denmark


#YA (2015)
Ygor Gama & Florencia Rovlich - Argentina, Chile, Germany


Dust (2017)
Jakub Radej - Poland


Homeland (2016)
Sam Peeters - Belgium


9 days – From my window in Aleppo (2016)
Floor van der Meulen, Issa Touma & Thomas Vroege - Netherlands, Syria


The Meadow (2015)
Jela Hasler - Switzerland


Connection (2016)
Horizoe Garcia Miranda - Cuba


Farewell to Flesh (2017)
Julia Anquier - Brazil


Room for Rent (2016)
Enock Carvalho & Matheus Farias - Brazil


Palhaços (2015)
Pedro Crispim - Portugal


A Instalação do Medo (2016)
Ricardo Leite - Portugal


The Giant (2012)
David Raboy - USA