• New Directors | New Films
    Be Kind Rewind 2019 Selection
    As we walk steadily in the direction of FEST’s 15th birthday party celebrations, we start to... More

  • Training Ground
    Director Baltasar Kormákur and screenwriter Larry Wilson are the most recent confirmations for the FEST 2019 industry program
    The industry experts first time at FEST will add to the festival’s industry program, that is... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Partnership between FEST and Gomes de Almeida encourages the creation of short-films once more
    On the latter Friday, 29th of March, FEST was at Escola Básica e Secundária Dr. Manuel Gomes... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Introducing the Director's Hub
    We are very excited to introduce the Director’s Hub - a new platform to further expand networking... More

  • Training Ground
    "Persepolis" Director Marjane Satrapi confirmed at FEST 2019 Industry Program
    Marjane Satrapi, the author and director of “Persepolis”, is the most recent confirmation for... More

  • Training Ground
    “Bohemian Rhapsody” sound editing trio confirmed at FEST Training Ground 2019
    John Warhurst, Tim Cavagin and Nina Hartstone are the new confirmations on FEST’s 2019’s Training... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Understanding Social Realism
    Just a few days after we announce the presence of Jonathan Morris in FEST 2019, who is coming... More

  • Pitching Forum
    FEST - Pitching Forum: less than one month until submissions close
    FEST – Pitching Forum end of submissions is almost around the corner! Do you have an amazing... More

  • Training Ground
    Jonathan Morris and Scandar Copti confirmed for FEST 2019 Industry Program
    We reveal two more speakers confirmed for FEST 2019’s Industry Program. Jonathan Morris, editor... More

  • Training Ground
    Screenwriter Tony Grisoni confirmed as a guest speaker to fest 2019
    We start to unveil the industry program with our first Guest Speaker: Tony Grisoni is coming... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Silver Lynx will offer monetary awards in 2019
    With FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2019, the... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST 2019 accreditation finally on sale
    Now that FEST 2019 is getting into proper shape we can share with you some details of what... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST #15 dates are out
    Preparations for the 15th Anniversary of FEST are underway. At this point there’s a lot going... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Long Review | Dementia 13
    Filmed in nine days and released in 1963, Francis Ford Coppola's “Dementia 13” leads us to... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Interview | Franziska M. Hoenisch
    For us, a very dear director, whose career has always been linked to FEST. Franziska Hoenisch... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Winners FEST 2018
    The winners of FEST - New Directors | New Films 2018 have been announced. More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Team Tips | Production Team - 23 JUN
    The Mars Generation 10h30 | Cinema Casino "The Mars Generation" relaunches our attention... More

  • Pitching Forum
    Pitching Forum 2018 winners
    We have the list of winners for this year's edition of Pitching Forum, the section that allows... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Long Review | I'm Not a Witch
    From the quietness of the prairies, somewhere in Zambia, the chants and the cries of women... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Interview | Pedro Lino
    A Portuguese by birth, a Londoner of habits, Pedro Lino studied art and design before dedicating... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Interview | Fernando Vasquez talks about FEST
    A 14 years old festival, still in its teenage years. Getting here wasn’t easy, there were inevitably... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    North Korea in focus in the section Be Kind Rewind
    Considering the theme of FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival 2018,  Borders, North Korea... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Long Review | Winter Brothers
    Hlynur Palmason | DEN, ISL | 100'   After the short film “Seven Boats” (2014), Hlynur Palmason,... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Interview | Alexandra Wesolowski
    Born in Katowice, Poland, Alexandra Wesolowski studied political science at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität... More

  • Training Ground
    Training Ground program is officially closed
    The Training Ground program is officially closed! Just 3 days away from the beginning of FEST... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST 2018 Digital Program
    In this ever changing contemporary world the physical borders that separate all nations on... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Features competing for Golden Lynx and Special Screenings
    After a year of traveling through several festivals of the international circle and analyzing... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Shorts competing for the Silver Lynx e Portuguese Grand Prix
      Today we announce the selected for two major short films competitive sections: Silver Lynx... More

  • Pitching Forum
    Selected projects for FEST - Pitching Forum 2018
    We have the pleasure to announce the selected projects for FEST - Pitching Forum 2018. More... More

  • Training Ground
    Larry Smith and João Ribeiro confirmed at FEST - Training Ground
    Our two most recent additions to the Training Ground speakers panel share one thing: both have... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    NEXXT brings you the best of academic cinema
    A festival that aspires to discover the latest talent in filmmaking could never be kept too... More

  • Training Ground
    Training Ground parallel activities
    There are 3 main sections of FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival, the Film Program, Training... More

  • Training Ground
    Two time Oscar winner director Asghar Farhadi confirmed at FEST - Training Ground
    We are so honoured to announce that the two time Academy Award winner Asghar Farhadi is coming... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FESTinha bringing new films to young minds
    With sessions directed to three different age groups (below 6 yo, between 6 and 12 and below... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Beach Cinema promises a sea of emotions
    The beach marks the border between land and sea. Besides being the place where these two different... More

  • Training Ground
    Oscar Winner Christopher Hampton and 4 more guest speakers confirmed for FEST - TG
    We start with Christopher Hampton, the highly acclaimed screenwriter who won the Oscar and... More

  • Training Ground
    FEST - Training Ground pass for 57,99€, only for 40 hours
    It’s 40 days until FEST kicks off and to show you how committed we are, we’ll give you 40 hours... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Team advice for a great FEST week
    We are less than a month away from FEST, so we understand that the concerns with the trip may... More

  • Training Ground
    Composer Stephen Warbeck will be at FEST - Training Ground
    Our latest confirmation, besides being the third Oscar winner amongst the Training Ground 2018... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    TOP 10 | Best soundtracks
    We all have those musics that help us get through the day, the ones we recognize at the very... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST 2018: Flavours of the World Program Revealed
    In an edition dedicated to borders and ways to accept or go through them, a retrospective of... More

  • Training Ground
    Stephan Elliot confirmed masterclass at FEST - Training Ground
    With May approaching fast this year’s Training Ground line-up is filling up quickly with good... More

  • Training Ground
    Francesca Jaynes and Dale Mercer, more two confirmations for FEST - Training Ground 2018
    Work in dance and movement in film can be extremely challenging. There are a host of details... More

  • Training Ground
    Film Editor Valerio Bonelli confirmed Masterclasse in FEST - Training Ground
    We bring you another confirmation:an Italian editor with a very complete and highly achieved... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Aspect Ratios and the Stories They Tell
    Although it is never the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a movie, aspect... More

  • Training Ground
    Scandar Copti confirmed for FEST - Training Ground 2018
    Scandar Copti is coming to Espinho, bringing once again his workshop on Techniques For Directing... More

  • Training Ground
    David Seidler and Angela Allen confirmed Masterclass in FEST - Training Ground
    It's not every day we get to confirm such keynote speakers as these two:an Oscar Winner Scriptwriter... More

  • Training Ground
    Roman Coppola confirmed for FEST - Training Ground 2018
    We are so very excited to bring you these news:Roman Coppola is coming to FEST -  Training... More

  • Pitching Forum
    How to prepare a project for a Pitch
    There are times when you need to make the world your oyster and show what you worth: preparing... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Shortcutz and FEST join forces
    Shortcutz is an urban and international short films movement with implementation in several... More

  • Training Ground
    First Names announced for FEST - Training Ground
    With 18 weeks left until FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival, the Film Program, which... More

  • Pitching Forum
    Interview with Ceylan Özgün Özçelik, director of "Inflame"
    Since we're packing up our things to go to Berlin we found it appropriate to have a throwback... More

  • Pitching Forum
    FEST - Pitching Forum 2017: a retrospective
    The 2017 edition of FEST – Pitching Forum was the most sucessful one to date. It counted around... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST 2018: A brief explanation of the theme
    The theme for the 2018 edition of FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival is Borders. Whether... More

  • Training Ground
    FESTivities Campaign
    Christmas is almost here and as gift aficionados we couldn’t pass the opportunity to offer... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    top 10 most memorable and iconic moustaches in Film
    A discussion arose at FEST headquarters, partially because it’s November, partially because... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    The refugee crisis, homosexuality and pathological narcissism: this week we highlight the films... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    From the story of a serial killer who, with the first snowfall, returns to kill, the connection... More

  • Training Ground
    FEST FILM LAB brings Béla Tarr to Espinho for a 2 week workshop
    FEST is delighted to announce the return of one of its most illustrious guest speakers in the... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    This week we highlight six films. To “The Queen of Spain” and “Al Berto”, films performed by... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST 2018: Film Submission Period open
    We start off FEST 2018 with two good news.   The first one is a calendar note: In 2018, FEST... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST 2017 Winners
    With the end of the 13th edition of FEST - Festival New Filmmakers | New Cinema at sight, we... More

  • Report FEST - 25 June
    And FEST is finished for this year! Eddy Joseph, Salomé Lamas and Jennifer Parker closed our... More

  • FEST closing ceremony starts at 6 PM
    We would like to invite you to the closing ceremony of the 13th edtion of FEST - New Directors... More

  • BE KIND REWIND | Off The Wall
      Amidst the features that make FEST so special year after year is Be Kind Rewind, a thematic... More

  • Report FEST - 24 June
    The sixth day of FEST couldn’t have done better! It was time for  Ed Lachman: Live commentary:... More

  • Highlights 24 June
    What not to miss today! More

  • Report FEST - 23 JUNE
    FEST continues! On 23 June, many participants attended the Masterclass by Allan Starski. The... More

  • Highlights 23 June
    What not to miss today in FEST! More

  • Report 22 June
    FEST continues! Yesterday Ed Lachman's masterclass "Through The Lens: A DOP Perspective" was... More

  • Training Ground
    Interview | Melissa Leo
    We talk acting, learning, and playing strong women with the Oscar-winning actress Melissa Leo. More

  • New Directors | New Films
    It´s interesting to see how the animation and experimental formats have been constantly explored,... More

  • Highlights 22 June
    What not to miss today in FEST! More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST Surf
    Surfing by day, films at night – if that sounds like your ideal lifestyle, you've come to the... More

    What to see, hear and participate today at FEST! More

  • Report FEST - 20 June
    FEST has already started! The 20th of June featured the screening of Old Stone at Multimeios... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Highlights 20 June
    What to see, hear and participate today at FEST! More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Opening Ceremony
    The 13th FEST could not have started better, with a sold out Centro Multimeios in Espinho for... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST starts tomorrow with a program full of new voices to discover
    The 13th edition of FEST – New Directors, New Films Festival in Espinho is about to start.... More

  • Training Ground
    Training Ground: Full Program
    The official programme for this year's edition of Training Ground is already closed. The line-up... More

  • Training Ground
    Nuno Lopes at FEST Training Ground!
    As the festival draws near, more and more top experts confirm their presence at FEST Training... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    EFFE distinguishes FEST
    FEST recognized by EFFE - Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe. More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Feature Film - Golden Lynx Competition and Closing Session
    The endless months of working and intense film watching have resulted in one of the most eclectic... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FESTinha Competition
    Our trip through this year's film program is reaching its end, but not without first revealing... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Be Kind Rewind, Flavours of the World and Fest Surf
    As it has been mentioned before, this year’s film program is perhaps the most provocative in... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    National Competition and Nexxt
    As we continue through this voyage through this year’s selection, the time has come to reveal... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Silver Lynx Competition Part 2 - Fiction Shorts
    Today we reveal the remaining part of Silver Lynx Competition: our Short Fiction selection.... More

  • Training Ground
    Oscar Winner Melissa Leo confirmed for FEST - Training Ground
    Only a few weeks away from FEST Training Ground, were delighted to announce the return of one... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Silver Lynx Competition Part 1 - Documentary, Animation, Experimental Shorts
    Following yesterday's publication, we now proceed with the first take on the Silver Lynx. FEST’s... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Warm up
    FEST is as usual happening in Espinho, but not before making a quick stop in Oporto. On the... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Now that we are only four weeks away from the opening of the 13th edition of FEST – New Directors... More

  • Training Ground
    Oscar Nominated screen composer Gary Yershon is coming to Fest - Training Ground
    Garyʼs career composing music for drama spans 40 years and encompasses scores for the leading... More

  • Training Ground
    Iain Smith, Mad Max: Fury Road producer confirmed in FEST - Training Ground
    Iain Smith, who recently produced “Mad Max: Fury Road”, was born in Glasgow and graduated from... More

  • Training Ground
    Ed Lachman, notable DOP confirmed at FEST - TRAINING GROUND
    Ed Lachman is one of the most notorious DOPs of our generation. With a career that spans over... More

  • Training Ground
    Acclaimed title designer Richard Morrison at FEST Training Ground
    Richard Morrison is one of the most prolific designers of TV and film title sequences and channel... More

  • Training Ground
    Allan Starski, legend of Production Design, confirmed for Training Ground!
    Allan Starski is one of the top Production Designers working today with more than 45 Production... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    Premiering this Week | APRIL 7
    From an artist who used her art to defend what she believed in, to someone who unexpectedly... More

  • Training Ground
    Darth Vader’s mask sculptor is coming to FEST – Training Ground
    Fest is thrilled to announce Brian Muir’s presence at this year’s Training Ground. Brian Ian... More

  • Training Ground
    It is with great pleasure that we write to you today, from cold Berlin, on the first day of... More

  • New Directors | New Films
    FEST at the Berlinale | Party Like It's Portugal
    FEST is going to Berlin, from the 8th to the 15th of February. If you're around, you can meet... More

  • Pitching Forum
    Submissions to Pitching Forum are opened
    The submissions for Pitching Forum are now open. The event occurs at the same time as FEST... More

Enjoyed Training Ground?
Expand your knowledge in film with FEST Film Lab Workshops!
  • FEST - Networking Dinners offer an absolutely unique opportunity to connect and engage in a meaningful conversation with some of the biggest names in the world of filmmaking, in a laidback and friendly atmosphere, while enjoying a tradicional Portuguese meal, with a sunset view of the Atlantic Ocean.

#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #NetworkingDinners #Filmmaking #filmindustry #filmbusiness
  • We are very happy to announce the presence of Baltasar Kormákur and Larry Wilson to the FEST 2019 Industry Program.

Baltasar Kormákur, director and producer of the highly acclaimed "Everest" (2015), is a reference of filmmaking worldwide. 
Larry Wilson is a screenwriter whose speciality is horror and fantasy themed scripts, with films like "Beetlejuice" (1988) and “The Adams Family” (1991). #ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #Filmmaking #baltasarkormákur #larrywilson #everestmovie #adriftmovie #beetlejuice #adamsfamily #thelittlevampire
  • Throwing back to FEST 2017 when @anacatarinaferreira13 was a first time volunteer at FEST and took some time to catch an immersive movie session. Two years later Ana is a producer at FEST.

#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival
  • The Espinho wave is considered the best of the north and among the best Portuguese waves for surfing. 
This week, Surf Pro Espinho brought Longboarders and Juniors for the @wsl qualifying series and we couldn't miss it. ----
📸 @nuances.esparsas 
#espinhosurfdestination #surfproespinho #espinhovive #espinhoviveomar #ThisIsFEST
  • Directors Shahad Ameen and André Gil Mata, are the most recent confirmations for the FEST 2019 Industry Program to present a case study on their feature films, "Scales" and "Drvo", respectively, at the Director's Hub.

Shahad Ameen, winner of Best Film from the Arab World (Abu Dhabi Film Festival) and nominee for Best Film Short Cutz Award TIFF, has in "Leila's Window" (2011) and "Eye & Mermaid" (2013) her most successful works to date. "Scales", her first feature, is currently in post-production. 
André Gil Mata has won many awards with his first short films "Water Ark" (2009) and "House" (2010), which were shown at many international festivals. "Captivity" (2012) won the DocAlliance award at @festivaldecannes, 2013. With "Drvo" (2016), he was nominated for Best First Feature at @berlinale and won the Best Director Award at @indielisboa.

#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #Filmmaking #DirectorsHub #abudhabifilmfestival
  • We are very excited to introduce the Director’s Hub - a new platform to further expand networking opportunities and create a meaningful exchange of knowledge, during FEST 2019

It’s a tailored activity for filmmakers and other industry professionals available only with FEST - Pro badge, tackling a scope of issues concerning film directing through a series of debates, roundtable discussions and case studies focused on the director’s role, tasks, relationships, expectations, obstacles and challenges they have to face, both locally and internationally.

Throughout two days, the Hub will host eight interactive sessions with 20 speakers discussing their own experiences on defining topics and debating them with peers and attendees. 
#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #Filmmaking #DirectorsHub
  • A #3 sessão do FEST - Cineclube de Espinho teve em “Ciclo Interrompido” um catalisador para um interessante debate, com o apoio da associação Laços Eternos.
Muito obrigado Espinho, voltamos a marcar encontro dia 1 de Maio às 21h30 para “O Verão de Sangailé”.
The #3 session of FEST - Cineclube de Espinho had in “The Broken Circle Break Down” a catalyst for a interesting debate, with the support of “Laços Eternos”.
Thank you very much Espinho, we will be back on May 1st at 9.30 p.m for “Sangailes Vasara”. #ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #film #thebrokencirclebreakdown #cineclubedeespinho #casinoespinho #espinhovive
  • Espinho é cidade de FEST, é cidade de mar, é cidade de pescadores, é cidade de peixe. Em Espinho pratica-se a Arte Xávega.

Quando o barco de pesca entra no mar, deixa ficar em terra a ponta de um cabo e, quando está acerca de 4 km da costa, é lançada a rede. Depois os pescadores voltam, trazendo outro cabo na mão e juntam ambos os cabos nas cordas (aprisionando o peixe) e puxam para a areia, atualmente com a ajuda de tratores, mas noutros tempos com a força de bois.

Esta forma de pesca artesanal atrai os moradores locais e muitos curiosos a ver a chegada dos homens a terra e o peixe fresquinho a sair da rede, que é separado e disposto por lotes para ser leiloado, acompanhado do popular praguejar das Vareiras.

Acima da Praia dos Pescadores encontra-se a Capela de São Pedro, considerado o padroeiro dos pescadores e pelo qual os mesmos têm muita devoção. —  Espinho is the city of FEST, city of sea, city of fishermen, city of fish. Espinho is where “Arte Xávega” is practiced.

When fishing boats go into the sea, they leave one end of a cable on land and, when it´s about 4 km from the coast, the mesh is launched. Afterwards the fishermen come back, bringing a different cable in their hands and pulling both cables together (imprisoning the fish) while draging them to shore. Nowadays they achieve this with the help of tractors, however in earlier times, it used to be with the strengh of oxen.

This form of artisanal fishing attracts locals and many passerbys to watch the men's arrival to land and the fresh fish coming out of the mesh, which is separated and arranged in lots to be auctioned, accompanied by the popular cursing of the “Vareiras” (fish sellers, usually the wives of fishermen). Above the Fisherman's Beach is the Chapel of S. Pedro, considered the patron saint of fishermen and for which they show a lot of devotion. 📸@aritaacs

#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #espinhovive #espinhoviveomar
  • The Filmmakers’ Corner is a stage for all filmmakers, industry professionals and film students to showcase and promote their work to the festival audience, by simply booking a time slot in a dedicated screening space.

As there is no pre-established format for the screening, filmmakers’ can showcase their work in any way that fits their goals - whether those are feedback, promotion, or seeking collaborations.

Attending the Filmmakers’ Corner screenings is free. Booking a slot will be available only for FEST - Talent and FEST - Pro badge holders.

#ThisIsFEST #filmFESTival #Filmmaking
  • During last week, FEST programmer Alina Ozerova went to @cphdox and sent us some photographic memories.

#ThisIsFEST #filmFESTival #Filmmaking #cphdox #cphdox19
  • Acabamos de apresentar o concurso de aos alunos da Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida.

Os temas para a 4ª edição da competição de curtas-metragens escolares são: Espinho e o Mar; Estádio de Espinho; Amadeo de Souza Cardoso e os 15 anos do FEST. Durante o processo, os alunos terão o apoio de alguns elementos da equipa do FEST através de sessões especiais e debates.

Todos os participantes irão receber uma acreditação FEST - Cinephile e os seus filmes serão incluídos no programa oficial da 15ª edição do FEST. Os vencedores receberão uma acreditação FEST - Talent.

Queremos agradecer à Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida  por mais uma vez nos receber tão bem. —
 We have just presented the to the students of the Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida. 
The themes for the 4th edition of the competition of Espinho schools short films are: Espinho and the Sea; Espinho Stadium; Amadeo de Souza Cardoso and 15 years of FEST. During the process, the students will have the support of some elements of the FEST Team through special sessions and debates.

All participants will receive a FEST - Cinephile accreditation and their films will be included in the official program of the 15th edition of FEST. The winners will receive a FEST - Talent accreditation.

We want to thank the Escola Secundária Dr. Manuel Gomes de Almeida for once again welcoming us so well. --
📸 @aritaacs 📸 @nuances.esparsas 
#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #espinhovive #espinhoviveocinema
  • We are very excited to announce Marjane Satrapi as the latest confirmed speaker for Industry Program of FEST 2019: 
The iranian author and director of "Persepolis" (2007), is nowadays one of the most respected voices in the world distinguished by both her biographical comic strips and films. She is also known for films such as "Chicken with Plums" (2011) and "The Voices" (2014). Marie Curie's highly anticipated biopic "Radioactive" is her latest directing job, scheduled to debut in 2020.

She will be presenting a Training Ground Masterclass about her life and career, and how they are related.

#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #Filmmaking #marjanesatrapi #persepolisfilm
  • FEST is a unique platform thought for film professionals to meet and share experiences, knowledge and ideas.
The Industry Program composed by Directors’s Hub, FEST - Training Ground, Industry Meetings, Filmmakers Corner, Pitching Forum final presentation is fully accessible with the FEST - Pro Badge.

#ThisIsFEST #filmFESTival #Filmmaking #filmindustry #filmbusiness
  • En route to the FEST 2019 Industry Program are John Warhurst, Nina Hartstone and Tim Cavagin. 
This trio specializes in the field of sound and together they were part of the sound team from the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018), winner of four Oscars, including for best sound.

During FEST, the three will present a Training Ground Masterclass based on the study of the strategies and work processes of "Bohemian Rhapsody", hosted by Eddy Joseph

#ThisIsFEST #FilmFESTival #Filmmaking #BohemianRhapsody